Evolution of Fighting Games

Yeah, I’m new to these forums and basically signed up to share my opinion on this subject, I wouldn’t say I was a hardcore fighting game fan, I love fighting games more than any other genre but mostly I play them by myself, not against friends, online, or in tournaments, I haven’t mastered all the combos of all the characters and all that stuff, but I love the stories, the one on one combat, and the martial arts aspects

But it seems to me that the developers of all our favorite fighting games have made no attempt to evolve them to fit the next generation of video games, they have made no attempt to consolize them, the Street Fighter formula was designed for arcade play, it’s loud and flashy to grab your attention among all the other loud and flashy games in the arcade, gameplay is fast and furious so you don’t play for too long without having to put in another quarter, combos are designed for joystick and button combination, and game modes are designed for accomplishing quick goals and obtaining high scores

This style of arcade gameplay isn’t a good fit for consoles, that’s what people are playing now, I can walk over to my game system and play for as long as I want, the game is mine, I can sit and play it for hours, play it for fifteen minutes and come back to it later, I can relax and think about what I want to do, it’s a completely different situation than being in an arcade, I think that the next generation of fighting games should reflect that

What kind of changes need to take place exactly? There are countless ways to consolize fighting games, but the few key ones I will list down here

Customization: It’s my game, I don’t share it with numerous strangers, I can save and load my game without it effecting what’s on the actual disk, that means I should have extensive customization

What I really mean is, fighting games should adopt RPG elements, skill building, character customization, character creation, non-linear gameplay, deep story modes, and choices and consequences, long term goals will add lasting appeal and a more leisurely style of gameplay to add to what we already love about fighting games.

Gameplay Mechanics: It was cool learning all the long complex combos for your favorite characters, mastering the timing, and showing off all the cool things you learned, short gameplay allowed a quick test of skill, and the over the top moves gave us something to look at, but on consoles I can take my time and change my strategy without worrying about giving up a round to do so

What I think they should do is put the strategy in the way you play and not how well you have learned combos, instead of canned animations, let the player have the freedom to control his own combos, instead of hitting the perfect string of buttons, allow the player to throw what he wants and when he wants, let the player play defensively and methodically instead of trying to constantly attack, I think this will add more varied gameplay.

Style: Of course, we all love the over the top flash and crazy moves, but what if it was done with more realism? I don’t need loud noises and bright colors to attract my attention, I bought the game to play in my living room, I don’t have to choose the game that catches my eye the best

This would also mean realistic damage effects, blood, bruises, heads snapping back, limping, realistic physics, and no predetermined animations, I think this would add more atmosphere to the game and a more intimate experience.

Some other tidbits that we don’t need anymore are as follows;

Health bars: Instead of wearing down a health bar until it reaches zero, they could make it more realistic and show visible signs of damage that are caused by specific strikes, damage to limbs could have different effects

Juggling: I know it gets old hearing complaints about juggling, but it’s just not realistic and it takes control away from the player when the fight is already so short, I don’t know why every fighting game has to use juggling, it’s not like you have to have juggling for it to be a fighting game
Modes:** Arcade mode just isn’t cutting it anymore, instead we could have a large non-linear gameplay mode: maybe you can choose your opponents, maybe you have a professional record, maybe you can choose multiple tournaments to compete in with rankings, brackets, team tournaments, championships, and no playthrough is the same, Virtua Fighter has started doing this, I think it would be great to continue in that direction

Enviroments: Destructible environments, interactive environments, and more freedom, do fights really have to take place in a small generic area?

One fighting game I use to love is Bushido Blade, I feel like that was a consolized fighting game, you could fight really slow, fights could take a long time or be really quick, it had the flavor that we love about fighting games and just enough realism to make it more fun on consoles, and the game mechanics were based on how you wanted to play the game

I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me, but I think there is a real problem with fighting games being all carbon copies of eachother, developers are resorting to introducing gimmicks like Star Wars characters, superheroes, and one or two new characters that don’t seem to fit with the others, why not introduce new refreshing game mechanics, unique styles, and make them more console friendly to reflect what the current generation of gamers are playing

Fighting games have decreased in popularity dramatically since the days of Street Fighter 2, why not evolve the formula?

