Evolution World Finals Prize Structure Announced

Check out the front page of the blog to see the new prize structure. We thing this is a great direction to take the tournament. Your feedback on the new structure is (as always) appreciated.

holy crap that’s more like not only are the pay outs bigger. With bigger payouts like that you’ll definitely see more people come and register for tournies:rock: :rock: :rock:

I think this is a double-edged sword. Let me explain.

It?s undoubtedly GREAT that there is a massive amount of money to give out for prizes this year. I have never heard of a fighting game tournament with $65k in prizes to give out, so I guess the sponsorship REALLY paid off this time around. Also, the potential for more paid placings will definitely inflate numbers at all of this year?s EVOs.

HOWEVER, I do have a few concerns.

First, I get the feeling that these prizes are only for the world finals. What kind of a payscale will there be for the Evo East/West regionals?

Second, with payouts like this, undoubtedly we are going to attract more and more Japanese players for games like 3s, CvS2 and Slash, in which they just outright dominate us. I predict that eventually, the top 8 for these games are going to just end up being a who?s who of Japanese gamers, since the prizes are probably much larger than anything they can win back home for these games (and they get a nice US vacation to boot). My question is this: What is going to motivate non-Japanese gamers to keep entering these tournaments, once the entire top 8 gets dominated by the Japanese?

Third, I?m very sad that HSF2, the one game that myself and most of the old-school gamers have a chance to place/do well in, is getting the shaft and basically having the lowest payout of all fighting games. HSF2 is the newest Capcom fighter on the EVO roster, and although it doesn?t get much competitive play (since ST is undoubtedly preferred for competitions) it is arguably the second-most played Capcom game today when you factor in online play. 3s and HSF2 STILL get lots of online play on Xbox Live, and there is still a community of active online gamers for these titles. On the contrary, MvC2 and CvS2 have primarily offline communities, and I doubt the fact that the increase in money for these games will affect entries in the least, while I bet you will see a large spike in 3s entries and also you WILL see a lot of HSF2 entries this year, probably much more than the ST tournament held at EVO 2k5.

My question here is, why does HSF2, pretty much the ONLY old-school game on the lineup and undoubtedly a game that will get lots of entries and attract numerous old-school gamers nationwide, get the LOWEST payout of all fighting games? I don?t see how this is fair at all, especially when for gamers like myself, HSF2 is the best chance for me to place in anything. While everybody else will be getting $250 for 8th place, I only get 1/5th of that, because of some kind of favortism?

Why not just split prizes over all fighting games equally? OR why not split prizes proportionally to the actual # of entries you get at the EVO World Finals, instead of assuming that games like DOA4 (which has had SEVERAL failed attempts to have regionals that ended up only having 5 people show up) will have a larger turnout than HSF2? I just think this is unfair to anyone who plays the old-school games, like we?re an afterthought. It will be just as hard to make top 8 in HSF2 as in any other game?.so why reward us any less?


wow… I think thats the only thing I can say…

Or acctualy I guess one more thing… If there was this much money, why did it have to be a hassel to get something like slash in with the whole not wanting to get japanese ps2s? I think(THINK)most GG players woulda sacrifised some of that huge pot to make it a sure deal… I guess they dont have to now but still…

anyway yea still wow though… Pretty amazing…

That’s a question I have to ask as well, if you had that much money, why did you hassle and squeeze the GG community for equipment? Hell, what of the Tekken community?

It doesn’t bother me really, but I imagine you’ll get plenty of slack for it.

Regardless, this is crazy. Good job at GETTING THINGS HYPE.


A Note about Qualifiers

I’d like to elaborate on why the qualifier tournaments are so critical given the new pricing structure.

We’re going to seed each Evo World semi-final bracket using the results from Evo West and Evo East. What does this mean? It means doing well at either West or East automatically puts you in a better position to make it to the finals, putting you in the money (usually $250). Consider the following:

Suppose you’re a great Marvel player (Duc, Potter, Yipes, etc.) and you do well in the West/East qualifier. You will be placed (automatically) in the Evo World semi-final bracket as far away from the other top finishers. If you get 1st at Evo West, you will be guaranteed that you don’t have to face Justin/Sanford (whoever wins Evo East) until the Winner’s Bracket Finals of the tournament. The loser of the Winner’s Bracket Finals is re guaranteed 3rd place, which is $1000 in prize money!! If you place top 2 at Evo West/East, you’re guaranteed not to face Justin until the finals on Sunday. That means you can place in the money without ever having to fight Justin (or the other guys who got top 2 at Evo East/West). This is a tremendous advantage! You have a shot at earning $250 or more with a guarantee that you don’t have to beat Justin to do it (not to mention the prize money you’ll win for placing highly in the qualifier itself).

