Evolution 2K4 Shirt Design Contest?

I know every year you have one, i’m not trying to rush things here but I would like to get started with my entry early this time. Any info for me???

-How many colors you’ll be using this year?
-Image type?
-Can we use capcom/snk artwork?


I sorta have an idea make the letterin’ sorta like Street Fighter II but more sharper and color in the letters like that of the design of an arcade joystick layout and lil’ colors not too gay and bright

don’t give out ur ideas stoopid…:o jk but seriously dun give others ur ideas… just wait till the contest

it will always have to be your own artwork, never capcom or snk’s

Last year the contest had many entrys with capcom’s artwork and I may be mistaken but didn’t the winner last year use capcom artwork also?

I always design my own thats why I asked

ye he used it… a guy i know did all the artwork by himself last year, he was by far the best, ppl like slayer were on, cable, all those frikkin good ppl but he wasnt chosen :(… Danmaster or Hateful Chris is his name, i suspect something from him again :0!!!

Im sorry, I misunderstood the scope of the question. Yeah you can use whatever. I thought you were referring to using official art inside your submission, you can use whatever as long as you draw it yourself.

ok thanks

Are there any restrictions on how many shirts each person can enter. So if like I want to enter 5 is it ok?:confused:

Are they all the same general design just modified a bit?

I remember in the past years you could make as many entrys as you’d like but 2K4 could be different…I guess we’ll wait and see for the official rules.

Sounds wise enough to me.