Evolution 2k4 Results

Tekken 4:
1st) Jackie Tran (Jin)
2nd) JinKid (Jin)
3rd) TomHilfiger (Nina)
4th) Aenica (Julia)

Tekken Tag:
1st) Ryan Hart (Mishimas)
2nd) UNCONKABLE!!! (Anna/Armor King/Devil)
3rd) Slips (Eddy/Julia)
4th) Shin (Changs)

1st) RTD
2nd) Mick
3rd) Sownemisis
4th) ViciousSuicide

  1. Daigo (Sol)
  2. Kindevu (Eddie)
  3. RF (Faust)
  4. MIU (Sol)

1st: Daigo Umehara (Ryu, Balrog, Osagat)
2nd: John Choi (Guile, Osagat)
3rd: Kuni (Gief)
4th: Justin Wong (Osagat, CHun)
5th: Alex Valle (Ryu, OSagat), Wes Truelson (Ken, Balrog)
7th: Jesse Howard (Ryu), Seth Killian (Honda, Gief)

3rd Strike:
1st: KO (Yun)
2nd: Daigo Umehara (Ken)
3rd: Justin Wong (Chun)
4th: Raoh (Chun)
5th: KSK (Alex), Kokujin (Dudley)
7th: Hsien Chang (Ken), Mike Watson (Yun)

1st: Kindebu (A-ken/sakura, bison, blanka)
2nd: Ricky Ortiz (A-Vega, Sakura, Blanka)
3rd: John Choi (C-Ken, Guile, Sagat)
4th: Dan (C-Ryu, Ken, SAgat)
5th: Justin Wong (C-Vega,Chun,Sagat), Buktooth (N-iori,morrigan,hibiki)
7th: Eddie Lee (A-Mai,Eagle,Vega). RF (A-sakura,bison,blanka)

1st: Jwong (santhrax)
2nd: David Lee (Mag/cable/sent, cable/sent/cyke, sent/storm/cable, cable/mag/doom)
3rd: Xecutioner (SAnthrax, Sent/storm/cyke)
4th: Chris Schmidt (MSS, MSP)
5th: genghis (Santhrax), Randy Lew (Cable/sent/capcom, sent/ironman/cable)
7th: Soo (MSS, MSP). Harry Potter (MST, Santhrax)

Man I was looking all over for this, hit refresh and here that shit is!! Whats up with the evo2k site for results internal server error :fury: :fury:

1st) RTD
2nd) Mick
3rd) Sownemisis
4th) ViciousSuicide

Next Evo, I will be there. I will win at least one tournament!
Cause “I ain’t no punk bitch!!!” (saying in japanese tone):lol: :lol: :lol:

eventually…I will go to this Evo ! Who won VF4Evo?!

damn ricky is a beast

Nice to see that Justin retires as the MvC2 champ

Itabashi. Japanese player.

wrd up to vicious reppin mass with sc2.

? JWong is Justin, unless you mean now that he’s won again, he’s retiring…

I thought it was Miu who got 4th in XX? :confused:

Yea, I know JWong is Justin. I meant, its nice to see that he won the MvC2 championship and now hes retiring, therefore he retires as Champ

<----2D N00b. What character consist of SAntrax?

he got second in CvS2… and nothing else… a beast ?


Storm, Sentinel, Commando

in regards to MVC2

How does “Santhrax” translate to those three characters?

in regards to MVC2

That was Sanford’s (aka Santhrax) signature team. So the team got his name.

I was at evo but didn’t see it happen in the commotion…

Ricky choked his custom (which everyone saw), then kindebu won with his custom. Afterwards, people were all standing up and saying “oooo, Ricky didn’t even wanna shake [kindebu’s] hand!!” I tried to look around, but just saw john choi walkin ricky away in his hands.

I’d be hella pissed if I missed a super/custom (which I did against RF…a few times :bluu: ), but to not shake your opponent’s hand after a match…tsk tsk imo.

Other than that, Ricky is a beast. His crazy ass vega is scary. awesome.

IIRC, Ricky did shake hands with Kindebu. I was at the staff tables, right near the projector, watching the finals when it all went down. I believe he shook hands with Kindebu as soon as the match was over.