Evolution Money Match Thread

It’s never tooooo early to start betting, that’s why in vegas, we roll with the biggin’s and chill like villains. So lets kick off the money match thread. My game, is MvC2, my amount is $1-15 because I came to play everyone, not just one person for $100, because then people would go broke In general for those who don’t roll like that. Other than that, friendly competition. Now if Josh n Yipes want to go at it with Soo again… well…

Referee Judge Mills from Celebratey DeathMatch “I’ll Allow it… Now LETS GET IT ON!”.

Also, video cameras ARE A PLUS, so whenever shit goes down, record that and send it to EVERYONES Favorite MvC2 playa, Mr. Zach D.

Now who wants to be first on my hitlist? Hint: My team has Dan in it… THAT should get a few bits on my line…:lovin:

Good Luck to EVERYONE!

You’re free money. With that being said, I’ll play you for as much/as many times you want to donate to make my account have more commas than it already has.

Oh yeah, <3

p.s. I’ll play you on pad if you want. :wink:

Also: I’ll take money matches from anyone and everyone for any amount in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. Old school or New just bring your A game when you’re playing the most gracious of graces, the most venerable marvel player to grace the scene since Bill Wellman aka the Wellest of Men.

If you want team money matches, that can also be arranged.

P.S. You already know I suck aka top 9 @ ECC. Please Grace Me.

anyone who wants to put money on st or ae pm me. I’d love some extra cash =)

Games I’m pretty confident I could take anyone for 5$ in:
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Project Justice
Breakers Revenge

Speak up and I’ll sig your SRK-name and monetary amount. Let’s do this. :nunchuck:

What’s going on pots, we never did play for money cuz you and eder kept duking it out… rofl… I thought he was free money too? Anways, we gotta get a 3/5 for 10, and if you want a team battle, name your partner, I’ll see what I can scoop up… also, ECC, I wasn’t there, I like showing up when I want ^_^*

P.S. Since you like to roll with the Dips, why not you and Bill aka Deus aka MSS-Y masta against me and my peep. Sound good?

P.S.S. If you’re playin on a pad, I’m taking my stick off the crates and being a carpet muncher for a match against ya, what about that, POTS!. No Arcade style for me if you wanna pull out allllll the stops

P.S.S.S. Drop the Avril L. signature… haha!

You forgot the asterisk.

(*)= this does not include Yipes, Sanford, and JWong. Unless you’ve changed your mind since ECC.


Talking about things you know nothing about. Good shit.

As long as it is a semi-reasonable amount I shall consider it.

On another note, Me and Wongtinel shall take money matches against ANYONE. We might even give some odds. I like bill over anyone on console too.

Lets get this money

also, we might reinstate team Mexico’s Most Wanted aka Ruelz/Me/ and mexico’s best kept secret aka Bill Gonzales.

Didn’t you have enough when I eliminated your entire team in MvC2 team tournament finals? :wow:

See that’s what happens when I stop trying to play new teams and go back to old shit…GGPO newbs!

I’m down for JoJo, Garou, RBFF2 and Karnov’s Revenge singles MM.

Didn’I perfect you in our money matchs and you didn’t beat me one set? Didn’t you have enough? :wow:


Anyone else?

vercette: 3/5 for $10

Sure Ace, good shit on the last Cali tourney, much props… done!

Anyone for $$ in DOA4.

All I know is, I was at the Waffle House eating dinner with your money…bitch!


For reals though I hope you’ve been practicing, EVO is some serious shit and if you can’t beat me in a real match, you can’t beat anybody who actually plays Marvel…

How did you eat with my money if I only lost 5 in the TT and won 10 from you? Doesn’t that make me eatting with YOUR money. I used a “fun” team against you in the TT and money match, I didn’t wanna play too serious against ya :smiley:
And hell yea I’ve been practicing, I plan to make it out of my pools… for the second time… and my second Evo… second time Evo’s been in Las Vegas… and my THRID time in Las Vegas :slight_smile:

Anways, keep up on your A game, and see you at Evo… and yes, I’ll be playing someone who ACTUALLY plays marvel whom you lost $500 to his former good friend to help prep myself more… any idea yet?

2/3 for $5 in Project Justice son~

What’s good :D!!!1?

vercette n DSP ill play you both for money for as much as you want. imma free money

contact me if you would like to donate to the dips

Hey Billy Bill, what’s good? Hope you’re bringing your MSS-Y game… not to mention your Santhrax game, thing is, contact me if you want to donate to the most wanted playa next to Vercetti in Vice… lata!

ANYONE outside NY for money. Dips are part of 146 and Lenox so they’re excluded as well.