Evolution 2k4 Fighting Game Championships: Raw Footage 1

[LEFT]Evolution 2k4 raw footage. Mostly Third Strike matches and a little behind-the-scene footage. Some guest appearances in here:[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Mike Watson[/LEFT]

[LEFT]David “dublo” Spence[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Jet Phi[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Jason “DreamTR” Wilson[/LEFT]




[LEFT]John Choi[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Geoff “Lukesballs” Arnold[/LEFT]

[LEFT]More…sorry if I don’t know your name or forgot.[/LEFT]


on the forum list all I saw was “Evolution 2k4 Fighting Game” I was hoping the rest of the thread was “tournament theme song?”

but alas, this is just as good.

Man…I REALLY do regret not getting into fighting games earlier than I actually did. This looks like a fucking blast.