EVOeast updates updated 5|26


EDIT BY FMJ, results provided by ppl calling into Alphaism Radio at http://www.alphaism.com:8000/listen.pls

Sunday Results provided by Wiz over IRC, probably radio later on.

Smash Bros

1st Mew2King 2nd PC Chris 3rd Cactuar
4th Cort

Super Turbo (50 Entries)

  1. DSP
  2. Seth Killian
  3. TechMonkey
  4. Henry Cen
  5. John Rambo, OSK
  6. Justin Wong, NKI

5th and 7th might be wrong, not sure who lost to who

-Cen def NKI
-OSK def Wong
-Seth def DSP - Winner’s Final
-OSK dsf Cen - Loser’s Semi
-DSP def OSK - Loser’s Final (OSK 3rd place)
-DSP def Seth 3-2,3-1 - Grand Final

3rd Strike Results

1st) JWong (CH in finals, KE/YU earlier)
2nd) Exodus (YU)
3rd) Hold Dat (PAD KEN)
4th) Paul Wall (AK)
5th) JJuice (UR)
5th) Jiggabry (?)
7th) SmoothCat (CH)
7th) AneurysmX (DU)

Capcom Vs Snk 2 (2/3!)

direct thread with full teams they used and groove, thx ernestw

1st: Nestor
2nd: Justin Wong
3rd: Arturo Sanchez
4th: Sanford Kelly
5th: JAL/biggazy
7th: Paul Wall/Tony B

T5:DR : http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=101448

Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. Sanford
  2. Justin
  3. Chunk
  4. Sanford
  5. D/Hyo/Smooth Viper
  6. Infinite/Jal

winners : justin chunk smoothviper yipes
[14:44] <@MrWizard> michael williams
[14:44] <@MrWizard> brandon de shields
[14:44] <@MrWizard> sanford kelly
[14:44] <@MrWizard> and jal

updates by D’Nyc3 and DXP, and p-chronic

update, infinite eliminated by D.Hyo
Sanford eliminates JAL aka Peter Doucan aka Pigadoken
Smooth Viper sent to losers by JWong
Yipes sent to losers by Chunkstah
JWong beats Chunkstah 2-0
Brandon beats Smooth Viper 2-1

results posted soon

Original post by D’Nyc3:

Highlight of the night…

Justin wooooong came back from a possible ocv by nester and take that shit with R2 a-sakura… oooo my gawd!

Well anyways my sidekick is dying and ill hit you guys back later tonight.

This is D’FUCKIN’NyC3 saying




nice keep em comming


Peter Docan? Or don’t you mean Pigadoken?


Is Nick T doing it up in CVS2?


Nick T was the victim of some seriously scammy brackets. The tournament maker program fucked up and Nick ended up facing Rugal B in Double Jeopary in like the 4th round of losers. There were a few other messed up situations including me facing Ratio1beatdown in the wrong spot. Still… props to the directing team. They did the best they could and run a tight ship.


Qualified in losers:


Tony B.


the winner of Ernest Woo and Paul Wall (didn’t get to see this one)

I’m now tired as fuck from working all day and helping run EVO all night. ST at 9am YAY can’t wait to sleep through my matches.


Yea my b.

Loser bracket finalist…

Sandford kelly, nestor two locals… ill find out tomorrow…


This is one of the main reasons I think I might be done with entering Evo tournaments in general… I mean, I get the whole having to keep a schedule thing, but seriously starting anything involving video games at 9am is just crazy. Shit isn’t THAT serious that I wanna set an alarm! lol. I might be crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see different results if the earliest tournaments started at a reasonable hour, and the last tournament ended at a later hour, as I think it’s probably safe to say that a majority of the people entering are not morning people, and sure as hell don’t wake themselves up that early on a “normal” day, nevermind a day off from work/tourny day to play a few games… call me crazy. And then after qualifying having to wake up early again the following day to play in finals… not for me… hell, watch my AE finals matches from last year and tell me I’m wrong. haha!

On that note, I still wish I was there this weekend, and I’m still considering heading out to Vegas this year, but if I do, I don’t think I’m actually going to enter anything, just gonna go for casuals, chill with people I don’t see all that often, and get in all the late nite room comp, thats where the fun is at for me at this point! I’ve been to quite a few Evo’s now, consistently placed the same every single time except for last year when stuff started at 3pm instead of 10am at Evo East… I know where I stand, I’m content, and 9am is an ungodly hour of the day. Just because I’m an old man and even think ST is too new a game for me doesn’t mean I am on an old man 6pm-4am sleep schedule. :wink:


trust me when i say i feel you. got to sleep at 3:30am, tossed and turned all night, probably didn’t get any REM, now i have to drive back to Evo East and try to play in this tournament. all i have to say is, if i have to face NKI or Justin at all before top 8 (since we are pretty much potential top 3 and got top 3 at final round) then this is complete and utter bullshit.





Everyone should fear Samir.


peter docan baby.

don’t trip too much about the brackets. i don’t think cvs for evowest last year was even seeded at all. it’s too difficult for them to seed by skill, so they just do the best they can with regional seeding. even that occasionally messes up though…

oh well.




lol wtf


Did the ST tourney even start yet?


[14:59] <Ex_Matt> 3s started
[14:59] <Ex_Matt> in like 2nd round now or osmething

Converted to EC Time!

If thats true, i assume st is over, but no info about it yet


This is where i got it from, those are all 3s players.


go AdamB.




where’s ozzie though


What it was in that VF? Who won? What’s the numbers?