Evolution 2010

post ur name here if u are going to attend evo 2010 and wat ur going to enter

I r going. Btw, I gots a question for anyone who has been to previous. How much money should I at least bring? Okay I lied, I got another question. What joysticks should I bring, system wise, if I plan to participate in hdr, ssfiv, t6, mvc2, and 3s? If they have a section for original ssf2t as well.

Heads Up Cuz i’m Droppin Some Sh!t…

Hey newbie brothers…see below. j/k lol (you guys are too easy to pick on)

Details on Events/platforms/games, etc…

A better SRK section (threads) to ask your EVO questions…

I think I might make it this time. I miss playing peeps face to face.

You gonna have some NHC gear by then?

bahhh too many threads to look through. naw we aint easy, we just make it so that you guys think we’re easy…well, me at least LOL. anyways, back to everything being ps3,blah. considering i was working on a 360 js lol. DAMNIT!!!

I don’t know about y’all, but I plan on being drunk the whole time. Oh and don’t let me get on a winning streak. That’s free shots for the homies! Okay maybe not “free” shots, but you get the picture.

will be there for sure :smiley:

I want to make it next year.

I’m going FOR SURE! Just want to experience it first hand. Also, looking forward to the added bonus of finally meeting everyone. Hopefully I can polish my game well enough to resemble myself as something of a force by that time. DJR I’m SO down with the idea of DRINKS!!! But, not so much being drunk DURING competition. HA! Anyway, I’m hoping most of the usual suspects suck it up and make the trip next year. I’m married with a kid, no excuses people! EVO 10’ let’s get it IN!

I would like to go, but I have no idea yet. I just got back from vegas today. I’ll just pack my dualshock and i’m ready to go…would be the perfect get a way weekend from my girl, lol…

Evo uses PS3’s, and wrong section to post a thread.

Ah, cool. I’m married with a kid too. Glad I’m not the only one… everyone on PSN seems so… young :-\

Missed last year but went the 2 before. Ill be there for sure. OFFLINE ROG BEATDOWNS!


no blazblue, disappointed.

I know what you mean, although I’m not sure I’m that old…(23 years old.) lol. Age is just a number right? HA! Regardless, STILL no excuses! You better be there…you ALL had better be there…:rofl:

I’m not married and i don’t have kids(thanks god! lol), but i’ll get married next year, maybe october-november, my actual girlfriend knows that i love street fighter.

Me and other friends, we’re planning to go to evo next year, let’s see what happens.


Yeah I’m married and have kids and may have another during that time. I hope that does derail me from going. I have been putting mad hours and matches to get better. I feel like I am on an accelerated program to get up to par with those who have waaaayy more matches under their belts.

Well see but if I do you all better fear Darth Simicus. :wgrin:

I’ll be there this year. We should have a NHC meeting spot. I hope to meet some of you and hang out. Last EVO (2009) http://evo2k.com/ , SF4 pools ran for a few days, and HDR pools ran on Saturday morning, while all other games are in between. I’ll probably be doing both of those games. 2009 was difficult for me since EVO was on our wedding anniversary. Luckily 2010 EVO will be held on the July 10th weekend at Cesar’s, a week before the anniversary. Keep a look out for upcoming deals and make sure you book early!

The NHC meeting spot would be cool, seeing how as of today, NHC is 76 members strong!!! Not saying everyone will be in attendance but I’m sure we’ll have the support from our fellow crew mates. I feel confident that somebody in NHC is gonna make it to the Semi-Finals and get into the Finals. Why, cause we good like that and when it comes to how we win, we really don’t give a fawk!!! :rofl:

Me and some of my friends are planning to go for the first time to participate, get own and then experience the “OMG MOMENTS” live.

I bet it will be fun!