Evolution Worlds 2k7 Updates: NW Edition

I should make explicit that what follows isn’t official. The roughly outline of EVO’s schedule can be found here. When Preppy posts the brackets, I’ll be sure to link them in this post. Until then, here are some links to info regarding the top 64 for various games. Courtesy of Preppy, he rocks.

Tekken 5: DR

I can update this post as news unfolds. Please abstain from dick-ish behavior (like false reporting) in this thread, some of us actually care. Support and praise for local players are welcome.

EVO live stream, courtesy of Ponder (one of the Super Cannon Bros.), found originally from this thread. Quality is so-so (in contrast to what SBO had), but it kicks ass none the less. The service can allegedly handle a huge amount of traffic. The stream is off now, but all streams from EVO weekend are cached for later viewing.

There was a fair amount of counter picking in MvC2, 3s, and Tekken. For that reason, I won’t list character choices. If you’re really interested, I’m sure there are other resources on SRK for you to research the matter. Characters were included for CvS2 because that was how they appeared in the post I harvested the info from.

MvC2 - The All American Game (if you don’t play it, you hate freedom)

  1. Mike “IFCYipes” Mendoza
  2. Justin Wong
  3. Smoothviper
  4. Chris Schmidt
  5. Fanatiq / Brandon “Demon Hyo” Deshields
  6. Potter / Sanford Kelly

1st. Itazan (Shun Di)
2nd. Nuki (Aoi, Pai)
3rd. Otome (Jacky)
4th. Tokido (Pai)
5th. Ino (Kage) / Myke (Kage)
7th. Renzo (Brad) / Sean Howard (Brad)


  1. Bas (a blanka/vega/bison, a vega/blanka/bison)
  2. Ricky Ortiz (a vega/sakura/blanka)
  3. justin wong (c vega/chun/sagat, a vega/sakura/blanka)
  4. kindevu (a sakura/bison/blanka)
  5. Tokido (a sakura/bison/blanka, a sakura/blanka/bison)
    Buktooth (n iori/chun/hibiki, n iori/morrigan/hibiki)
  6. john choi (c sakura/ken/sagat, c ken/guile/sagat)
    combofiend (k ken/sagat/cammy)


  1. Tokido (Claw)
  2. John Choi (Ryu, Sagat)
  3. Graham Wolfe (Boxer, Claw)
  4. Afrolegends (Dee Jay, Boxer)
  5. David Sirlin (Honda, Bison) / NKI (Chun)
  6. Alex Valle (Ryu) / Nuki (Chun)

GG:AC Teams team members taken from dustloop.com

  1. Yossan (Yossan/Gibson/?)
  2. Shittalk (Flash/Alex G/Marn)
  3. Kabuki (Mint/Bas/?)
  4. Matlockdown (Juicy G/AKA/Blacksnake)


  1. Ken (Marth)
  2. Hugs (<-Samus)
  3. Mango (<-Jigglypuff)
  4. PC Chris (Falco/Fox)
  5. Chu Dat (<-IceClimbers)
  6. Eddie (<-Ganon)
  7. Chillindude (Fox)
  8. DieSuperFly (Shiek)


  1. Nuki
  2. Tokido
  3. Alex Valle
  4. Mike Wakefield
  5. Fubarduck / David “Aznhitler” Hem
  6. Ricky Ortiz / Ed Ma


  1. Arario
  2. Spero Gin
  3. Bronson
  4. Kane
  5. Filthyrich / Slips
  6. Mr. Naps / 725
  • Yosuke takes 3rd in VF!!!
  • No NW talent in the ST top 8.
  • Nate “XTG” Montes made it out of his ST pool in the loser’s bracket but fell shy of the top 8.
  • Pablo_the_Mex Basilio peaced out of ST by Tom Cannon. Seattle pride either way, since the Cannon Bros. used to live around here.
  • Alex “umbrellastyle” Kelly is out of ST.
  • Joshua “JTM” Ray in top 32 for Tekken.
  • Sam “Hebrew Hammer” Yatchmenoff out of 3s, but put up a good fight in ST.
  • Look at Marvel. This is what happens when Seattle doesn’t attend. What happened to Chunk? And yes, all of Team Beast Coast for the 5v5 made top 8.
  • Josh “JTM” Ray over TomHilfiger 10-2 in a Tekken mm.
  • Marvel looks REALLY choppy in the feed.
    -I think Preppy was on the big screen at -16:00 of the second MvC2 pool block footage. Might’ve been Ranma though, since he also uses that team periodically. Edit: confirmed that it was Ranma.
  • Duc Jr. loses game 1 badly to Demon Hyo, then resets game 2 before getting perfected at the very end of (roughly -3:00) Part 4 of the MvC2 live feed footage.
  • Duc Jr. 10-6 over JWong’s low tier team of Jill, Ruby Heart, Ken. Allegations of coaching arose.
  • Valle over JWong in 3s pools.
  • Complaints voiced by some players over the best-of-1 pool format for 3s.
  • JWong over John Choi in the 5 game exhibition:
    Choi wins A2 3-0
    Wong wins MvC2 3-0
    Choi wins ST 3-1
    Wong wins 3S 3-1
    Wong wins CvS2 3-2

Credit mostly to Deezo and Preppy, but also harvested from various threads and IRC. Again, NOT official results here.