It sounds like you don’t actually want to be playing 2D fighters.

It sounds like you don’t actually want to be on SRK.

It sounds like you don’t know a thing about fighting games.

Well that’s a relief, I was afraid we wouldn’t get our annual “This is why Fighting games suck these days and why the industry is a floundering and unpopular genre” thread this year.

Seriously, have you been asleep for all of 08?

One more thing, your opinions would probably be more appreciated here.. I thought something sounded familiar about this.

I don’t see how turning fighters into RPGs is a good thing.

^didnt they do that with wirazd/red earth

Case in point:

How many people outside of SRK even know what that is? :rofl:

Not to bandwagon, but yeah, sounds like you don’t really like fighting games. Maybe try sidescrolling beat-'em ups and brawlers? :xeye:

In a way, if i remember you could spend your meter to level up.

1 thing I like to mention.

Fighting games are not meant to be serious, hyper realistic games. If you want that, go play a plane sim, or a racing sim, or even a Fight Night game. Traditional fighting games aren’t for you.

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Why do new posters always stuff like this?! O.o

Go play Fight Night Round 3.

Surely you guys cannot be happy with the same carbon copy games coming out over and over, even Street Fighter 4 is just a better looking Street Fighter

2D does not make a fighting game, juggling doesn’t make a fighting game, over the top moves don’t make a fighting game, health bars, combos, arcade mode, and arcadey style gameplay do not make fighting games

Is Def Jam a fighting game? Yes. Is Bushido Blade a fighting game? Yes. Is Kengo: Master of Bushido a fighting game? Yes. Bloody Roar? Even Soul Calibur is an original fighting game compared to all the Street Fighter clones, at least Soul Calibur has attempted to evolve a little

Why is it that all other types of games are getting bigger and better and every fighting game is juggling, combos, over the top, arcadey every single time, you’d think they’d go, “Oh wait, just because Street Fighter did it doesn’t mean we have to copy it exactly,” but no, everyone thinks Street Fighter is the only way to do it

Then again, someone did mention side scrolling brawlers, I might have stepped into 1980 by accident.

Do you know what balance is? Mindgames? Zoning? Those are some of the things that make Street Fighter great.

Also: You are so going to burn for that post.

Hey, great idea!

Let me walk into a forum that’s been centered around two dimensional fighting games for the past decade or so, and right when they’re at their peak again with the resurgence of genre, I’m going to tell them to take what they’ve enjoyed and come to love up to now and just shove it into the garbage disposal!

Good luck.

See people who don’t play the games often think this. It’s easy to look at it and see health bars and 2d graphics and some juggles and think “this is the same old shit”, but if you actually get down and dirty with the games, you’ll see that the strategies, techniques, and mindsets to win from game to game varies wildly, even within the street fighter series itself. </Attempting to be reasonable before the ensuing shit storm>

It’s like young adults getting into politics, thinking they can change the world with their “radical new ideas” that work perfectly on paper but everyone else is too old to put into motion. They quickly stfu, take their place and realize their ideas suck.

Anyway, I just want to spread my views to help the genre, the more eyes see this stuff the better it will get for fighting games in my opinion, this is probably the worst place to have an actual discussion on it

I had the same deal when Fallout 3 was coming out, just like I’m a huge fighting game fan I was a huge Fallout fan, and just like you guys the other Fallout fans wanted 2D, all the same mechanics, and they were basically still living in the past where all games were 2D with all the aspects that were used because of necessity not because they thought it was best that way

Yes, they all found the old way to be the most strategic because of mechanical exploits like mindgames, which you can basically find in any game, from Pong to Barbie Adventures, it’s just exploiting the lack of freedom and the restrictive mechanical gameplay style, in a game like Fight Night the gameplay is much more varied because you have more control and freedom

I guess I’ve stirred the bees nest a little too much, sorry about that, I’ll head back to 2009 and leave you guys alone.

There’s a lot of crap in that post, but that’s my favourite :rolleyes: