Evolution 2004: Last Minute Advice

A few words of advice to maximize the fun you can get out of EVO:

While on campus, obey campus rules. Since we’re on CalPoly’s campus, we need to obey their rules. Violating any of these rules can get you thrown off campus for the day, or even the entire weekend (which means no more EVO for you). They include:
[]No drinking or drug use
]No violence or threats of violence. This includes getting excessively loud and instigating, even if no fisticuffs are actually thrown.
Basically use your common sense, people.

  1. Bring a towel. Seriously. Especially if you’re staying in a room with more than two people. There’s nothing worse than taking shower and having to borrow someone else’s used, damp towel to dry off (gross).

  2. Bring enough money. You need enough money to sign up for the tournament ($20 + $10 a game). Also consider travelling expenses, cost of eating, and cost of fun. Depending on how you’re arriving may have to pay for a cab, airport shuttle, or split the cost of gas. You will probably be eating all your meals out, and that adds up over the course of 4 days. You may need more than you think.

  3. Be sure you understand the registration process. When you get to the hall, you will need to provide the name you used to signup with. After you pay the registration fee, we will give you a printout of the schedule and a list of what time you’re supposed to show up to play (don’t be late). We will also give you your badge. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BADGE. Be sure to carry it with you at all times. You will need to present your badge to get into the BYOC area. No exceptions.

  4. Take care of your equipment! Be sure to keep an eye on everything you bring with you to make sure no one walks off with it. This goes double if you’re bringing highly desirable items like tvs, consoles, sticks, mp3 players, cell phones, and camcorders. Unfortuantely, every year someone comes up to the staff desk looking for an expensive item that walked off when they let out of their sight for 2 minutes. Don’t let that be you.

  5. Wear deodorant! And not that cheap, generic drug store crap. Buy a namebrand and triple coat it. No one like smelling your your 12 hour rank self at 10:00 PM.

  6. If you are going to film game footage, follow these simple rules:
    [*]You may NOT FILM OR PHOTOGRAPH any of games being previewed. This includes Tekken 5. This includes the crappy little pictures you can take with your cell phone. If we catch you, we will confiscate your badge and throw you out of EVO for good. Furthermore, you will be banned from Shoryken.com, Tekkenzaibatsu.com, gamecombos.com, and any other .com I have the ability to influence. We are serious about this.

[*]You may film any tournament footage you want, so long as you obey 1 simple rule: DO NOT POST ANY SATURDAY OR SUNDAY FOOTAGE ON THE WEB. Evolution often loses money or barely breaks even. We rely on DVD sales from the event to make up the loss and to pay the costs of running Shoryuken.com. Footage on the web reduces DVD sales, so we ask that you just keep the tapes to yourself.

The best point is…


LOL :lol: :lol: .


Cool, Ponder. These rules don’t sound too bad at all, I will inform the rest of the philly players about them, thanks.:cool:

are there any ATMs on campus or near? If so what banks are they? $2 charges are gay.

great advice, here’s my addition…

bring small snacky food you can stick in your pocket. granola bars, fruit roll ups, pop tarts, etc. last year the vending machines got RUSHED THE FUCK DOWN QUICK and were out for the rest of the weekend. so if you’re inbetween from lunch to dinner or want a snack sometime, something small can some in handy.


PS- take a sharpie and initial your shit too. i’m sure there will be hundreds of agetecs, and instead of having to get into your VMU and see if it’s yours for sure, just inital it somewhere, and then it’s definitely yours.

GAME(S) being previewed? as in tekken 5 isnt the only one?


Re: Re: Evolution 2004: Last Minute Advice

Capcom Fighting Jam??

Hmmmmmm? :wink:

Re: Re: Evolution 2004: Last Minute Advice

i’m guessing these would be the surprises ink and ponder mentioned earlier. can’t wait to see them.

tecmos a sponsor, so whatever theyre releasing soons prolly gonna be there also.

Regarding deodorant…the man said to use name brand stuff so I would like to take the liberty to recommend Dove brand liquid roll on Powder Scent. Sure it’s for hoez but it smells so good, like the sweat of your chosen deity’s balls.

Everyone use Right Guard Xtreme Sport Ultra Gel, this deordorant works bad ass even when it’s hot.:smiley: btw it’s kind of gross that people have to reminded of this:lol:

DAMN, too good Joe :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: .


P.S. Wohoo I wonder what other games they’re going to preview there, I mean I want CFJ, but maybe KoF Neowave?? Or Halo 2??? Half life 2?? :D.


Dumb question, if you;re not going to enter any tournaments is it still $20 to watch?

i heard theres a sammy vs capcom beta.

shhhhh. dont tell nobody.

Could we PLEASE have some interviews and behind the scenes on the Evo DVD this year. Why hasn’t there been any on the last two discs?? That was one of the best parts of the B5 disc.

I wish I could go :frowning:

When do you guys think tghe EVO2004 DVDs will come out?

oh yeah, bring equipment to get your consoles usable in the hotel. don’t know how many times i hear " oh, i don’t have an adaptor for that. and all the RF cables/switchers u might need to get by hotel x’s cable system. just don’t damage their system. i’tll end up on someone u know credit card.

and again BRING TOWELS.

Is it 20$ only if u enter the byoc room? or is 20$ reguardless of what you do at evo?
I got some friends who wanna come but arent gonna play any games just want to watch the final tourneys on sunday. Would they have to register on thursday and have to pay 20 bucks?