EVO2K9 Pictures

Yeah, I know I’m a week late on this but thats what happens when you have some computer issues and your body feels like crap after EVO.




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I still love the pic with Sabin and the Pringles – http://bit.ly/XasxX

Amazing pictures, what kinda camera u got?

nice pics, and this is a nice hrap style TE


Im currently using a Canon 40D with a 28-135 f3.5-5.6 IS lens

I like your pics ! crazy shit…lol. It really captures the moment of competition

here are a few of mine.

Thanks! Yeah, this was my first ever esports style event so I made a few screwups…like I think I have probably 50 pics or so of just John Choi haha. I tried to capture every single event so it made editing a BITCH

Is this just a raw dump? (you haven’t cropped or adjusted levels or anything)

Your low-angle shot’s look good, but your framing and compisition could be better (but that comes with time and experience). Anyway, this stuff’s like sports photography, it’s more about having the knack for catching a good action or reaction shot than taking a pretty picture, which it looks like you have.

Lame comment, nice pics…

Nice assortment of pics there, but maybe you could go back and label the pics with player names. I’d like to know who some of these players are.

I do take critique so thank you. But I would like to see the pictures you took as well.

Thank you

I’m working on trying to figure out which players are who. I know the mainstream players, finalists and the people from the NW but that is about it

Someone please tell me you got a picture of the Rio Waitresses and barmaids?

As much fun as it would have been to do so…that might have been just a lil too creepy

Nice job on the pics! :smiley: