Evolution Announcers

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Wanted to know the names of the announcers for MVC2 Finals. Not the ones from the Live Feed. The ones inside the actual ballroom on the intercom. Those guys were freaking perfect. They bounced off each other so damn well.

They honestly fed off the crowd, and even managed to hype them up more than they were already. Evo organizers should seriously consider having them be the color commentators for all the Evo games, specifically MVC2, Third Strike and SF4.

Not to take away from the others and all, but seriously, I think the people on the Live Feed missed out on some of the hype of the crowd and those commentators with the live feed guys. After watching the live feed, they were spot on, but they didn’t feel like they were part of the crowd.

I wish I had filmed the MVC2 finals on my camera to upload it and show you guys how amp it was in there.

Edit: I apologize for creating a new thread :(, just saw a thread on the Live Stream commentators. Just got back from Vegas. :party: Can’t delete the thread for some reason.