Evol Checks


Before those checks get mailed out, I was actually hoping to submit a change of address for three or four of the finalists, who–by complete coincidence–all live at my house now… :wonder:

Any updates with the checks going out in the mail? Was hoping to at least get them by early november maybe?

demon hyo <333

Still waiting for my Check to come.

we going to the 8th week already. hope to hear a confirmation soon :slight_smile:

Me too. ^^

good luck in ohio bustin =0

ty ty. u should go toooo

LOL - damn justin - you have like probably the most patience in a lot of games you play but when it comes to an evo check you’re hella impatient lol. It’ll come dude - good things come to you when you wait right?



When we have to cash a six digit check, the banks like to take their time in cashing it to verify its legit.
As soon as it clears we will be sending payments out by registered mail. It shouldn’t be too much longer.

Love You Mista Wizard!!! <33333333333

Har Har <3 U Tooo Ducccccc

Joey, I owe Mike Watson money and he threatened to break my arms and legs if I don’t pay him by next week. I don’t want to die. Please send me check asap.


Awesome, thanks Wiz.

And much <3 to U 2 Anthoneezy

lolz at arario

My check came in. TY EVOLUTION 2007!

lol u fucking liarrrr

Bullshit it came. Why do you lie



I thought i was the only one that received payment. Hope you spend that 2k wisely, Justin.