Evolution 2005: Team Usa will beat Japan in Evolution

Alex Valle, Justin Wong, Mike Watson…and some other folks…Team Memphis is going to be representing Team USA against Team Japan in Third Strike at EVO 2005. Im sorry but Alex Valle and them get there asses kick almost every year. SO Team Memphis will take over.

memphis??? youre kidding right? i hope so, or youre real stupid

Toronto 3S > Memphis 3S :devil:

who’s on Team Memphis?

pyrolee: man srk is so pathetic

srk has no dignity!!

You may now begin pointing and laughing at this idiot. how about me/my little sis/my mom/my dog/ the computer vs memphis. my lil sis will low short super you bitches 2 death with chun li. :tup:

are you serious it shoudl be justinW, pyrolee, ricky ortiz, and i don’t know who else is top but who else is but not alex valle he just can’t cope

in unreleated news, 10 unmarked barrels of hate-o-raid arived at family fun

Lol… FFA sucks at 3s

As a young’n -was too much to cope with/
Why you think? mu’fuckas nicknamed him the Cook Coke shit/

He sucks…

in other unrelated news, FFA is still the #1 arcade in the US to play competitive 3s.

Sure it is…

i dont know these people.