Evolution 2005 Aftermath

The poker room was still under construction. We missed out by like 2 weeks till it opens up.

that’s ridiculous. keep in mind that people play games other than SF fighting games.

i mean sure, if you want to suggest and strongly encourage people that in the future they should have default settings then that makes sense. in fact, i think that should definitely be done. but to give some sort of ultimatum with the "MUST"s is pretty lame IMO.

being flexible is key. if you feel a bit more comfortable with a layout a certain way, that should be fine! its better to be chill and lax about things like this.

also, i think if you try to enforce a rule such as this, youre just asking for more headaches–rules being broken, weird technicalities, grey DQs etc. etc.

anyway, remember–not all controllers are made to be equal. if you want to create a rule like that, you’re better off to require a default brand stick/controller.

come to think of it…random note–i think if anyone ever suggested such a thing at a LAN such as quakecon, they would be shot for being retarded. granted its not the same, but its somewhat similar.

also, i just wanna give a big fuck you to all the idiots who would yell “shit sucks” everytime something happened…
stfu before your ass gets on cam, i ll repeat your dumb ass face over and over when you say it, put some stupid music in so everyone can point and laugh, fuckin assholes.

tourny directors don t go up to you and yell “YOU SUCK” when everyone is watching and paying attention, so why would you be doing basically the same shit? that stings me that someone like james or any of the staff would have to hear that while in the process of fixing it, damn.

seriously, the peeps that run these things have better shit to do than to deal with your ADHD asses, they re thinking of the players, and they ARE human.
when things happen, you should try to understand as a peer, not as a spoiled ass spectator, “o i gave money so shit should be like this and that”, this ain t fuckin sports you watch on the couch bitch.

EVO was cool, I had a lot of fun playing RF, and enjoyed gambling inbetween matches.

The only the only areas where I see room for improvement are,

  1. A specific BYOC room dedicated to it.
  2. Being in Vegas, I do believe that there would have been a bigger turnout if it would have being in Cali.
  3. IMO the root cause of this issues was associating with MLG I did get the feeling that EVO was happing at somebody else house, and that they had most of the control over what was happening in the room.

I had fun, big prop to the srk staff for organizing this and thanks.

I agree with you. I play more than SF and plus my wires for my sav stick are soddered (sp-i am tired :rofl: ) its not like I can open it up and change things in minutes. The other games I played in,it was fine and did not need the button change. Plus it took me 10 seconds to change 2 buttons around and it took most people that long or even shorter,so I agree the button thing was not the time killer,it was waiting on people to get to their pools and to find them also. plus other little things

oh yeah and the security guards at GVR…they sucked :wasted:

Evo was real good and can’t wait to come to it next year also. great seeing old friends and making new ones :pleased: props to all that ran evo :tup:

  1. Marked and numbered TVs so we know specifically where to go for pools.

  2. A supervisor for each TV/setup so fags dont jump on with casual play, causing delays.

  3. A stand-alone casual play area all weekend (except for finals).

  4. Not waiting in line for 2 hours Friday to get in, and not waiting 2 hours for pool play to begin Saturday.

  5. If you are not there for your pool, you have 10 minutes max. It doesn’t matter if you’re Joe Scrub, Justin Wong, Alex Valle or a Japanese player…IF YOU ARE NOT THERE IN TEN MINUTES YOU ARE DQed. It’s that simple.

  6. You absolutely CANNOT change tournament rules over and over in the middle of the tournament. 3s had been 2/3 UNTIL my pool when we were notified during a match that it was only single match. I had an extremely close match with Mester where I almost peaced him out with my scrub Urien because it’s so unorthodox…the only reason I lost was because I literally missed two supers and got randomness, which happens. But because it was only one match, it counted as a loss. Why did all the people before me get the 2/3 which I could have benefitted from? It’s really too bad that time constraints happen, but in that case you can either 1. shut down casual play stations temporarily to speed things up or 2. keep the ballroom open late. Yes, it sucks you have to stay later to run the tourney, but it also sucks for me that I have to stay later to play. You HAVE to have consistent rules for every single person that plays or else it’s not a tournament, it’s just favortistic and meaningless drivel.

  7. You CANNOT force people to play their qualifying bracket matches the same day they have played in 10000 pools already. I entered every single Capcom game at EVO, and after qualifying for all four tournaments, I did NOT feel up to playing my Marvel qualifying matches. Again, it’s a shame that there was so much free time Friday night after the pools, but it’s just unacceptable that people are forced to play so many games all day (remember, we were all ready at 9am to play) and then 14 hours later, it’s time to play for your spot in the top 8! That’s just insane and I know that a lot of the players there did NOT play to the best of their abilities Friday night in MvC2.

