EVO2K9 - Stream it live / PPV?

My suggestion would be to make a SF channel on Justin.tv or ustream or any of the stations that allow you to stream live. I know on Justin TV you can make it private or w/e if you wanted to charge people via paypal and then give them an access code once they paid to watch or just make it free :slight_smile: but I think it would be really good if people who can’t make it could watch it live on a stream. You can disable the ability of people embed it or make clips so you wouldn’t have to worry about Copyright infringement. What does everyone think?

I think this is a stupid idea there is a reason why they have dvds

I don’t know, there are probably a lot of people who would watch something live, who wouldn’t care to own it. (Like, um, most sporting events.) Also it would be akin to the experience of many of the people who go to EVO see the games live, and still buy the dvds. (If they are only watching it live and not at their leisure then it’s the same thing.) The only thing that becomes and issue is that of piracy through screen capturing software.

The thing I could see as being nice would be, if they are capable of it with what they have, they could court sponsors and run ads during the broadcast. You probably could keep it free and court gaming sites/retailers/services. With it being free you’d get a lot of unique viewers, the more viewers, the more viable it comes for courting ad revenue. I don’t know how feasible it is, but I don’t think it’s an out and out “stupid” idea.

This isn’t something that could be done like this coming EVO, but would be an interesting idea.

Sega used to stream the national Virtua Fighter tournaments online.

They had announcers, multiple cameras, interviews, and live editing and production.

It was excellent. But I agree with the second poster that the DVDs should be the sole focus of media unless TV coverage can be miraculously obtained.

Just streaming it live and free is a bad idea for them and their DVD sales, yeah. But the pay-per-view is actually a very interesting proposition.

v v v Hm, good point about ads. I don’t know if that would be viable or not either!

Well it all depends on how they go about streaming it, if they can get advertisers in on the stream, they may be able to make more money with their captive audience to market to advertisers than they would selling the DVDs (I don’t know the sales figures, so it’s all purely conjecture).

I know SBO switched up their stream this year after last year, presumably because it did end up having a negative effect on sales, so I don’t think the model works at all without someone paying for the content (either the consumers through PPV or through ads).

Some kind of paypal+digital download/streaming of any kind would be nice. I’d like to watch evo, but not enough to hassle with importing the dvds all the way over here.

They streamed 2007, but only the matches that were shown on the big screen, and only the first two days (not the finals).

I like the idea of live stream, there’s something about being able to watch an event as it happens that beats out watching a YouTube video or a DVD. Most competitions seem to live stream now a days. And if evo is worried about losing DVD money then just charge for the stream, seems like more people would watch it live then buy a DVD but that’s just me.

They did this Evo 2k6 or something. Dunno the thoughts about it or how it affected sales.

yeah, i think they should try to work this out again, and see what they can do. they always need help every year, so anyone who can help the staff with whatever they need, we should contribute. they could just leave out like the finals on the stream, and just put other bonus stuff on the dvd, like tons of player interviews, and maybe have a few secret money matches for the dvd of a few games.

maybe a little cash to view the stream. i think people would pay upwards of ten bucks to watch evo live from their bedroom while sippin on a beer with their feet up. ten bucks is not that much. i mean, people spend that much on lunch. i would be shocked if the community was appalled by that

The reason why we were able to stream footage that one year is because we had internet access that didn’t involve us selling Seth’s soul. Every other EVO year, we either didn’t have access or the hotel wanted us to pay by the hour/bandwidth and the costs would probably end up in the thousands if we did a stream. For the amount we pay for the room, they should throw in free internet access but it never happens. lol.

what? thats fuckin gay. you would think so. well, i guess we’ll see. on another note, i think the wimax should launch by then. maybe people with wireless service on their laptops can stream some stuff for people if it wont be an official evo thing

it would be nice to stream this year if anything stream pools and do interviews. also what we should do is what sbo did last year and start interviewing people who had defining moments at evo (i.e. daigo v j.wong) and go round by round with each of them while there watching the vid of there match. i think that would be really interesting.

Like 90% of the shit going down at Evo won’t make it onto the DVDs. There’s plenty of stuff a stream could cover without having any affect on sales: Pools, interviews, special events/money matches, side tourneys, crowd shots during the finals… did I miss anything?

In the case that there isn’t a little-to-no-cost solution, maybe it could be subscription-based ( SRK prem. accounts? DVD preorders?) or just accept donations.

I should be able to actually attend Evo this year so this doesn’t really affect me, but in past years when I couldn’t make it… being able to watch that stream in 2k6 was awesome (that amir vs hsien ft10 was too hype!) and it didn’t stop me from buying a DVD. For the ppl that can’t go, especially considering how the economy is atm, I think it would be well worth it to make this happen one way or another.

I don’t see what’s so wrong with streaming Evo on the net for PPV. Maybe the DVD’s can include more extra features.

Good idea, I would purchase the PPV.

this is a Top Tier idea, whos idea was this, you got some REP comin

maybe not with the PPV part, but some streaming for sure

The only thing that aren’t on the DVD’s are the big money matches xxx v xxx in pools, so on and so forth.

You wouldn’t see any of that in stream/ppv’s either. Just semi’s and finals and side events held by the Evo staff and not random people. . Just like the DVD’s

Though I do like the idea of more exposure, it’d be a waste of time, money and resources.

I’d pay for PPV… bring it…