Evolution 2009 Game Lineup


head explodes from the awesomeness

No Tekken and no Smash are the shockers. Great line-up tho, slightly surprised to see Soul Caliber 4 in there.

awesome lineup. They got it right.

They needed a 3d game and taking out tekken dr for soul calibur iv was the right choice, even tekken players will agree to this. BR ain’t coming out until later.

Saw wiz on 8wayrun asking about tourney numbers so I had a feeling we might see Soul Calibur 4

Looks like a really great lineup, can’t wait for this Evo.

Pretty badass line up. But the TvC invitational has me all confused. I guess details on how the decisions on who will get invited will be posted later.

Anyways, the line up looks good. Thumbs up!


Great line up. Can’t wait. I need to start saving up already. =D

wow its nice to see all positive posts, keep them coming!


NICE… im so pleased

Lineup looks beast great new games and awesome old favorites

Sweet! I don’t have to be broke in Aug. Thanks for bumping this up to July. This will be my first EVO and can’t wait.

marvel console TBA? :confused:

Really glad to see that SC4 made it up there. Wish I could go but it’ll be a last minute decision between this and SBO09 (latter is cheaper for me to go to :/)

you owe me a steak you dodger.

Won’t repeat myself (thoughts already in the projection thread), but excellent choices guys. Represents what Evo is all about.

I’ll be scrounging up my pennies to make it out there.

best lineup or BEST LINEUP?

Wiz owes me drinks.



no complaints here :slight_smile: