Evo2K9 Twitter


I know a lot of people get updates via IRC but I figure it might not hurt to join the revolution so I created a twitter feed for this year’s Evo.

Derek Daniels

*edited for 2k9, since this is originally the thread from last year.

You all suck.

Right now i’m just updating with info i’m finding here on SRK and IRC.

Not sure how helpful this is but I’ll keep updating when I can.

Hopefully someone else helps you

Thanks a ton for the twitter, man. I’m eating this up like chocolate-coated pizza.

Good information Omni, keep those updates coming please :slight_smile:

Your efforts are appreciated man

I feel like I dropped the ball by not twittering any evo updates, but hopefully this can become the standard since not everyone uses IRC.

Just want to thank you Omni for the updates, I was refreshing like a madmen for a minute there.

Seems like this little experiment worked out pretty well. I had a lot of fun doing it and I’m glad to hear you guys appreciated it.

Big ups to TGS for updating when I wasn’t able to.

Is there anything you guys wanted that I didn’t do? Just looking for feedback on how to improve on communicating to everyone who wasn’t there.

Derek Daniels

First of all I really appreciated the twitter, the only thing that would make it better imho is maybe some more highlights of the matches so we kinda know what some of the key moments were. I know you did that a bit though so thank you for that.

bumpity bump in the middle of the night

Followed :smile: Most people seem to be going with #evo2k as the hashtag of choice for updates, along with #sf4

I’ll most likely be twittering like crazy (as usual) at Jaredr. Gootecks was also thinking out loud about having a tweet-up, which would be pretty awesome depending on the location.

Following. Good stuff man!

should we @ you any info we come across if you we follow?

#evo2k sounds like a good hashtag to go with.

Thanks for the feed guys, it’ll be nice being able to keep tabs on things via the phone.

this will be the one and only time i twitter in my life. i can do this from my cell right? just came from the rio to meet up with an srker. hype!

If you have a smart phone than yes. Just download a twitter app. There like literally 30+ apps to pick from. :lovin:

We hope to have a live chat going on during the tournament. If you want to join us, use the hashtag #evo2k

thanks. I’ll post more info on the chat we’re doing later today or early tomorrow morning.

See you then.

oh, and the twitters we’ll be using for scoreboard updates are @gyt and @gytnews



Thanks so much for the twitter man :slight_smile: