Evolution Tournament Proposal


In light of recent events with people preferring Guilty Gear XX #Reload over Guilty Gear XX, I would like to propose a team Guilty Gear XX #Reload tournament. This tournament will be 3v3 SBO style. There are a lot of Advantages to allowing this tournament to be apart of Evolution this year as opposed to the Disadvantages. Below they are stated.

A 3v3 tournament at this years Evolution would be the stepping stone to future 3v3 events that you might want to hold at other events. You could always go back to see how this years 3v3 tournament went and use those results to decide how the event would improve future Evolution events.

A lot of the community wants to play a different version of Guilty Gear than the one that is proposed.  By having a 3v3 tournament in #reload along side the normal Guilty Gear XX tournament the combined total will definitely surpass that of what a single Guilty Gear tournament would produce.

In light of the E3 rumor (Not sure if it really is announced or not) Guilty Gear XX #Reload will be released shortly after E3.  At next years Evolution, this will more than likely become the standard. 

A 3v3 tournament may very well replace the 5v5 single EC vs. WC tournaments seeing how we can allow many different teams to compete for the strongest gaming community.  An example would be that instead of EC vs. WC we could have EC vs. WC vs. Midwest vs. Japan vs. Northwest etc. etc.

A 3v3 tournament will require more televisions and Japanese PS2s. (Unless the American version is out by then).

An extra tournament will add to the time schedule of the finals if permitted.

An extra tournament will require someone to run it.

I am willing to take responsibility for the disadvantages if SRK staff approves this tournament. I have run and helped run a lot of tournaments as well as major events. My credentials are helping run the Guilty Gear XX tournament in 2 Tips and Tricks tournaments which can be verified by SIN and helping run Guilty Gear XX at last years Evolution which can be verified by Tragic.

My credentials show that I am responsible and capable of handling this tournament at evolution. As you can see the advantages of holding this tournament will greatly outweighs the disadvantages that I am willing to accept responsibility for. If you have any questions or concerns please post in this thread. Thanks for your consideration.

Chaotic Blue

p.s. if anyone has any advantages or disadvantages to add to this then please post them.


We’re still not sure if the console conversion on X-box will be 100% accurate, like how the US GGXX had that May thing taken out.

But I guess we’ll find out eventually. And the consoles being supplied, where will they come from? Modded PS2s/X-boxes?


Dont worry about the PS2s bro just name how much you need all of us in FL have them we all play #R

Shit between me and jeff alone we got like 7:lol:

Anyway I think this is a great idea it will satisfy the #R players like myself and destin:) who hate XX and the XX players who dont have #R becuase they are:lame:


I whole heartly support this tournament, and will help in any way I can. Please make this happen.


Im totally down for this…
I’ll pitch in my modded ps2 if need be, but it already sounds like you got some support


This sounds good to me, its more fair for everyone this way anyway. I just dont know who I would team up with yet, but theres lots of time to figure it out.


I will definitely alert Sony legal department if chipped PS2s are used at this “event”.

No joke.


I too think this sounds like a great idea it’d be a great side tournament if nothing else. Although I’m becoming less and less sure about ever getting a #R release in the states. Sammy announced their E3 lineup today and GGXX #R was not on the list. Unless it’s gonna be their surprise of the show then odds aren’t looking so good.


We’ll just use japanese PS2s then.



Re: Re: Evolution Tournament Proposal

Damn straight. :smiley:


Hrmm just to say, i think legaly wise the only thing modding your ps2 does is there is no way you can get a refund.

as long as the reload copy is real then it should be ok…

Hrmm anyway i guess it sounds like fun, if i paied 3 times the amount could i enter on a team bymyself perhaps eh?

Shrug who knows though i guess if destin etc still wanted to do that me, him and drew team maybe we could do that i dunno shrug…


You are killing the dream. Go away.


Hrm, Also, If anyone is willing to bring their Japanese PS2s, and/or legit copies of #reload, post or let us know, so we can really make this happen…


i read nothing about the illegality of chipped playstations in the users manual i found on www.sony.com. All it says is that it voids the warranty, so i dont see the problem with using japanese #reloads with modded us ps2s…


We can definetely look into it as a possibility, but it will have to be on legit non modified japanese ps2s, and legit copies of ggxx #r, if you even want this to happen.


If we arent allowed to use Modded PS2s and real copies of #R im afraid well only be able to bring like 1 copy of korean #R and 1 Japanese PS2:lol:


I have a j.PS2 and #R. You can count on one from me. I may be able to borrow a copy of the Korean version as well.

The 3v3 idea is far more appealing to me than the 5on5. More games and more people actually getting to play, and when it comes down to it, that’s really what matters.

I’ll have to find a team though. Maybe I can get some other old men and start Team 25 And Over (Over the Hill?)


I’ve been trying to get full team tournaments at EVO (similar to SBO style) for a while. The problem is that they would probably take up the time slot for the singles, thus creating a lot of complaints. However, with the use of consoles and TVs, it makes it possible to run both.

This brings up another problem… there will be two GG-related full tournaments as opposed to one for all the other games. There is talk for a TTT and/or TK4 team tournament, which would probably help ease some of the complaints lobbied against “multi-event games”… we will have to see how that pans out.

Yet another problem is the fact that #R isn’t available officially in the USA at this time. Many of you know that I want #R at EVO over XX, but without an official release, it’s somewhat hard to justify a complete tournament. I mean, what’s to stop people for asking for other “speciality” games (#R is somewhat of a niche in the USA due to lack of availability). Now, it’s easy to say that #R is nationally available due to everyone being able to mod their PS2, buy a JPN PS2, and/or burn/import the game, but it’s just not as realistic as say, simply buying the game for a system which we will already be using.

Since the TTT/TK4 use a system that we will have in abundance, AND (more importantly) is not a specialized system (modded or JPN), it makes sense for those tournaments to happen.

I think that until we get an official USA #R release (if/when), then we can legitamately have a full-scale #R tournament at major events. Until then, I think we should stick to the original idea of WC/EC/TX, even if it can’t be a part of the official lineup (similar to last years EC+MW/WC tournament).


But I dont think those guys have took any kind of initiative towards holding a tournament. Since we actually have the timeslot to hold this tournament instead of EC vs WC from last year, and are gathering the resources, plus taking the initiative, I think we can make it happen.
Pretty much everyone would prefer a 3v3 over the 5on5, since it would give everyone a chance to participate…


Sounds good, I like the concept of it since I’ve been praying for a 3on3 type of tourney (so I take it this is also 1 game single elim?). 3on3 is fun IMO. At anyrate, how many people are bringing their ps2 (japanese non mod) to Evo? Since this the biggest problem this proposal is facing.