Evolution 2004 T-Shirts for sale!

We have some leftover t-shirts for sale. They are $25 total (20 for shirt, 5 for shipping) and there are pictures attached at the bottom. The sizes are as follows:

Small: 11
Medium: 2
Large: 15
XL: alot

If you would paypal mrwizard@shoryuken.com $25, I will send the shirt out asap.

here is the front

:bluu: not a big enough size for me :frowning:

Pre-shrunk right?

I want to order one of the long sleeve shirts, but I don’t have access to a Paypal account, is there any other way I can pay for one?

:slight_smile: I would Like to have one extra large evo shirt if you have left please… thanks

my e-mail address is ddrmax220012000@yahoo.com ok lates:lol:

email me for address, or have a friend do it.



are you guys selling those white shirts that staff had?

…What exactly does it say on the back?

I can’t even see 1 thing.


how “small” is small? I’m 5’7, will that fit? Cuz i see that there are only 2 mediums left and I cant buy till the 10th.(payday)


it has all the character names like matrix style

Every Year the shirts suck ass. I mean they really look bad.

When I see an offer to buy an EVO T-Shirt I’m interested at first until I see them. Then I see how horrible the design is. =/

maybe next year.


oh, and yes. I am gonna order the shirt.

Seriously dude, get online…

EDIT: Why didnt we just have a T-Shirt contest like last year? I dont get it…Would it be okay if I made another t-shirt design and gave it to you mrWizard to sell? That way there would be to options…

Well, last years compared to this years really sucked ass. But hell I still bought one for the hell of it cause I didn’t get one last year cause they ran out :bluu: . Only thing I didn’t get about the shirts this year is that if you look it lists the name of the game and puts a char from the game but then all the names underneath the pic of the char doesn’t fit the game. Like I remember finding peeps from Tekken listed under CvS2. I was like WTF?! :confused: . Oh well, I hope they have a contest next year. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Yeah, I was waiting and waiting for the contest this year. Last year’s was hot. This year’s: :frowning:

Just got my shirt today, looks great!

Hey Mr. Wizard, I just sent my Paypal payment. Thanks in advance!