Evolution West 2007: Shout Out Thread

You know what to do… [edit:] This list will continue to grow as I keep remembering names.

Dios <-X->: Thanks for letting me crash at your place for the weekend, I really appreciate it. Gas and parking was kicking my ass!

MikeZ: Yes ladies and gentlemen, that MikeZ! Nice meeting you. I can’t wait to pick up AC for the PS2, really fun.

Magnetro: Good seeing you again. Next time, bring a disc with all that God Of War II shit! Sick!

Mr. Sirlin: Nice meeting you. Maybe we can talk more next month at EvoWorld.

Mr. Killian: Good seeing you. Kept seeing you everywhere. I swear I wasn’t stalking you. Really! lol

Duc: Ducvader! You have to introduce me to your wife next time, Duc. Good shit in Marvel, see you in Vegas…

Vic: You missed your chance at $10,800!! LOL, great seeing you again. Loved the commentary. Hilarious!

Derek: Was this your idea for the tourney to be at the Omni Hotel? It was funny how you and Vic just showed up and both your names get drawn. Always something with the ladies. Whether it’s a Fragdoll or a Toyota Yaris girl, your game shows!

Crizzle: Your MSP it too good. Get a damn camera guy already so you get some episodes taken and uploaded on your site and good luck with that.

Chunksta: I said Super Chunk, because it reminded me of an old Cartoon Network commercial with some kid always hanging on to the sign with his teeth. So from now on I’m going to call you, “Super Chunk”! See you at Vegas.

Korngo: ‘Kornga’ according to Vic, lol. You’re just fucking cr-A-zy!

Chris Schmidt: Fuck, did I spell that right? Good shit taking Evo West in Marvel. Good luck at EvoWorld, see you in Vegas…

DPC: Or should I now refer to you as ‘Shake&Bake’? Keep on tenderizing and frying up the comp…

Mike Chaos: Nice meeting you man. My suggestion would to invest in another bungee cord, but longer. I have a few that I used in Iraq that are fucking great! I’ll bring them next month if you want to use them. Also I’ll look into getting some older stock p360s for you too.

LetBloodRun: Seriously thought you would have gotten top 8 in 3S. Don’t worry about EvoWest and focus now on EvoWorld.

Gene: Hailandkill! Once again, good shit on top 8. You got this shit! I love watching you play.

Zach: Preppy! Make it rain! Haha, always a pleasure seeing you. I’ll get in touch with you in a few weeks.

Jason Cole: Good shit in ST. Lots of close rounds and could have gone either way. Can you imagine if they had the 3S finals there?!

Jaha: Always great seeing you Devil Dawg! Hyping up the place with your iPod and old skool tunes. They don’t know about that son! <ughhhhhhhhhh, rocket punch!

Combofiend: Good shit in CvS2, though you had it. See you in Vegas.

Mike Ross: Yo! Hopefully you won’t forget your equipment for EvoWorld, that sucks. I forgot my tripod adapter and my cam kept falling off :frowning: See you next month.

Clockw0rk: Good seeing you again. Good shit in Marvel as well, see you in Vegas.

Watson: Good shit in 3S. Cobra Kai!

Sanchez: Nice meeting you too. You’d be amaze at how I’m able to sleep through any circumstance, environment, position, etc. So on the floor, cramped, with GG blasting and the heat is nothing to me. lol

Bronson: Good shit in Tekken. This will be the first time that I put up Tekken vids, so be sure to check them out…

Tyram: You’re a pimp for hooking up with them Yaris girls. (SRK: I do have pics, maybe not the kind that you think and yes, it did really happen!) :wink: :tup:

The Cannons: Great tourney, nice having it within a 5 minute walk to the convention center :tup: for us SDCC goers. Only thing was that once the water was gone, it was gone :sad: Damn thirsty people!

Best Commentator: Vic
Best Non-Commentator: Jaha with the Clubber Lane grunt and “Deebuuuug, Rocket Punch!!”

“Rocket, rocket, rocket punch!!” --Jaha

Chris S.: Great playin you in the finals, your a beast. Was an honor.

Combofiend: What can I say? Much love…team hustle and flow for life. Lets go for 1st next time teams come up.

Jal: your still hot, keep it up.

