Evolution2K3 updates, results, upsets etc

Well I’m gonna post this already, I know the tournament isn’t til tomorrow, but I’m feeling like shit that I’m not going. So if anyone has any updates, or results, or just anything that happened at EVO please post it here. I’d like to get as much of a feel for it as possible.

Here’s an update…

It’s 4:00 PM and no one’s here. Where the hell did everybody go? Come and register, god damn it. :smiley:

Hmmm, that’s weird. At least its an update, somethings better than nothing. I’m sure once 8 o clock rolls around, floods of people will be coming in. Thanks for any info you can give ponder.

I think everyone went to FFA for the afternoon tournaments to get a glimpse of Team Japan…

Team WC defeats Team EC 22-3 in the GGXX team tournament on Thursday. OUCH. :lol:

LOL WTF i didnt even know ec had a ggxx player, let alone a team:lol: :lol:

Who was on WC and EC?

22-3? whoa. :smiley: go WC!!!

I’m still anticipating Soo Vs Mixup. Soo GOGOGO!!!

damn what happened to DSPs updates… lol

Whoever deleted my thread is a faggot. There were some true facts in there that were confirmed. So now I have to repost in this thread.

EVO news, rumors, and events…DAY ONE

-Sanford Kelly cannot make it to EVO. He was arrested for jumping a turnstile in a NYC subway instead of paying, and was released from jail late Thursday night. He missed his flight and now has no ID or money to get on a later one. And all of the empire members are alreas in Cali.

-The US got horribly owned by the Japanese players in GGXX. Apparently the best player from the US got perfected by Daigo. In the GGXX team touranment, WC stored 22 wins while the EC only scored 3. Ouch.

-In Third Strike, K.O. from Japan was nearly unbeatable. Also, OhNuki scored 27+ wins and was still racking them up.

More info as it comes.

where’d u hear the sanford thing from?

That would be Sanford and TFGM’s wife. I was trying to contact TFGM and find a way to get Sanford to Cali, but its not gonna happen. Blah, just really bad luck.

News about Sanford confirmed by TFGM for those who don’t trust Phil. Unless Sanford miraculously gets a lot of money, thre’s no way he’s going to make it.

isnt it “tfgm’s” job to be able to “provide” for the empire, so they have money to go to these tournaments and stuff?

well if sanford fucks up, i dont think it should be tfgm’s responsibility to bail him out just for a tournament even if it is evo.

If you don’t trust me and my updates, and/or you deleted my threads, you are gay. That is all.

More news to come.

I find that extremely unlikley.

~Born to Play~

Here is the news from the horses mouth. Santhrax like a “DICK” got himself arrested some how some fucking way, I don’t even know the true details whether he jump the turn style or was caught selling fucking crack. The point is, this idiot found himself in jail the day he is suppose to meet my wife at the fucking fort to get on the plane in which his ticket is paid for, then to the fucking hotel which I have for him waiting. Next thing I know when I call back my store to make sure that it is running well with Shen, he tells me that the 25 pct, called saying Santhrax is in jail. Then I pick up my wife and her friend at the Air port “MINUS” santhrax. FUCK! SHIT! @@#@#!!$%!@#$%^#@#$%^ …

moving on, if anyone in the EC is reading this shit, and can find a ticket and put santhrax dumb ass on a plane here, I will see you for that when I get back to the city. Santhrax if you are reading this, …OH MY FUCKING GOD WAIT UNTIL WHEN I SEE YOU! Until then.

soo vs. mixup, and randy vs. mag

So who won these matches???

damn why’d dsp get banned? he was actually posting legit info… and pretty much the only one to be doing it.