  8. The “Halo 2 took over 75% of the hall” madness has to stop. There was literally nothing for most of the fighting game players to do for most of Saturday…luckily CigarBob’s cabinet was rocking the entire place. Maybe next EVO, there SHOULD be several cabinets available for CASUALS ONLY so that Halo can’t complain they need their TVs…or else something must be done so they dont’ hog stuff. As several people have said, there were literally ZERO spectators for Halo and that could have been done much more faster and efficiently than it was done. At the end of Saturday I personally unplugged an Xbox and plugged in a PS2 to get something going because those TVs were just sitting there unused. It’s great that MLG is willing to partner with SRK but the HALO and Smash brothers crap was just a side-event compared to the scale of EVO, and they needed to realize that and step back. Besides, they’re all a bunch of skinny white guys, and I’m pretty sure we can bully the hell out of them anyway.

  9. In all honesty, Halo is not an interesting game in any way, shape, or form. If you’re going to have a spectator sport, it should be Marvel or another interesting fighter. NOBODY sits around and watches Halo because it’s one of the slowest POS shooters out there…it’s just that it’s on Xbox, so every poor kid out there can play an FPS with thousands of people without having to buy a 2 grand PC. I think that these Halo players need to start realizing this…yes, it’s great that you are just as every bit competitive as us Street Fighters, but the game you play is ass. Go play Unreal Tournament or something, and when we hate on you next time, take it like men instead of little bitches.

  10. Better looking Fragdolls. They looked like 15 year old busted virgin geek girls from my high school. You know, the girls you flirted with for a day to make them feel good and then said something really nasty to them in front of a large crowd to crush their egos into dust and scar them for life. The only way I would consider doing anything with any of them would be if it were 1. a threesome or more or 2. anal. SERIOUSLY they were SO not fun in any way. When they raffled the t-shirts I suggested they kiss the guy that won (who was a SUPER GEEK) and they refused. MY GOD at least give him a peck on the cheek, what is wrong with you? Poor guy has never been kissed…

  11. There MUST be more dedicated casual-all-weekend setups. If you did not like what Cigarbob had on his cab, there was pretty much nothing to do. And cramming 1000000 players into your hotel room (which happened in my case, it was ALL the Marvel heads since there was no casual setups) is not a good idea. It gets hot as balls and theres no room to do anything.

fubar: hmm coulda swore not all of the games defaults were the same.

dont get me wrong tho, i agree with you. button config wouldnt be too bad if people just knew wtf which button was which so they didnt have to check. i knew what my setup was by heart so i never had to hit training mode to check. knowing the setup will save time.

actually, damn capcom and changing the way you change buttons, it was so much nicer just hitting buttons to change the config…


Completly agree to the whole Halo thing. Its cool and all that MLG is helping with all the stuff and all. What the hell were they doing anyway? Playing 5 on 5, CTF, playing EVERY map, playing EVERY team, first to 100 flag captures? Not that I like the game or anything. Like this guy stated, its not amusing to watch a bunch of white guys play CTF rocket launcher scrubing games all day long with the auto aim on too btw.
If you want my opinion on what to do next year for them. Actully, this actully might be a good idea and hopefully it might help them realize how much the game sucks and how much they suck.

Lets go ahead and do a “Try to beat the uber 1337 guy on the keyboard and mouse named DomoKun” 1 on 1 first to 10 tourney, If you lose, you pay $10. If you win, you win $20. Just imagine all the money we can get from that! We can use 1 tv! Me owning them all, and all that money I win proceeds to the transportion of cabinets and stuff. Its a win/win situation guys. Better yet, maybe run another tourney 5 keyboard and mouse guys (my friends) vs all those scrubs. $100 when you lose. First to capture 10 flags. OMG, the money will be rolling in!

Omg, no casuals. Seriously tho, why don’t we have the entire tourneyment run in the hotel rooms? I bet we could have run tourney pools at rooms and got the job done faster.

I wanna copy Cigarbob’s setup btw. Cigarbob, I expect the plans to your setup to be online sometime soon. It really is a work of art.

I guess my entire post wasn’t like much about Evo. I guess my post was about using my skills to make money for Evo while its happening. If you wanna know my FPS experiance…
CS versions 1.3-1.6 Played in CAL-IM (2 seasons), CAL-M (2 seasons), and CAL-I (1 season) (teams: c7, h4t3)
Day of Defeat Pre retail version - Retail Played in CAL-O and moved up to CAL-M in the same season (undefeated CAL champs), Played CAL-I (near undefeated 2nd place). (team: uKz Unknown killers)

You might be thinking of the SNES days when R was roundhouse and L was Fierce, which was switched on the PSX with R1 being Fierce and R2 being Roundhouse (IIRC, I play on my own custom config).

To which I agree with you’re next point, I loved the quick button config of SFEX+a and SFEX2+. Press a button and it automaticly goes onto the next. Could be done in 5 seconds or most likely less.

  1. Along with the pool sheets, staff could have posted an index of all participants in a certain game by alphabetical order. I almost thought I wasn’t in the tourney hehe.

  2. Vegas is a good location, would rather have it closer to the strip. There was no way I could have gone if I had to pay the room deposit at GVR. I stayed at the Boardwalk.

  3. More projectors for spectators, so they don’t crowd the stations.

Why in 3S pools matches changed from best 2-3 to 1 game right in the middle of the tourney? Kinda sucks for the people that paid all that money and traveled so far for 3 games… I won my pool but thats besides the point… Just looking out for the people for next year who may think that was unfair. And if no one cares about that excuse this post.

i think those in charge of Evo need to realize that having me in the final 8 next year is a necessity. Therefore, I will provide, if requested, a list of srk players who I would like to be in a bracket withn (from the pools on friday, to the semi-finals on saturday)

ok thx peace.

Next year, just provide 2 stock Sanwa square gate joysticks with sanwa buttons and 2 stock medium stiffness competition sticks with concave buttons per area – wired for a supergun standard, and just supergun everything. Seriously, the biggest complaint I heard from all my friends who attended was “I wish they’d just run the arcade version”. :frowning:

1 game for cvs2 finals… seriously. wtf? 1 game for 3s pools. what’s funny about this is that staff cited time constraints as the reason for 3s pools being 1 game. if you looked around at the 3s section there were 8 3s stations and at any given moment i would say that 2 pools were being run at any one time. this may be because of lack of staff or not being able to find people, but it is REALLY REALLY FUCKING STUPID,GAY,etc. for staff to just cut straight out of the player’s time and not even think about other possible solutions. It seems like the players themselves are the lowest priority and they will be sacrificed to the time gods before anything else happens. the better solution is to have more people running more pools and things will go faster. at one point, they did ask for volunteers but i think that was long after most of the pools were already done with. next year just see if there are volunteers who would like to run pools online when they register. just have them check a box or something. i know i would be down to run a few pools. I also think that calling people before its their time to play is a good idea just to make sure people know that their turn is coming up.

I think that the lack of staff caused a lot of problems. Next year have a volunteer roster. Hell I’d sign up. Remember this!!!

I remember making a all call for players to report for their pools in 3s or we would have to go to one game. Two hours later, barely anyone reported.

And as far as cvs2 goes, it is an extremely long game (6.5 minutes for a match), and should have never been 2/3 at any time. If it makes an appearance next year, it would almost be 100% 1 game throughout.

welp, just want to say thanks to everyone that helped run the tournies, or any other part of running the event it self. And thanks to all the people that were cool etc.

Could you please name the name of an adaptor that maps like this KTHX.

making 1 call for players is not really trying hard for solutions and you know that 3s is short enough to have 2/3 pools.
Cvs2 ran fine on saturday because duc and that dude in the brown shirt were on top of it all day. I really disappointed that you couldnt manage to squeeze in 2/3 for finals of the biggest tournament in the us.

Haha, god that was good. Specifically I love how below average girls think they’re the absolute shit when they’re in a room with a hundred guys. Good thing is that all they have to do is go to any other casino, bar or club, and their egos are instantly deflated by the show girls and escorts hanging around… oh wait, those Halo girls don’t go to places like that… they’re more the “movie night with a DVD” girls, or the “stay at home and play Halo 2 for the rest of my life” girls.

I have a few other illegitimate complaints I’ll throw out there:

  1. I repeatedly requested James, Tom, Tony, whoever was on mic to call any and all girls with small mouths to the front… never happened. This is what a mic is for people.

  2. Fat people. We all hate them… well most of them anyway. Some are damn funny and they’re cool, but the rest, well, they have to go. Saturday and Sunday 75% of the hall was taken up by Halo players, the rest of the place was taken up by 9 fat people. Bottom line: if you can tell a joke, you’re in. If not, hit the buffet, I hear it was great.

  3. Halo players. Yes, some of them brought their moms, which is good, but some of those moms were holding babies, which is bad, unless you’re into that, and I’m not. Leave the babies at home, or I say we ban Halo involvement.

Okay, now the legitimate comments. I think Kofiend said something about too many distractions, how people came to play wasted or hungover and that needs to stop… gotta say, who gives a crap. The GVR, the pool, the hot girls at the pool, the hot waitresses at the pool, the hot lifeguards at the pool, the casino, Whiskey Bar, the hot girls at the pool, all made Evo a million times better than what it would have been on its own. Some people don’t go to Evo exclusively for the games – some go just as much to hang out with people they only see once a year. If that means having a drink or two or three, or being “distracted” by something other than videogames for two minutes, all the better. Sure we could all buy forties and get fucked at any hotel, but having Evo in Vegas at GVR was an experience. I for one loved it.

Second, the comment about having it closer to the strip – yeah, it sucks that the shuttles weren’t like a public transit system, or that you have to shell $25 to get to the strip. Suck it up. $149 a night for the quality of the place we got, deposit or no deposit, is still a damn good deal. If you can’t afford $50 to get to the strip and back (less if you’re splitting with friends), you probably can’t afford to party in Vegas the way it was meant to be experienced anyway.

Other than the bullshit line on Friday morning that only really affected the suckers who decided to wait in it instead of just walking through everyone, I don’t have a single complaint about Evo. Oh wait, the hail, yeah, the rain and hail on Sunday made the girls cover up… that kinda sucked. Thanks a lot SRK!! Way to make Evo suck!!