Evolution 2009 Finals Game Intros


I finally stopped being lazy and uploaded all the Finals Game intros from Evolution 2009.

Here’s a Playlist of them all:

Some are definitely better than others. :sweat: It probably won’t be hard to figure out which one was finished at 5 a.m. in the morning on the night before I flew to Vegas. :rofl:

  • James


fukyeah! thankyou! 3s one added to a playlist


All of these are really great! Thanks.



3s is hilarious


Lol, at the 3S one.
These are great.


I still find it amusing that BlazBlue music was used for the Guilty Gear trailer.

I love the 3S one, glad I finally got to see it. Missed it cause I woke up late that morning.


so when do we get the annual blog there…: ) prays for shoutout


Thanks man. Actually thats an amazing channel you got there. I gotta subscribe and freind that stuff. NICE


Thank you jchensor :wink:

Any chance to get them in better Quality?


That 3s one and the SF4 one are my personal favorites. Also, lol @ one of the comments talking about people booing when Hilde showed up in the SC4 intro.


Fuck yea, nice videos. I was waiting for these.


I hope the 3rd strike intro didn’t piss Justin Wong off too much.


wow, i always thought the sf4 one was done by Capcom! haha. awesome stuff.


damn… i didn’t get to see the 3S or SF4 intros the day of… but they are killer… good shit man… be sure to do some artsy ones for KOF12 and BB next year…


Great vids, my personal faves were the 3S and the Marvel ones, and as always, excellent use of creativity. Great stuff man.

P.S. On the Marvel one, might wanna change the “an tacticians” art. Still a great vid. Marvel is War. Not fair, but it takes boundless strategy


Awesome vids.