Crizzle: Much love dude, your msp is of the Higher Quality

Thanks to the evo staff for letting me attend and get the place hype.

Mike Chaos: keep bringin the chaos man, we rep west coast so cal forever.

Reset: thanks for letting me borrow your stick…and for teaching me mss-a

Mike Ross…for the ride…

Ace…For teaching me msp hahahah

I really had a good time…I’ll post more when I’m not tired.

P.S. Korngo…you are the shit, you too Chunk…keep reppin Norcal, I’ll keep holding it down for Socal.

THAT NIGGA JUSTIN IS TOO SERIOUS! lets get it poppin at evo world now. AHHHH!!!

Buk - hey, good to see you, old friend. I have in-laws in Texas (married now), so if I ever have to visit, I’d like to meet up!

Kim - congrats! I saw your match with choi and you really stuck to your guns! Nice work.

It was a thrill to be in a tourney again after so long. I’m looking forward to catching up to you guys someday :wink:

  • Marcial

hahahah na, it’s still DarkPrince. Shake and Bake is an inside joke. Good shit on comin down, much love.

Dios X-Super fucking thanks enough for letting us crash at your place, and for introducing us to “THE MEAT WAGON”. It’s a shame that place is closing down. Food was too good.

PhaetonH-Thanks for driving! Seriously. Can’t say it enough.

Leviathan & Dagger-Great seeing you guys. Easily some of the smartest 3S’ers I know. I’mma see what I can do about going to Hawaii so I can check out the scene.

Rotendo-Nice meeting you, man. Pretty impressive how you could fall asleep in some cramped space amidst all the Guilty Gear music and MVC2 talk.

Preppy-The sound bar shirt was pretty rocking.


John Dangerous-Great commentary. “–for men”.

Evo Staff-Never really thought about the amount of shit you guys have to lug around. Nice talking to you all. Scissok for the win.

Good times.

Hmmm where do i start?

Great tournament overall. It was a bit packed on Saturday, especially during Marvel tournament, but it worked out GREAT. I think it was Justus who was running the bracket I was in. Thanks for the patience that i kept asking questions/bothered about.

Fresno (Chris Schmidt/Anton/Sean/Jon/Mike) - Good shit for coming down and repping. You guys are too good! Thanks for teaching me stuff in Marvel. It was definitely fun that you guys came down to chill. Oh and you’re welcome to stay at my place again (keep it quiet?) :china: DENNYS tastes good after a win huh?

Team San Diego - Crisco, Andy, Ray, Tong, Chris K., Kevin, Clockw0rk, etc. Thanks for showing up and repping hard. I hope to prepare Evo Worlds with you guys.

Potter/Blaziniflo - I know you guys prolly don’t know me, but I wanna thank you guys for letting me use your sticks. See you guys @ Evo Worlds.

Zachd - Looked out for my controller stick port, and being an overall nice dude.

Dogface - Great Commentary man. Please let this guy do Worlds. Vic with yaris girl? “So what do you about think about Marvel?”…“WOW”…“OKAY! WORLD OF WARCRAFT!” rofl

Korngo/Chunksta - It’s been a pleasure being around you guys. You guys make the scene hype. POSTAL GIRLZ were best part of the day. Squirt in the face…priceless. :wgrin: “ahhhhhhhhhhh…stopppppppppppp…let Combofiend play.” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: and i think Chunksta got one of the Yaris girl’s number ahha

I can’t imagine what Evo Worlds would be like…one huge hype.

Chris S, thanks for stopping by and playing casuals at our Pad, This shotout goes to the whole fresno crew, those are my peepz good seeing you guys rep as usual. Genghis Motha Fuckin Tong, I have a feeling you’re going to unleash the beast at worlds, Crisco… what can i say except thanks for reppin daygo. Darkprince, showing why he’s a Top contender and is not to be taken lightly continue getting that money.

Hope to see you guys at worlds. Oh yeah… Anton stop beasting me k!