Now, suppose you’re a great Marvel player and you decide not to attend Evo West/East. Your only choice is to slog it out in pool play. This is where things get interesting. There is absolutely no seeding by talent in the pools; only seeding by region. This means it’s possible for Duc and Yipes to end up in the same pool**!**. If there are a lot of LA players at Evo Worlds (which has always happened in the past), then each pool will have many more people from LA than other regions. So, in practice, Duc, Potter, Tong, Yipes, and Soo could all end up landing in the same pool. How much would that suck? For those of you who think this is unlikely, it has happened before: at Evo2002, the ST Black Bracket of Death had James Chen, James Romedy, Alex Valle, Mike Watson, and many, many other good players in it. If you get stuck in such a pool, you probably won’t surivive.

Even if you do survive the pool, players from pool play will be stuck in the semi-final bracket randomly. This gives you a very high change of being placed against one of the 16 people who did qualify at Evo West/East in the first round. Stated another way: the people who qualify will be protected from each other when seeding the bracket. Everyone else will be fodder for those 16 qualifiers. For example, even if you win your pool, you have a chance of drawing Justin in the first round of the semi’s. How much would that suck?

There are lots of other great motivators to qualify as well. If your game is CvS2 or 3s, qualifing means you automatically skip a bunch of Japanese players. That’s a big advantage right there. The bottom line is that with so much cash on the line at Evo Worlds, can you afford not to take a shot at the Evo West/East qualifiers to increase your odds of placing in the money?

As excited as I am for Evo, you still come off as more of a salesperson then a fellow gamer trying to give us a helping hand. I don’t mean that in a negative way mind you, just me rambling is all.


I think that with payouts this large, players will dedicate more time to the game. Previously, I may have put about 2-3 hours a day before EVO into practicing. But with a much higher amount now, I can’t see why cities with competitive arcades wouldn’t be packed, or players putting more and more time into it to try and win. Yes, it will be difficult to beat the Japanese, but we’re here for the competition, not for an easy money finish.

Yes, you’re right. I want people to go to the qualifiers. I want to grow the scene. I want even bigger prizes next year, which can only happen if the tournament attendance continues to grow and if the risk (yes, risk) of expanding to 3 events instead of 1 pays off.

Sue, me. :lol:

I’m still right about why you should qualify.

LOL - this is off topic. Ponder - I want a PURPLE NAME tag. How did you get a red one for your name?

This is good stuff - makes a person really want to dedicate a lot of time in practicing up in the game of their choice.


Holy crap. I picked the worst time to stop playing marvel. I guess it’s time to get back in. See everyone at PSM tomorrow!

Oh I agree with everything you said, regardless of how you presented it.

I think this will give everyone a nice wake up call that Evolution, and the scene in general sure as hell isn’t going anywhere, and that it’s time to get serious. Bravo on that note.

Evovle or be left behind, so to speak.


There are still a few questions that need to be answered:

  1. What will the payouts be for the regionals? No offense to you, but not everybody who goes to NYC/LA is going to be able to make it to Vegas, regardless of how they place. So I think there should be more motivation to go to the regional qualifiers than “getting a good seed in Vegas” because traditionally players like those from Philly have never travelled outside of the East Coast, but will probably travel to the qualifier for the prizes. What is the payout at the qualifiers?

  2. Again, why is HSF2 getting the short end of the stick, and the least prize payout?

I DO see your point about avoiding the Japanese by placing high at a regional qualifier, and that makes sense, although I still bet that given the prizes they will be dominating top 8. UNLESS somehow they end up eliminating each other in pools, which doesn’t seem like it will happen since you said you’re seeding by region.

The same as a normal tournament

Boo hoo. The HSF2 prize is only getting doubled. /cry

That’s not an answer, that’s just making fun of the OG gaming community without a legitimate reason. Good job!

Oh yeah, and if you had Tetris DS (a real game of skill) instead of shitty Mario Kart, I would probably place in that.

I think California should have two events. One for SoCal and one for NorCal. Not that many people from NorCal can make it down to SoCal and vice versa.

I think we should have quals for each state.

i saw the prize money, thats nice… i gotta ask, what sponsors is this? is it the wsvg or something? we should definetly try making beu-console BIG like as console gaming in CPL etc ^^ that would be cool… :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be griping about Japanese domination. In EVERY professional video game scene the group with the most active competitive scene on a local level flat out demolishes the rest.

While large amounts of cash/big media certainly turns out the dominant players who will wipe the floor with all comers it also creates local interest all around and tends to grow a community which in turn creates other pockets of great gamers.

The event also seems very US centric. With qualifiers only being in North America. If more events happen in America you will naturally generate better players.

If you are going to generate American players to take on the Japanese events like this to make people serious and generate interest are a great way to start. It pays off in spades down the road.

I like the prize structure it seems well laid out and even.

I like HF my most active time in fighting games was in that era, and I’d go just to watch it and play people on the side in it. I don’t think the low prize is a bad thing, it’s an older game and that tends to happen.

Good work Ponder

I’m 99.99999999% sure this has nothing to do with the WSVG. The WSVG has Halo2, PGR3, Quake4, CS1.6, WC3, and GRAW.

Also the WSVG works with CPL, the CPL 225,000 quake4/cs summer event is a part of the WSVG, also the CEO of the WSVG (Scott Valencia) is an ex CPL man (he ran their million dollar world tour).