Evoeast podcast


here’s the first podcast from us, we’ll keep you guys updated…

its pretty cool…im on there so there you have it…we broadcast live at the evo tourney pre game show…welll have more as time progresses

More podcasts

6 in total

(with more tomorrow)

www.cmvarchives.com/podcastevolive4.mp3 (east coast Players, from NYC @ MVC2)
www.cmvarchives.com/podcastevolive5.mp3 (Tom, makes custom Sticks)
www.cmvarchives.com/podcastevolive6.mp3 (japanese third strike player)
www.cmvarchives.com/podcastevolive7.mp3 (chat with Niles about third strike)
www.cmvarchives.com/PodcastLive2.mp3 (ming or min, CVS2 chat)
www.cmvarchives.com/Podcastlive3.mp3 (interview with 2 models)

i hope you guys enjoy them…

I posted with shibuya’s account… oh well…

good stuff, thanks~!

That’s a pretty cool feature.

Good job to the guys that not only did the audio but those who put it on the net and everything.

Awesome stuff.

LOL at Issei having trouble saying America sucks at 3S. :lol:


I wish Issei would come along with Empire to T7. He’d be pleased with the comp and the usage of JPN machines.

Gonna listen to what that Niles dude has to say now.

Edit: hmm Niles is Thongboy Bebop?

thanx a bunch for the input guys, ill be doing a couple more today, so just keep checkin, though ill probably upload themlate night tonight…

more podcasts the final ones.

www.cmvarchives.com/Podcastevo8.mp3 (talk with Nick. T.)
www.cmvarchives.com/podcastevolive9.mp3(talk with Anthony from Philly, brought KoF XI)
www.cmvarchives.com/Podcastjoeycrack.mp3 (i think the name speaks for itself, the most fun talk, youlll love it)
www.cmvarchives.com/Podcastshibuya2.mp3 (more after impressions w/ shibuya)

is there a thread for pics, cause i have several, that i want to add.

also, i wanted to interview Justin and the Staff, but i guess that’ll be for another ocassion, i feel really bad i didn’t get to my goal, but i hope ya’ll enjoy these podcasts…

BTW podcast evo4 = Mikes Yipes (I hope i didn’t screw your name, really awesome interview, and im pretty sure west coast players might find it interesting, check it out)

neo penny…it was fun doin those broadcast…most of the time i was drunk of them and its funny hearin them again cause i dont know what i was sayin…if you goin to evo finals lets get some more in…

Haha, yeah. I wasn’t doing anything that weekend so I just figured I’d drop by and see how East Coast does it.


issei really didnt wanna do that interview… lmfao… and yes he had a hard time saying americans suck at 3s.

i was with issei almost the whole weekend lmfao

i remember some fat ass white kid that was wit issei durin the interview…is that you??? and btw he really didnt mind doin it but he was just a lil shy because of his english speakin skills.

sorry that i’ve been idle for a while.

i was in another tournament a couple of weeks ago. I called you a couple of days ago, arfe you still on leave?

anyway, ill resume uploading videos later, i’ve been kinda busy…

hey send me a pm wit ur number in it i lost it lol