Yeeee Eeeeee Eeeeeahhhhh

let’s see…my first shout out is going to be to that crazy bitch from the ice cream shop that made this whole weekend crazy.

combo: good shit overall man. that grenade super almost made me lose my voice. HAVE YOU HAD ONE OF THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE?

warren: i hope you’re wearing your stunna shades as you read this. you are too good at life and scooping pizza slices.

john choi: you’re too good. that shit is implanted in my head via romel’s preaching at the ice cream store. good shit on being a sneaky dude with sliding me more alky at that one bar.

ricky ortiz: your sakura is too good. you did some eye of the tiger shit in 3s as well. i didn’t get to talk to you much but good shit sir.

buktooth: v-i-e-t pho life son. i still love watching you play even if u do beat me. hahahaha. i want our kyo vs iori fight to be more mashy next time we play. until evo world…

kim: congrats again for getting 1st. jab pause super ftw. thanks for dinner and witnessing the magic of me talking shit at the dinner table.

jay: THANK YOU FOR THE HOUSING! i appreciate your hospitality throughout the weekend. when i see you at worlds, i’ll buy you lunch/dinner or some shit. congrats on top 8 in two games. no congrats for not busting out the ohnuki special 24/7. =]

hak: solid a-groove. you have the eye of the tiger with activating against scissor kicks/hurricane kicks/everything.

crizzle: it was fun playing you. even though it’ll probably look boring on tape, i had fun. your msp is fuckin scary. see you at worlds.

shake and bake: good shit in 2nd.

blazinflo: it was good hanging with you. good luck with your fam and all that when u get back home. we’ll run more money matches at worlds.

potter; son, you are gdlk. thanks for all the advice even though i was caught in the moment. DIPSET!

watson/jaha/ipod box: you guys are dope. the beats blasting from the ipod caught me smiling all day. hearing PETER DOOCAN during finals is too funny.


evo staff: thanks for keeping this event going strong for the past years. you guys are the best.

i’m pretty sure i’m missing a shitload of people but you all know who you are. see everybody at worlds.

i’m looking forward to Zachd for putting our video JAL…you clearly scraped me bad! GOOD SHIT

I’ll make this short since I’m sure nobody cares what a random East Coaster has to say…

Thank you to everyone who gave me respect for ST (and other games in some cases). It means a lot when you’re one of the two EC street fighter players who travel to the WC qualifier, basically in the middle of the enemy camp, and people still give you respect. Nobody was disrespectful (any more than could be expected) and overall I really enjoyed the trip.

Extra special thanks to Jay for housing me, I got you next time you are on the EC (and I can actually make it to a tournament you’re at).

And of course, good shit to SRK and Seth for hooking up EVO with Capcom (FINALLY) and getting us some hype over at the Comic Con. That was really exciting and a first for our community. when you get crowds SO BIG that we basically get shut down by the comic con b/c nobody can walk around the Capcom booth…let’s just say thats the kind of problem you WANT to have! This was a massively important first step to bringing SF to the mainstream…

Good shit to everyone, i’ll see you all in Vegas.

Shout out to:

Potter, for the entertainment and everything from dinner to gay sex.

Jal, for raping.

Jaha, for great commentary.

Crizzle, Chunk and Neezy, for great matches and mad fun chilling.

Tong, for the great matches and rides.

Bernie and Zach, for the chill session in the room, and the free 20 from Bernie for doubting me.

Watson, for making Jal and I $20.

Jay, for the excellent housing and milf views.

Combo and Warren, great seeing you guys again.

Duc Jr., for just showing up and praying for the best, and it worked out.

Dipset, for being the dopest crew in the scene.

Bill, for the refly stomp lockdowns.

Cole for being Cole.

Y2J for holding down with me in the team tourneys, and Golden Nizmor too, when he finally finished eating and showed up.

Mike Ross, for flaking.

A bunch of other people for whatever they did.

WC is dope as hell.


Dark Prince is fucking funny. Did not meet him or talk to him, but that fucker is tight. Good thing he was unbanned.


Marvel players always got on some fly ass gear. Ruin w/ the $900 Louis bag! + the evisu/bape/lacoste.

Mvc2 scene is dope.

This is laugh on combo’s account

I travelled all the way from Korea to attend evo west, and man it was worth every second and penny I spent to get there and more. I had so much fun all weekend.

Combofiend - for housing, driving and the games. Good shit on 2nd in cvs2 beating hella good players as well.

Warren - for driving and being hella chill as usual. We gonna run over fools in japan, right?

Gene Wong - You’ve become so much better than I have. Good games as always. Thanks for the housing as well.

