Evo2k8 3rd Strike Top 16 Results

I’ll put down what I can from memory, but you’ll need to help fill it out!

1st. Nuki (lost to Tokido)
2nd. Justin Wong (lost to Nuki x2)
3rd. Amir (lost to Justin, Nuki)
4th. Tokido (lost to Amir, Nuki)
t5th. fubarduck (lost to Justin, Tokido)
t5th. J.R. Rodriguez (lost to Justin, Nuki)
t7th. Ryan Hart (lost to J.R., fubarduck)
t7th. Mike Watson (lost to Justin, Nuki)
t9th. DevilJin 01 (lost to Amir, Watson)
t9th. Hungbee (lost to Zak, Ryan Hart)
t9th. Jinrai (lost to Kindevu, fubarduck)
t9th. Leviathan IIDX (lost to ???, Nuki)
t13th. Paul Wall (lost to ???, Watson)
t13th. John Choi (lost to DevilJin, Jinrai)
t13th. gootecks (lost to kin3tix, Leviathan)
t13th. De4deye (lost to Nuki, Hungbee)

Thanks again,

the 4th 9th place finisher was Leviathan IIDX
one of the missing 13th place finishers was gootecks, he was eliminated by Leviathan
watson lost to wong in pools.

jinrai lost to kindevu then beat him take dat take dat take dat

The one missing in your list is De4deye, he lost against Jinrai IIRC
Fubar lost to Justin and then to Tokido (I know I had money on that)
DevilJin lost to Amir
Gootecks lost to Ryan Hart
John Choi lost to DevilJin

I got 4th on my pool does it count :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, yes I’m the last one that’s missing.

I lost to Nuki in pools and then Hungbee in Semi’s.


The only people I played in semis were John Choi and Fubar.

Hung lost to Zak in pools.

Deviljin is the shit.

You’ll crack top 8 next year buddy. promise.

and go go jinrai.

Wow a 3rd, 5th, and 7th place finsher all lost to the same two people in the same order?

That’s highly unusual.

i remember some flashmetroid guy was sayin john choi and norcal was no threat in 3s lol i guess someone got molded :cool:

did he use Ibuki?

Uh, no? Not to take anything away from Choi, but 13th doesn’t mean much. It all depends on the pools. MMDS made it out of his marvel pool and there’s no way he’s in the top 16.

That hurts me. :sad:

I’m joking of course!

Edit: Where is that picture in your av from?

Ibuki all the way. I’m never good with using other characters in tourneys even though I can use like half the cast. I choked mad hard towards the end of my match vs. Amir. Could have had the ninja in top 8 if I thought any more clearly. He was more or less beating me after the first match though. Still can’t fight strong Kens so I lost to Wattson pretty soundly. I had mad fun though and just glad I improved from last year.

MOD…I’m debating between going to Evo again or heading over to Japan. The boys made it sound mad fun. Oh and thx for shouting me out in that vid. I know I suck. :lol:

Admittedly I had one of the easier pools myself. Everyone else was complaining they had one Japanese and 2 top tier Americans in their bracket. John Choi is nice and all but it’s obvious that 3S isn’t his main game. I didn’t really have anyone else in my bracket that I needed to be afraid of, but Reset surprisingly gave me a hell of a hard time. Was just doing the right things with Chun for a while. I felt Kai should have been a bit harder for me to fight than he was. Despite such I beat him 2-0.

I would love to get over to FFA one day and play them on their own turf. Amir especially was really fun to play and showed that I still have a lot to learn even when it comes to the basics. I know JD was in my bracket but I can’t remember whether or not I fought him. I just remember he was nice enough to let me borrow his stick when it fucked up right before my first match. :cool:

Yeah, nobody here’s getting a swelled head over making it to semis. Beating someone, no matter how famous, that doesn’t play the game means nothing to him or to me.

When I think about my run, I think more about how stupid I played against fubarduck in the second match, not about beating John Choi and Kindevu (neither really care about 3S AFAIK), or double perfecting some kid that probably played never played 3S in his life before the tourney.

Focus on where you screwed up, and learn from it. 9th isn’t something to be proud of. 9th is something that tells you, “Maybe I have the potential to be a great player, but I’m not there yet. Keep plugging away at it.”

I lost to some Random Chun Li one mathc before playing you, then I made it all the way to the loosers semifinals where I lost to Raymond (Pyro’s team) who after that lost to John.
I would’ve beaten John, ok Im not 100% sure but I like me for that, I feel waaay more comfortable against Ken than Chun, but oh well.

Next Year.

I’m still amazed at Justin’s performance at Evo in 3s

a losing effort to Nuki but he still brought the heat. even though it was Chun vs Chun he almost beat NUKI in 3s. i seriousl cant wait for the Evo 2k8 DVD

If you think about if Amir and JWong were given like IDK a one on one session with Chun-li strategies with Tokido/MOV/Ohnuki I really think they can even elevate their game further. But hopefully next EVO needs an SBO team format, its kinda late in the game in that respects (and better team formation for the Olympics of fighting games).

I was in the bracket of death. So much hate towards UK :sad:

lol why because of the Ryan Hart HR money match or just regular SRK hate?

May I humbly ask you

  1. List the players that were present in my group
  2. Find out who sent me to losers.

Thats why.