Some MvC2 MM updates a la Preppy from the EVO results thread:

potter over nelson 10-6, potter winning $400
isaac loses to potter 5-1 and has to get a pink POTTER temporary tattoo
josh lost to duc 5-2
yipes beat chunksta 4-1
cableguy beats eric 7-5
cableguy beats infinite 7-5
fanatic over eric 5-0
illan beat eric 5-2
illan beat desmond ‘x’ 4-2
bill “deus” over sanford 4-2

Looks like WC took a lot of money despite EC dominating the top 8. Claims by Potter that Team West Coast took the after hours MvC2 5v5 in a score of 16-9 have thus far been unsubstantiated. I’d love to see the vids though. Also, post more pics of that Toyota with Puzzle Fighter decals! That was hot. If I become a multi-billionaire, one of my cars will have Mega Man and Roll art featured.

Wuz going to leave this post alone because having, “Last edited by FMJaguar : Yesterday at 12:31 AM.” at the bottom of the page was so sexy. But decided to add more details because

I have gina’s laptop. i thought i broke it but it’s working again. Fuck hardware!

soo 10-3 over remix
jwong 7-5 (4?) over chunk using mss

I’m downloading crazy color marvel for the 5 on 5

row takes too long to pack

that is all

Row is there huh! Intresting.

Is Jason going to EVO? HA! In before Chris or Jeff!.

Row was complaining to me in early July about how he didn’t want to attend EVO because they fuck up the brackets just for him. I told him to plan ahead and register online. It would be pretty funny if Row and Jason were both attending. Pretending not to be interested in EVO was strictly a ruse for the psychological advantage.

I’m sure there’s a high brow gag involved with Preppy’s av, but it escapes me. Please keep us up to date, Zach.

Don’t worry, I had the joke ready shortly after you made this post, but I refrained from posting it.

The av is pretty weird.

That would be fucked up

Yes, well played, Jeff. Added links to the EVO live stream to the first post. VF5 is going on now.

row’s probably not coming because he takes too long to pack.

cj/showstopper loses to eder 3-2. i win $5

my av will make sense, promise. if you don’t understand it by my next house party, you’ll be in for a treat. if you already know: it’s just going to get better =D

supposedly it will be involved in the 5 on 5 provided i can finish the download

Is one of the palette swap options in the customized version of MvC2 one that makes all characters black? That would be pretty amusing. I’d like to see Mega Man and Roll as Negroids. Instead of my old catchphrase “Roll, bitch!” I would then be able to say, “Roll, nigga!” Or a Hispanic Cable, who shoots whenever he’s got bar, but misses everything.

I’ve never played GG:AC before in my life. This game doesn’t look all that interesting from the live feed matches. Sux that both MvC2 and ST pools will be held in the evenings. I probably won’t be home to watch them live. This also means that the first post in this thread won’t be updated with current results from pool play of games most Seattle players are passionate about. But it seems that a benefit of this live feed’s format is that you can watch captured feeds from earlier. What a brilliant invention.

I really really wish I went to Evo this year.

WTF? you didn’t go this year. man FUCK EVO!

I wanted to do go sooooooo bad.

For once I’m glad about the shittiness of this comp. If I could view vids it would make me wish I was there. The only thing I’m interested in, is seeing how Yosuke does in VF5.

I’m about to head out. Please post up if you know how our local players are doing. I would like to know who made it to the final bracket, and whether there were any interesting draws. Duc and Sanford both qualified, so there won’t be quite the pool of death like last year. I can’t believe that there’s no real update thread in the EVO or tournament results sections.

I just watched the live stream and saw Zach bomb on some Team Scrub user. YEAAAAAAAH ZACH! There’s a bunch of clowns talking about him in the live feed stream though =[. Dunno who any of them are. Nasty.

Good luck NW crew.


Seattle Tekken represents!

From what I hear JTM over TomHilfiger 10-2 in a mm. Good lord.

Demon Hyo perfects DPC at 3:04 am EST

Can anybody tell me how to get rid of the chatroom in the live feed? I got firefox, help would be appreciated lol!

Man! I’ve been trying to figure that out for a minute now. lol! It sucks.