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This is aimed towards official organisers of the evo2k tournaments. For research purposes for my UK Fighting scene documentary video (digital media uni project), could anyone provide any attendance statistics from these tournaments since 2002 and beyond?

I’m looking specifically for attendance % by country, by age (if available), game selection (e.g. 40% of attendees entered x game), number of games entered etc.

My documentary is trying to highlight the social benefits behind video games in an attempt to argue against Jack Thompson’s argument about violent video games making people anti-social and likely to commit violent crimes.
Evolution 2K is a tournament venue where it brings people who are proud of their hobby of competitive arcade fighting games, who are willing to fly across the world to play and meet new people in the community. I’m also making a direct comparison to people who play online computer games, particularly MMORPGs where people can still socialise in a virtual environment, but are not particularly enticed to travel to internationally to meet people for real, since it can all be done from a player’s bedroom. As many people would know, socialising in a virtual environment compared to socialising in real life are not the same.

Anyway, if anyone could get back to me with some useful stats. I’d be very grateful.

Thanks in advance,

You can also write about the WCG, ESWC, CPL, WSVG, and MLG as well. WCG and ESWC are the major world tournaments and holds qualifiers at over fifty countries where teams would play for their country. CPL and WSVG are open pay-to-play international circuits with open tournaments at the end of seasons. MLG is the US?s largest national circuit. I can name some major gaming leagues as well if you want.

MLG Smash stats for last season are as follows:

New York (Opener): 143
Dallas: 144 (capped out)
Anaheim: 160 (capped out with some players being turned away)
Chicago: 184 (capped out)
Orlando: 172
New York (Playoffs): 206 (capped out)
Vegas (Championships, each player that received an invite attended): 17

Other notable Smash tournaments from 2006, both held during the summer of 06. There were also roughly a half dozen tournaments that broke 100 players, but at this point the 100 player mark is no longer a notable achievement in the Smash community.

OC2 (California): over 190
FC6 (Indiana…or was it Illinious, I always get it confused): over 200

As for Halo 2, I don’t know the actual stats, but I can tell you this, Halo 2 never broke 1000 participants in the actual tournament. The most I think I saw was in the low 900’s or high 800’s for Halo 2 FFA. In terms of teams, roughly the same story, they capped out at one tournament at around 200 teams, but at the actual event there were closer to 180 teams. This being said, the Halo stats are the most impressive video game stats for a single game, this season will see even more expansion and will probably see some/all events break the 1000 participant mark.

Ummmm … I’m actually looking at statistics on the Evolution tournaments, since I’m looking at how far people travel internationally. MLG stats won’t help me, since I know there are already developed fighting game scenes in the USA.

I’m specifically writing this documentary to create an awareness among the UK public of a fighting games scene since we are a developing scene, and how many other countries share this interest by looking at the % of players who attend the Evolution tournament who travel from across the globe.

Rakurai, when you make this would the total information be posted online? Like on Neo Empire or something?

These MLG tournaments had players from overseas (namely Helios/The Doug/Yuna from Europe). OC2 Had about a half dozen Japanese Smashers as well as another 20-25 players from other countries I believe (Australia, Europe, Cananda, etc). I can get you some stats for overseas Smash tournaments if you want, specifically for European countries. They have a pretty heavily developed community over there.

Any news? There was a public list available on the Evo site at one point, but I think about a third of the people didn’t sign up until the last minute. It was sorted by games and listed name, SRK name, and location/country, but that was about it.

Contact me privately if you want numbers.

I have started an official blog about the making, ideas, … pitfalls ( :frowning: ) and progress about the making of my video documentary:


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