Evolution Results

Does anyone know where to find the complete list of the Evolution Results. I.E. Where everyone placed for all tournaments. Thanks

i’ve been wondering that myself.

Who cares, its over, move on.

if you actually went and played at evo, u’d prolly care

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Here’s what I remember for MvC2. Correct me if I’m wrong or feel free to add more…

Green Bracket

Winners Final:
Genghis beats Amir

Losers Semi:
Clockw0rk beats Julius Jackson

Losers Final:
Clockw0rk over Amir 2-1

Blue Bracket
Winners Final:
Combofiend beats Jwong 2-0

Losers Semi:
Jose Garcia over Spyro

Losers Final:
Jwong over Jose Garcia 2-1

Other Key Matches:
Viscant defeats Cody
Jose Garcia defeats Scott Wong
Jose Garcia over Viscant
Jwong over Viscant

Purple Bracket
AKA, The Bracket from HELL
Winners Final:
Rodolfo over Golden Nismor 2-1

Losers Semi:
SiN over SooMighty 2-1

Losers Final:
SiN over Golden Nismor 2-1

Other key matches:
Golden Nismor sent SiN to the losers 2-1
Golden Nismor sent Kuan to the losers
SiN defeats Kuan in the losers
SiN defeats ShadyK in the losers
Rodolfo beats SooMighty 2-1 to send him to the losers
Rodolfo beats ShadyK to send him to the losers

Teal Bracket
Key Matches:
Potter defeats Xecutioner in winners
Ratanna defeats Potter 2-1 in winners
Nestor over Potter in losers
Tone over DavidL 2-1 in losers

Nestor over Genghis 2-0
Jwong over Clockw0rk 2-0
SiN over Ratanna
Row over Combofiend

Losers First Round:
Combofiend over Genghis 2-0
Clockw0rk over Ratanna

Winners Round 2:
Row over Nestor 2-0
Jwong over SiN 2-1

Losers Round 2:
Combofiend over Nestor 2-0
SiN over Clockw0rk 2-0

Winners Final:
Jwong over Row 1-0

Losers Semi:
Combofiend over SiN

Losers Final:
Row over Combofiend 1-0

Grand Final:
Row wins first match/set, Jwong wins the next.

Thanks KaiSing, but I was looking for the complete results, not just the top 8. I don’t think what I am looking for is even on-line though. ;[

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Rodolfo
3rd: Combofiend
4th: SIN
5th: Nestor
5th: Clockwork
7th: Rattana
7th: Ghengis

Capcom vs. SNK 2
1st: Tokido
2nd: Ohnuki
3rd: Ino
4th: Ken
5th: Liquid Metal
5th: BAS
7th: John Choi
7th: Alex Valle

SF2 Super Turbo
1st: Jason Cole
2nd: Ohnuki
3rd: Jason DeHerras
4th: Apoc
5th: Jason Nelson
5th: John Choi
7th: Mike Watson
7th: Jumpsuit Jesse
7th: Mester

3rd Strike - Japan wins 22-3
Alpha 3 - Japan wins 18-7

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I think the result he want’s is everybody that entered the tournament or something like the B5 bracket results of the top 64 people.

But i am wondering why the names where never on apex it would of been good to see how others place and faired off.

All the results for all the players? Dayam, those were never posted, I think. All the brackets are in the Cannons’ hands, so I’d suggest you’d ask them. IDK if anyone else got the complete brackets?

there arent any full results as far as i know. Im pretty sure they werent computed as there was no real need.
I can say though, taking one’s place in the bracket and multiplying it by 4(the number of brackets) can get you ones overall placing, if that helps.

In Teal bracket I know that :

Potter beats Xecutioner in winners
Potter loses to Rattana in winners, and I think Nestor in losers.
Nestor defeats Eddie Lee in I BELIEVE the match before losers finals, very close to that.

That was me losing to Jos Garcia in the Loser Semis, not Viscant…just clarifying. :slight_smile:

mah bad. fixed:D added all the other changes


I think he beat chikyu and then lost to Bryan Tyson in the losers.