Evolution 2010 Stream Schedule and Details


The Level | Up crew is proud to be able to produce the live stream broadcast of Evolution 2010. As always we are determined to provide a quality stream that not only the fighting game community will appreciate but also the massive amount of people that are sure to tune in from all across the world. Myself, along with the Level | Up crew are determined not to disappoint.

Details of the stream will be posted here as information becomes available and approved.

Stream Schedule: (All times are in PDT Pacific Daylight Time)
Note These times are approximations. Times are subject to change at the discretion of the tournament organizers and also due to possible unforeseen scheduling circumstances.
Friday, July 9th
9AM-noon Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Pool Play
noon-midnight SSFIV Pool Play

Saturday, July 10th
9am - 1pm Tekken 6 Pool Play
1pm - 3pm Tekken 6 Semi-Final Bracket (highlighed matches between the top 64 players)
3pm - 9pm SSFIV Semi-Final Bracket (highlighed matches between the top 64 players)

Sunday, July 11th
10am-12pm Melty Blood, Actress Again Tournament finals
12pm-2pm Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament Finals
2pm-4pm Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Tournament Finals
4pm-4:30pm SSFIV Women?s Invitational Finals
4:30-6pm Super SFII HD Remix Tournament Finals
6pm-8pm Tekken 6 Tournament Finals
8pm-9pm Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Exhibition
9pm-11pm SSFIV Tournament Finals

Stream Commentators:

I understand that everyone has their opinion and fan favorites when it comes to commentary so we tried to get a good list. Considering this is EVO and the broadcast has potential to reach a massive world wide audience, we wanted the stream to have a certain level of professionalism while at the same time keeping that FGC flavor that we are use to on fighting game streams. When choosing these people we looked for people who were presentable, entertaining, knowledgeable with a good “radio voice”.

The idea is also to have either Keits or Ski to be mainstay presenters/commentators so the audience always has a familiar face. We want to reduce the “musical chairs” effect of swapping out commentators constantly. To us these people are familiar but to the uninitiated they could be potentially seeing a new unfamilar face everytime we swap commentators. So the idea is to maybe have a new pair every 2 hours and as you can tell from the schedule, there is 3 days worth of commentating.

I am still in the process of trying to contact a few of these people to confirm if they are indeed going to EVO and willing to commentate. The list is subject to change.

Here are the commentators for the various games in no particular order of precedence:
Super Street Fighter 4
James Chen
Seth Killian

Tekken 6
Filthie Rich

Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
Royal Flush
Eric V

HD Remix
EA Megaman
Seth Killian
James Chen

Melty Blood AA

I also wanted to get some international commentators in the mix. Anyone know who did the EVO APAC commentary?

Stream Details:


MVC3 exhibition



Evo is way to far away for me. kinda expansiv aswell the journey ^^,
but i am gonna watch the streams for sure!, thanks for doing thiss,
its me with sume food and drinks vs stream watching :P.
ceep up the good work =]


Can’t be there this year but these streams will be the next best thing. Looking forward to seeing how awesome these streams turn out!


Jeez, MBAA getting the shaft just like at MWC.


How? Just don’t be lazy and wake up early. I don’t see how that is hard.


This is gonna be fricken awesome. Go go Level | Up!


I’m not concerned about myself getting to see melty, I’m concerned about whether people watching the stream get to see the only game that’s 100% new to the evo lineup. No pools stream time and the earliest possible top 8 timeslot = getting the shaft imo.

edit* I guess I shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Is there some sort of secondary stream planned? I’m sure there’s ppl that will want to see HDR and MvC2 pools as well.


Standard that SSF4 gets all the stream time, lol.


Switch MBAA with TvC please.

Hell, switch TvC with invitational, it’ll take less time anyway.



Actually I think the time for MBAA isn’t as bad as it seems. There are more players on the east coast, and a bigger percentage of the WC players are going to be there, so for people who actually want to watch MBAA on-stream it isn’t too bad.

Super is the one that gets kind of screwed honestly for EC people; that is going to run until 2-3 AM.

Now how are people going to have lunch during MBAA if it’s so early? :V


i love how “woman’s sf4 & mvc3” are higher than “mvc2.”

not rly.

and tvc. :confused:


On the one hand, MBAA is up first, but on the other it’s incredibly early…


Epic list. Looking forward to it.
Call the friends over, get some drinks, some food, and watch some EVO till the early hours of the morning! :smiley:


Yay! Yipes


We’re not sleeping till Thursday night… of EVO.


I’m not really defending SSFIV. I don’t like or dislike it really. But it’s pretty obvious why SSFIV is getting the biggest amount and best times of the stream.

People can troll, hate, bitch about SSFIV all they want. The fact of the matter is, its almost doubled the scene, attracted tons of sponsors and is a financial success. So of coarse it’s going to get the most exposure/support.


Damn awesome work Level|up!!




Level Up :tup: