Evolution 2003 Accomodations

We have a group discount from a great hotel down the street from Cal Poly. The name of the hotel is the shilo inn, and are a bunch of friendly people.

The address there is:

Shilo Inn
3200 Temple Avenue
Pomona, Ca 91768

When you call to make a reservation, You have to mention “Shoryuken” to get the group discount. The room rate is $80 for 4 people. So get 3 of your friends and go book yourself a room.

This deal is only good until the 28th of July, So dont wait till the last minute, go book now.

The hotel is 5 minutes walking distance from the campus.

Also there will be shuttles to take the people to and from the event, but at this time there is no known time. ( More Details on the shuttle times later)

one quick question…will ppl have to pay all at once by credit card over the phone, or can they pay when they get to the Shilo Inn, at the front desk?

not until you actually check in

Mr. Wizard

I called Shilo Inn about 30 mins. ago and they said the SRK group discount was $80 for the first two ppl then $30 for two more ppl. thats $110 for 4 ppl. they also said the last day to register was July 30th. So if you misunderstood or something, please check again with Shilo Inn and reply again please. Thanks

Mr. Wizard

Everything is fixed now. Call back. Wiz is the man. :wink:

Good Job

Hey, I was wondering what the regular rate is for, say, 2 people staying in one room. Oh, and what’s the parking situation like?

How is this place with cramming a few extra people in the room without telling them? Is that something they would find out easily or would they just let it slide or what? Because the group I am going with will probably have over 4 people and getting 2 rooms would be stupid.

which airport is closest to this event?

man, I just called the 1-800 number and the lady didn’t even have the group discount in her computer so she couldn’t get the discount for me…so then I called the local number, and there was some newbie working and he didn’t know how to do group discounts or something because everytime I told him I wanted to make a reservation with the group rate of Shoryuken he told me I already had a reservation…so, word of advice: don’t call late at night when there’s newbies working that don’t know how to do their job.

The rate is the same for 1-4 people, so it doesnt matter. Parking situation where? at CPP or the hotel?

just dont be obvious and im sure it would be fine.

1st Ontario International Airport (ONT)
2nd Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

yeah call during the day.

So it’s $80 for up to 4 people, not exactly 4?

I called the 800 number and asked how much it’d cost and I was told it was way more than that for just 2 people. I even mentioned shoryuken.com and the discount at the Shilo Inn closest to the tournament, and that didn’t seem to make any difference to them.

ahh, this is causing way too much confusion.

I know many people including myself that want to take advantage of this offer and many have called, most have been turned down.

From what the workers are talking about, it seems this offer doesnt even exist. Can a administrator who set this up please call them and clear things up??


ok, after talking with the people at the hotel again, there seems to be a problem with the 800 number, the 800 number is forwarding to a out of state call center, and they were given misinformation.

when you call in, use the 909-598-0073 number to make the reservations, and when you do call in, ask for 2 beds, and dont worry about telling them how many people are staying with you guys, that only confuses them. make sure to mention “shoryuken” or “shoryuken video game” and they will make sure you get taken care of.

if you have any other questions or needs, feel free to contact me here or by private message.

(excuse me for the stupidness)
so its $80 for 2 beds (2 people to a bed, up to 4 per room?)
and i take it that $80 is a nightly fee

also what is the rate normally???
cause i can get a corporate discount for mentioning a certain corporation.
and im just trying to figure out what would be the better discount.
also, one more thing, how much is the bus/cab fee to go to the campus from the hotel??? or could we walk there???

When you call the hotel, make sure you pronounce Shoryuken wrong. I.e., Sho, Rai, Yu, Ken.

Is a Cab going to be the easiest way to get from ONT to the Shilo Inn?