Evolution PS2/Dreamcast Disc help!

Evolution Dreamcast\PS2 Disc help!

Shoryuken.com needs your help. Dreamcast games are hard to come by since they are out of production. Capcom of America does not sell them anymore. Any player bringing an ORIGINAL disc of Super Turbo (JPN), Marvel vs Capcom 2 (US), or Capcom vs SNK2 (JPN), and we use the disc in the tournament, you will receive a complimentary admission to any game in our lineup on us! Please contact me at the tournament to arrange for this deal. Thanks!

This also applies to US version of games like GGXX, Tekken 4, VF4 Evolution, Tekken Tag, and Soul Calibur 2.

please note that if all of your entry fees are waived, you will still be responsible for the cover charge

Cool. I’ll bring my copy of GGXX, VF4Evo, TTT, T4, and SC2 for you guys to use :D.

So if I bring my jpn copy of capcom vs snk 2 the 10 bucks are waived. If so count me in

This sounds good, I’ll bring my MVC2 for sure

I could Bring SC2 And GGXX…

i can bring marvel.

Dam, sounds like a good idea. I’ll bring my copy of mvc2 and put my initials on it just in case it gets lost. i also got another question, say i take my dc and i go and play in the BYOC room, do i HAVE to use a real copy of mvc2 or can i play a 3 in 1??

~The Rillest~

We have to use it inorder for you to get the deal. If you bring it, and we determine we already have sufficient copies and do not need your copy, then you will not get a tournament fee waiver. If that was the case, eveyone would bring something and no-one would pay.

i have a jpn cvs2 i can bring.

that means i get free admission to cvs2?

Mr.Wizard: Whats your mailing address? :smiley: j/k

Is this offer void for peps who reside in CA, heh.

On the PS2 games, get ready to see those blockbuster and GameCrazy labels. That should be banned.

So it’s basically first come first serve?

I’ll be there first thing with my MvC2 :smiley:

I got an american PS2 copy of GGXX so i’ll bring that.

i have a real version of mvc2 for dreamcast mr wizard, will you accept?

i’ll bring tekken tag and tekken 4

I wonder if we all should put a not very sticky label on the game with names to avoid mixups.

Also if we let you guys use the game does that mean we dont get it back until the finals is over?

I am gonna bring a jpn ver of tekken tag

I have an imported DC version of CvS2 and a US DC version of MvC2. I’ll bring those 2 games to Evo just in case you guys still need them.

I can provide with an MvC2. I never play the game so it just sits there anyway, someone might as well get some use out of it, and its in good condition from lack of use too! :lol:

Evolution Dreamcast\PS2 Disc help!

do they have to be the original copys…if so,i have mvc2

I’ve got an original Japanese CVS2 disc if you guys still need one…hell i’ll bring it just in case.

i got original ggxx so i’ll bring mine