Evo2k9 Location

Evo 2k9 location…

So I was just thinking why cant evo be somewhere other then westcoast?

Maybe change it up a bit to satisfy each region.

Perhaps one year New Yorkfollow by Miamietc…etc

I personally think we should give eastcoast a try and have it in New York for a change…

But like I said maybe every two-years or so change it up a bit.

I think every 2 years it should be at a new location

Evo 2k9—New York
Evo 2k10—Perhaps Miami
Evo 2k11—Perhaps Houston


But anyway It probably won’t happen but I was just wondering…

New York = too many people, city is way crowded
Miami = too many old people
Houston = too many fat people, they’ll eat all the food at the hotel Evo is at

But seriously, what’s wrong with Vegas? It’s the entertainment capitol of the world, even for broke mutha fuckas like us. How could you go wrong?

definately VEGAS i like watching hookers walk around

Nah nothing is wrong with vegas i was just wondering thats all…If they decided to keep it in vegas thats cool with me I was just looking for something different thats all…

Its going to stay in vegas unless we see a reason to move it. At the current time, there is no reason to move it.

Evo in Madison Square Garden(NYC) would be super Godlike

fuck yeah mr wiz!

the man has spoken!

(now if only he’d change his stance on cvs2)

Don’t think Mr. Wizard was trying to be an Ass or anything on the subject when he stated that…

Until Godzilla comes and wrecks our shit. :sad:

I :lovin: you for this statement.


yo momma’s house

EC “had” ECC, midwest gets MWC. seasons beatings, south gets final round. WC gets evo =)

no fair :sad: …thats a world tournament you guys have over there :sad: lol jk

which was originally a wc tournament. it just grew so much cuz of the intense wc comp, from back in the day

The fact that you remember that movie, and in turn made me remember the scene in MSG, makes you lose cool points. They cheated death 24 times in the movie. UGH…And yeah, EVO should stay where it’s at. I hate NYC and I like finding excuses to leave every now and then. Also, NYC is too expensive for most people.

I second that SUPER GODLIKE…

NYC won’t work for the simple fact that there’s a lot of broke niggas out there and doing a hotel in Manhattan will ruin your pockets. Add to that niggas will try to be cheap and get some shitty place in Queens, BK, or even up in the Bronx, then try to Subway that shit to the venue and fail.

what the fuck are you talking about, i never implied wiz was an ass for any reason

So paying a 300+ ticket to go to vegas aint breakin pockets? Not to mention it costs way more, Whatever…