Evolution Top 8 Results

Can’t find decent Evo results anywhere. It’s rather pathetic. I want top 8 for every year that CvS2 has been held, including grooves and characters used. Figured i’d ask here before i go trying to track down videos myself.

Evo 2006 - ripped right from SRK (teams are assumed correct me if I’m wrong)

  1. Yosuke Ito (Kindevu) A-Sak, Bison, Blanka
  2. Ricky Ortiz (helokitty) A-Vega, Sak, Blanka
  3. Peter Rosas (Combofiend) K-Ken, Rock, Cammy
  4. Campbell Tran (Buktooth) N-Iori, Morrigan, Hibiki
    5th tie) Justin Wong (JWong) changes his team too much to know
    5th tie) Daigo Umehara (the Beast) A-Blanka, Vega, Bison
    7th tie) Gene Wong (Hail and Kill) A-Vega, Bison, Blanka
    7th tie) Kim Hahn Hoang (ohayo1234) C-Sagat, Rolento, Blanka

Evo 2005

  1. Bas (D44) A-Vega, Bison, Blanka

Evo 2004

  1. Ino K-Blanka, Cammy, Sagat

Evo 2003

  1. Yosuke Ito (Kindevu) A-Sak, Bison, Blanka

Evo 2002

  1. Tokido N-Vega, Sagat, Blanka

now you’re just making shit up, or someone you quoted did.

choi never got 2nd at evo in cvs2. tokido won the first evo, although ohnuki was heavily favored, RC honda for the win. AFAIK, the order was tokido in 02, kindevu in 03, ino in 04, bas in 05, and kindevu in 06.

…then PPB in 07!

Evo 2002-2004 I quoted from people but I guess they were wrong, so they are taken off and your info was input. Credible info is so hard to find. -_-

I’ve been to all of them so i can confirm this is all pretty much correct.

1st: Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi (N-Honda/Todo/Chun, Sagat, Blanka)
2nd: Ohnuki “Nuki” Shinya (N-Blanka/Ryu, Chun-Li, Sagat)
3rd: Tetsuya “Ino” Inoue (K-Sagat, Blanka, Cammy)
4th: Ken (A-Yun, Iori, Cammy)
5th tie:Ryo “D44Bas” Yoshida (A-Sakura/Akuma, Rolento, Bison)
5th tie: Yasabe “Liquid Metal” Matsumoto (N-Ryu/Chun, Sagat, Blanka)
7th tie: John “Choi-Boy” Choi (N-Blanka, Chun-Li, Sagat)
7th tie: Alex “CaliPower” Valle (N-Ryu/Ken , Blanka, Sagat)

9th tie: Me! (doesnt matter but fuck you Liquid Metal)

1st: Tetsuya “Ino” Inoue(K-Blanka, Cammy, Sagat)
2nd: Daigo “The Beast” Umehara (C-Guile, Cammy, Sagat)
3rd: KenRyo “Mago” Hayashi (C-Honda, Chun, Blanka)
4th: Ryo “D44Bas” Yoshida (A-Blanka, Sakura, Bison)
5th tie: “JustinW” (C-Vega ,Sagat, Blanka)
5th tie: Amir “Amir” Amirsaleh (A-Sagat, Sakura, Bison)
7th tie: Jason “DirtyCole” Cole (K-Vega, Sagat, Cammy)
7th tie: Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez (C-Eagle, Sakura, Blanka)

1st: Yosuke “Kindevu” Ito (A-Sakura, Bison, Blanka)
2nd: Ricky “Helokitty” Ortiz (A-Vega, Sakura, Blanka)
3rd: John “Choi-Boy” Choi (C-Ken, Guile, Sagat)
4th: Dan (C-Ryu, Ken, Sagat)
5th tie: “JustinW” (C-Vega, Chun, Sagat)
5th tie: Campbell “Buktooth” Tran (N-Iori, Morrigan, Hibiki)
7th tie: Eddie Lee (A-Mai, Eagle, Vega)
7th tie: “RF” (A-Sakura, Bison, Blanka)

1st: Ryo “D44Bas” Yoshida (A-Vega, Bison, Blanka)
2nd: KenRyo “Mago” Hayashi (C-Honda, Sagat, Blanka)
3rd: Yosuke “Kindevu” Ito (A-Sakura, Bison, Blanka)
4th: Peter “Combofiend” Rosas (A-Rock, Rolento, Eagle)
5th tie: Ohnuki “Nuki” Shinya (N-AKuma, Chun, Sagat)
5th tie: “RF” (A-Sakura, Bison, Blanka)
7th tie: “JustinW” (A-Haohmaru, Mai, Vega)
7th tie: Kim Hahn Hoang “ohayo1234” (C-Blanka, Sagat, Rolento)

1st: Yosuke “Kindevu” Ito (A-Sakura, Bison, Blanka)
2nd: Ricky “Helokitty” Ortiz (A-Vega, Sakura, Blanka)
3rd: Peter “Combofiend” Rosas (K-Ken, Sagat, Cammy)
4th: Campbell “Buktooth” Tran (N-Iori, Morrigan, Hibiki)
5th tie: Daigo “The Beast” Umehara (A-Blanka,Vega,Bison)
5th tie: “JustinW” (C-Vega, Blanka, Sagat)
7th tie: Kim Hahn Hoang “ohayo1234” (C-Blanka, Sagat, Rolento)
7th tie: Gene “Hail and Kill” Wong (A-Vega/Sakura, Bison, Blanka)

just for accuracy i think combofiend used K-ken/sagat/cammy in 06

didn’t he switch between sagat and rock for that spot?

Are the evo 2k6 finals available somewhere?

Sweet, thanks. Saves me a lot of trouble. Combofiend used a lot of A-Groove too, right?

He used to. Back like in 2k5, now he uses the K team…

he used a against daigo k against everyone else in the top 8 at 2k6

I believe Justin also used Cammy during his match against Cole. I’ll check the dvd again.

Kindevu also used Ken for one round against Ricky.

i believe he did actually, it was so long ago i cant remember.
I also just tried to list the primary team they used in the top 8 but if anybody can confirm anything else ill change it.

Here’s what I got from the DVDs (finals only, not prelims). If a team had different order/ratios, I made note of it.

7th - Choi: N Ryu/Chun/Sagat(2)
7th - Valle: N Ryu/Chun/Sagat(2)
5th - Bas: A Rolento/Akuma/Bison(2)
A Sakura/Rolento/Bison(2)
A Akuma/Bison/Rolento(2)
5th - Liquid metal: N Ryu/Sagat/Blanka(2)
N Blanka/Ryu/Sagat(2)
4th - Ken: A Yun/Iori/Cammy(2)
A Yun/Cammy/Iori(2)
3rd - Ino: K Sagat/Cammy/Blanka(2)
K Cammy/Sagat/Blanka(2)
2nd - Ohnuki: N Blanka/chun/Sagat(2)
N Ryu/Sagat/Blanka(2)
N Chun/Sagat/Blanka(2)
N Sagat/Chun/Blanka(2)
N Chun/Blanka/Sagat(2)
1st - Tokido: N Todo/Sagat/Blanka(2)
N Honda/BLanka/Sagat(2)
N Chun/Sagat/Blanka(2)
N Blanka(2)/Chun/Sagat
N Honda/Blanka(2)/Sagat


7th - Cole: K Vega/Sagat/Cammy(2)
7th - Arturo: C Eagle/Sakura/Blanka(2)
5th - Jwong: C Cammy/Sagat/Blanka(2)
C Vega/Sagat/blanka(2)
5th - Amir: A Sagat/Sak/Bison(2)
4th - Bas: A Sak/Bison/Blanka(2)
A Blanka/Sakura/Bison(2)
3rd - Mago: C Honda/Chun/Blanka(2)
2nd - Daigo: C Guile/Cammy/Sagat(2)
C Guile/Sagat/Cammy(2)
1st - Ino: K Sagat/Cammy/Blanka(2)
K Blanka/Cammy/SAgat(2)


7th - EDdie LEe: A Mai/Eagle/Vega(2)
7th - RF: A sak/bison/blanka(2)
5th - Jwong: C Vega(2)/Blanka/chun
C Sagat/Chun/Vega(2)
C Vega/Chun/Sagat(2)
5th - Buktooth: N Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki(2)
4th - Dan: C Ken/Ryu/Sagat(2)
C Ryu/Ken/Sagat(2)
3rd - John Choi: C Ken/Sagat/Guile(2)
C Ken/Guile/Sagat(2)
2nd - R Ortiz: A Vega/Sak/Blanka(2)
1st - Kindevu: A Ken/Bison/Blanka(2)
A Sak/Bison/Blanka(2)


7th - Ohayo: C Blanka/Sagat/Rolento(2)
7th - Jwong: A Haoh/Mai/Vega(2)
5th - RF: A Sak/bison/blanka(2)
5th - OHnuki: N Akuma/Chun/Sagat(2)
4th - Combofiend: A Rock/Rolento/eagle(2)
3rd - Kindevu: A Sak/Bison/Blanka(2)
2nd - Mago: C Honda/Sagat/Blanka(2)
1st - Bas: A Honda/Bison/Blanka(2)
A Vega/Bison/BLanka(2)