Evolution 2k4 Results

he did shake his hand…Roah didn’t shake justins hand in 3s. finals were too crazy, Ricky is such a beast almost ocving DAN, choi sending RF to losers then buktooth woopin him…Norcal cvs2 has a strangle hold on the comp.norcal members jus swarmed top spots.My personal fav matches are always choi vs ricky…those are some fucking intense playing…and Good shit all around to john choi,you playd hella different style than I usuallly see you play. Kinda wierd.Congrats though!

Did a lot of people not show??? LIke INO BAS tokido ohnuki ksk?? WHere did all those guys go or did they just get eliminated fast???

my bad didnt mean to put ksk

can u get second in cvs2? yeah stfu noob

he came in second to being ur dad, but the other guy beat him to it…HAHAHAHAHA

edit: ARC
oh and wats team row?

what’s wrong with you?

Fixed it for you

what about VF4 ?

okkkkk Let seeeeeeeeeeee Here Hmmmmmmmm My ConClusion of The Evo Tour…

Tekken 4 :lame: Game !! i Dont Believe That Guys Still Play This Game

Tekken Tag :lame: Game !! Same As The Above

SC2 hmmmmm OK !

GGXX Cheap Game !! Just Effects And Just Keep hitting Him While He’s Down !!

3rd Strike … KO Again Come on Guys Even a 12 Years Old From KUWAIT Can Beat Him u Guys Still Cant LOL !!

CvS2 Slow Game And The Guys Only Know Something Cold “Roll Cancel” !!

MvC2 … i Leave This Game For 10 Years old And Under !!

PEACE OUT LOL Mowahahahahahahahahahaha

P.S: i’M Coming Next Year 2 Evo And iF I Didnt Make iT Then im In a Nother Convention. LOL

Team Row is Mag/Cable/Sent or Sent/Cable/Mag (Usually used against MSP and other mag teams, Sent > Mag)

im not a 3s fan but when daigo parried the whole chun li super against justin wit no life…ehh??? that was the hottest moment in the tournament

w3rd man daigo defenitely stole the show in that instant…


Damn! Justin won again! There’s just no beating him, just like Lance Armstrong.

Anyways, congrats Justin on your fourth undisputed EVO MvC2 title.

i don t even wanna start with daigo and the 3rd strike

I was following Arlieth’s play by play, Daigo has balls like brass door knobs.

So justin has seriouslly retired MvC2?

No he won’t… he said he would retire after b5 or evo 2k2 as well but he came back.

VF4 Results anyone ? top 8

vf evo top 3 =

1.Itabashi Zangief (shun)
2.Shou (sarah)

winner qualifiers were kurita(vane)
itabashi zangief (shun)
ryan heart(kage)

losers qualifiers were Adam(jeffry)

8 qualifierrs with 8 different characters vf is mad balanced