Evo2k8 Super Turbo Top 16 Results

Well, seeing as Preppy wasn’t around to do this, I’ll give it a shot from memory! There are plenty of blanks that still need to be filled, though, so any help would be appreciated.

1st. John Choi (lost to Tokido in pools)
2nd. Nuki (lost to Choi x2)
3rd. Alex Valle (lost to Nuki, Choi)
4th. Tokido (lost to Valle, Choi)
t5th. Kusumondo (lost to Valle, Choi)
t5th. Dave Sirlin (lost to Nuki, Tokido)
t7th. Shirts (lost to David Spence, Choi)
t7th. Justin Wong (lost to Nuki, Tokido)
t9th. Mike Watson (lost to Sirlin, Tokido)
t9th. NKI (lost to Sirlin, Choi)
t9th. Julien Beasley (lost to Nuki, Shirts)
t9th. Paul Lee (lost to Kusumondo, Justin)
t13th. Jason Nelson (lost to ???, Watson)
t13th. Josh Ballard (lost to Valle, Choi)
t13th. Buktooth (lost to Paul Lee, Shirts)
t13th. r3ko (lost to Beasley, Justin)

Much thanks,

beasley lost to shirts

paul lee is the other 9th, he made out of my bracket in winners

im 13th, lost to paul lee and shirts

I thought Choi lost to Valle in pools/semi’s. That’s what I heard, at least.

Nope, he lost to Tokido. Which made him coming back and running through everyone, including Tokido, in finals even cooler :smile:

choiboy ftw!

Josh this thread is awesome.

I’m pretty sure Wong lost to Nuki and Shirts also lost to Spence

is josh ballard = josh the funkdoc? if so, great job.

WHAT!!! no DSP!!!

he’s easily top 16 without even entering!!!

I’m pretty sure the last name you are missing is r3ko from the U.K., who lost to Beasely and Wong.

  • James

sure is. good shit josh, holding it down for OHIO!

if i make it to season’s beatings 3, can we get some ST matches in?


Thanks everyone for the additions and kudos! Especially Footsy Bebop for all the online beatdowns. =)

Dan, of course I’m always down. =) Didn’t know you were coming to this, breaking that retirement promise again huh?

My pool was funny because almost all my matches were Boxer mirrors. There was also another good Ryu besides Valle - had to make a HUGE comeback to stay alive at one point. Whoever you are, if you’re reading this, great goddamn matches!

And GOOD SHIT R3KO! This guy was beating the hell out of me in casuals and I had figured he would make top 16 if he didn’t get unlucky with the matchups. Best Honda I’ve played, after Kusumondo anyway.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and is Paul Lee the same Paul Lee from Super Sundays, or the Socal Paul Lee? Either way, GOOD SHIT to you as well!

Just out of curiosity, what happened to Spence, Cole, & Graham?

Meh. R3ko got hella lucky in his pools. And, no, I’m not saying that just because he beat me twice. :wink:

  • James

P.S. In case the sarcasm is lost, R3ko is an awesome player and totally deserved to advance.

Having multiple players of such an extremely high calibre not qualify is a sign of just how much awesome skill there is in the community these days; I think the number of flat-out excellent ST players that exist now is absolutely staggering.

Graham got beat by Choi twice in the pools. He beat him once in winners, then Choi lost to Tokido in the final winners bracket match, and then he beat Graham in the final match in losers bracket.

And yeah, the number of good players has grown. It’s really great to see ST so alive! :lovin:

I’m don’t remember who else Spence lost to, but he told me that he had double jeopardy with Shirts after putting him in Loser’s. It was then that Shirts eliminated Spence.

I heard that Cole just never showed up to the tournament or maybe showed up late or something. I know he was at EVO, though.

cole lost to arturo and nelson in pools

IIRC Spence lost to Kusumondo first