Evol Checks

I guess everyone that made top 8 would like to know when will we get our evol checks?

Last year, it took a while and I was wondering would it come around the same time as it did last year?

I think they said 6-8 weeks. Don’t mind me.

For the international players, do they just get mailed to them too?

The website does state this information.


6-12 weeks

thank you mr.wizardddd




Thanks I was wondering too.

payyyyy meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Me first i was robbed lol

Are evo checks taxed?

I don’t think they are.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting my check in the mail.

damn, I need to get my game up so I can get some that money!!!

Can’t wait till i get my check :lovin:.

Hope we get lucky and get it in the 6 weeks.:sweat:

It’s income, so yeah it is.

I don’t think they are taxed at first, but you have to claim them on your earned income when you file taxes each year. You’ll them owe about 40% of it! Joy!

the checks should be going out shortly, ill post again when they are in the mail.

How much do I get for 25th place?

A poop flavored lollipop.