Choi - for beasting in every game he played. It was good to see you again and get to know you more. Much respect, sir.

yoooooon - You are such a nice person and funny at the same time. I’m gonna practice harder in 3s and put up a fight next time. TUH!

Kim - need I say more? You went against the best in america in cvs2 and didn’t even get sent to the losers. Much props and respect.

Buk/Campbell - Really nice to see you again, man. You’re still beasting with little to no comp out there. Thanks for introducing me to the awesomeness known as
Tekkadon as well.

Cole - Get that money at worlds, Cole!

Ricky - Hella good showing as usual. You just keep winning in games and in life aka 6 dollar jeans.

Mars - Very pleasant to meet you. You are very nice and cool.

Arario/Josh - Good fuckin shit on getting that 1st in tekken coming from losers. Nobody was touching you in the top 8 matches. I’ll see you at Worlds.

Jesse - It’s always good to see you man. We’ll chill more at worlds for sure.

JAL - Our match was hella intense and close, and you are just unblievable in marvel. I was yelling at the top of my lungs everytime you landed those Sent unblockables.

Jay - for placing in both cvs2 and st. It was nice to see you again and we’ll play very soon.

James Chen - it was really nice to finally meet you in person. You’re such a nice and hard working person it was humbling. We’ll keep in touch as usual.

Jaha - This man is the definition of hype.

Amir - You ain’t human in 3s. Keep beasting at worlds and it was fun to talk with you after so long.

Vic/dogface - I don’t even know you, but you’re just funny as hell.

Filthy Rich - a beast in Tekken. I had much fun playing you in HnK too.

David (Baiken player) - Man, you’re just sick in GG. I was rooting for you the whole time during the finals. Very smart and nice.

I can’t wait to go to Vegas this year. Evo keeps getting better and better every year.

Hi, this is Unsafe from VF community.

I want to thank EVO staff and particularly the Cannon brothers for holding Virtua Fighter 5. It means a lot to both the old VF players like Gerald (LA Akira) and new players like me and Ken I.

I ran into a lot of SF players while playing VF and I wanted to just say hi.

Combofiend- You are a really cool guy, I hope one day you may spark more interest in VF. I’m happy to see that you did very well in all your other games though. It was a pleasure meeting you.

David Sirlin- Hey man, it’s been since last year when I played you in DoA4 but you are still a real cool person and I took the time to take a look at the action with your card game. I thought it was pretty interesting as I played MTG when I was in HS. Best of luck to you in your current game projects and your card game.

Rotendo- I believe it was you who I played a few casuals with before the tournament started. I hope you may find interest in VF in the future like Combofiend. You should have took my advice and played eileen though lol. It was fun meeting you.

Buktooth- I didn’t talk with you much, but you surpised me. You actually knew how to play Pai right. I hope you playing VF isn’t just for money/hell-of-it and you actually enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Jason Cole- from DoA to VF eh? You also seem to play the blonde chicks in all the 3D fighting games lol. Do you play Nina in Tekken too? It was cool to see you play though you can’t do VF4EVO 33K combos with Sarah anymore. Maybe next year you can play DoA and VF.

I know some people might be thinking “Wtf, Ken I won VF5, I should have joined in that tournament”. But Ken I has actually been playing VF for a while (at least since late EVO days). He has a good Lei Fei that he learned to play from one of the best VF players in SoCal and frankly I think his experience with fighting games all around just shows really well.

Peace out!

hmmm who is ducjr? I know you said you lost to a guy named Dark Prince…that guy is sick…didn’t he unblockable your sent…fuck

Very big props to EVO STAFF for putting together a wonderful show… I wanted to be there the whole time but I had to run another gaming room at Comic-Con…(I hope you guys get a permanent Comic-Con venue if you decide to come back to San Diego next year!)

I watched the ST event at the Capcom booth and the amount of hype was unbelievable and really made me proud to be a fighting gamer.

yea duc jr. unblockabled my shit. who are you? and don’t you get banned for having more than one sn?

I’m the alter ego of DarkPrince…they call me Shake&Bake props to Atruevato for the random ass name hahaha…usually you do get banned but I’m really a skitzo…Reset know I’m comptons most wanted when I’m rollin wit schmidt tho…

I’ll just refer to you as Josh Wigfall’s bitch until you decide on a single name then.