Evolution 2009 Game Lineup

Great lineup. Tekken and Smash getting tossed out was no surprise. Glad to see GG back up there. I expect huge numbers for SF4, and all the other games there. I’m going to try and make it there.

I love EVO. I’m very happy that EVO is moving forward with what looks like the best lineup in years. The special events sound like they’ll be a ton of fun too!


really good evo lineup and venue (rio buffet). this makes me wanna go for sure this year.

3v3 would have been cooler for 3s, but i guess 2v2 is cool too (it just might not promote as much character variety unfortunately). would be interested in hearing the reasoning for going with 2v2 over 3v3.

is guilty gear Teams or singles?


I’ll be in the US by then, and I’ll actually be entering every event! Great Lineup!

REALLY great lineup this year. Awesome hotel too.

Looks like a solid line up. Only thing I am a little disappointed by is TvC being invitational only.
Big upgrade from the Tropicana too.

I cannot post enough to show how hyped I am! If I posted any close to how hyped I am I would get banned for trolling on a new level! MARVEL!!!

And the news coming so soon! On point!

Big huge thanks to the EVO staff for bringing back Guilty Gear! Im gonna be flying in from Japan for this again on my way back to Chicago for summer break! Hell… Ill even enter HDR! Maybe even SFIV!


awesome! :tup:


Great lineup. Will be back after 3 years of missing out.

Looks good. Glad to see some new games getting their time to shine. I’m not surprised Smash is not returning this year, although I am surprised to see no T6. First Evo without a Tekken game? SAY IT AIN’T SO!

I thought we’d never see 3S again after several years of seeing nothing but Chun/Yun/Ken dominate the finals, but maybe a 2v2 will help that issue (maybe…).

Can’t wait for Evo this year!

Spirit Juice MCing GGAC finals, IMO. :wink:

This is prolly the best lineup ever.

XBLA/PSN release confirm! :rolleyes:

awesome lineup

I’m glad that CVS2, T5, and Smash have been removed. The new games are definitely in need of exposure.

Fantastic lineup.

this is a really great lineup

awesome guys! and you’re making evo earlier for those that go to school too, even better, this is gonna be a huge

No CVS2, i am so disappointed…

Street Fighter IV for PS3 not XB360

that sucks for all the people that pre-ordered the 360 TE stick and for those that that play on XB, so we can’t even qualify on those…

actually everything is on PS3. HDRemix, SC4…

wheres the 360 love?