Evolution 2005 T-Shirt Competition

Prints for front and back? or front only? or our choice?

maybe this time around rook won’t pwn me.


I’ll probably forget to work on this again.

Where do I go to see past entries?

I am in ! :nunchuck:

I’ll try even with my lack of vector software and stuff. It’s always fun to draw to specs.

Droooool… omg… I really hope I get off my ass and submit something this year.

Too powerful.

O yea… 1 quick question.

What’s the biggest size the image on the shirt can be? Can we design a front and a back?

Or is the design only for the back/front?

I’ll try to submit something.

I’m in.

I got a question:

I work at a tshirt screenprinter (tshirtspot.com) as a the lead artist and proofer, just so you know I not only know what I am talking about but I do it for a living.

I noticed one of the rules is no gradients…well depending on the process used for printing (ie digital vs. hand-cut screens) gradients are not only possible but look great when done correctly. The trick is to not use too many color blends and instead use the shirt color as the gradient end color.

I am wondering if, this being said, we can use gradients using our given ink colors and the shirt color…that is a blend from oh say RED to the shirt color…say WHITE?? Please let me know about this because I believe gradients should be allowed (if done right).

FYI, my company not only does gradients and halftones all the time, but I personally can do manual separations on simulated process works (a big deal), so once again–I am not just speaking outta my behind.

edit: oh and I second the question what is the max imprint size? I know we can do 12w x 13h but please let us know so we can plan our designs around this.


:smile: I’m entering this year. Competition will be tough.

the reason for no gradients is to cut down costs of the shirt

you sound professional KDX, but i assume the job you have doesnt teach to you design good looking art, no matter how simple it is.

Interesting… maybe I’ll try to draw something. Although with my luck, I’ll probably have something Vampire Savior-related in my design, but VS won’t end up getting chosen for Evo… ><;

Trogdor, dunno if that was supposed to be an insult or what…I’ll assume not since you don’t know me or my company.

and Mr.Wizard that’s cool man, I dunno why the shirt company you are going through would charge more for halftones tho, seems kinda shady imho. I don’t know how other companies work since I’ve only worked for one screenprinter, but our place only charges for the style of shirt and number of sides/inks…shipping and such is free. Design work is free, etc, etc… For example if you had a PSD file from the winning design, you would pay for the shirts and between 1-4 ink colors for one or 2 sides, and that’s it…everything else’d be free. That’s of course because we build in setup time, screen fees, and artwork fees into our base shirt price…but it also saves a ton of money where other screenprinters would try to ream you for something easy like, oh, say…adding a gradient.

Anyways, this is all just FYI, I am not trying to influence you or your decision, I’ll abide by the set rules for the competition, just pointing out why I mentioned that in the first place.

edit: cool avatar btw is there a flash vid of that or something??? haha Luigis ATTACK!!!

edit #2: trogdor, noticed u live in TN?? What games do you play if any and what do you do?


well pm me and let me know of your companys contact info and ill see whats going on in terms of price and so forth.

i’m in. holla.

edit: i searched dafonts.com and i can’t find the “federation wide” font. possible to just attach the .ttf file instead?

Just pen-trace it?

This should be fun…


neh, trying to cut corners here.

fett: hey man wussup? the link doesn’t work, btw.

How’s it going BV? My browser doesn’t want me to insert hyperlinks so it’s gonna have to be copied and pasted. I was just on the site so I hope it’s not down.