Evolution2K3 updates, results, upsets etc

cali beat texas in team 3s, i dunno what the score was though

cali vs. texas score
1st set. 5-4 cali :cool:
2nd. set 5-1 Gee-o was beasting on all the texans almost got an OCV
everytime he hits someone random ppl yelled ey!

daigo is indeed a beast… pretty much all the japanese players

this is tragic (at zuggzugg’s house… I’m too lazy to log-off).

USA did not get raped by JPN at EVO today in XX. They are definitely better, but there was no JPN -> USA rapage.

The EC+MW vs WC GGXX 5 on 5 was indeed 22-3.

Saif 4-1
Deuce 5-0
Romel 4-1
Ruin 5-0
tragic 4-1

At one point WC had 10 or 12 wins in a row. The challenge was over after the 15th match (was 13-2).

See everyone there tomorrow!

ben@zuggzuggs house

props to TX for holding up with cali. uneven skills in team count. frown for EC losing to WC in GGXX – kono, you have to play 3S now! :lol: gj tragic and rest of WC for representing.

and of course, japan. sigh. will we ever be as good as they are? -_- i wish i could’ve made it to EVO to play them in 3S, but hopefully they’ll have just as much representation at ncubed.

Who the hell plays XX on the EC?


ROFL @ Sanford.

damn these updates are weak I might start posting shit I get via cellphone once the real tourneys are underway…


apparently big B aka big bizzle was arrested yesterday night. he tried to jump on a bus without paying the fair. unless some miracle comes together hes going to miss evl :frowning: just wait till i see you im pissseD!!!

on a serious note, how can updates be dull when the tournaments havent even started? lol

alot of foreigners.

the best overall euro gamer is here, ryan heart

theres also players from greece and france, on top of the korean and japanese.

i feel sorry for anyone who couldnt make it, its the shizzle!!! :smiley:

yeas, please, post anything you get via your cell phone :slight_smile:

I’ll be posting also. So it’s 2x the updates.

Just got off the phone with mopreme. TX v. Cali 3S was delayed because people were late and stuff so instead of 5 on 5 round robin they just did two sets, team tourney format. Also Crow wasn’t there so fubarduck took his place.

Set one, Gee-O beats fubarduck, Tuan, David Hem, then mopreme beats Gee-O, Frankie3S, Paul Lee, then Vic Vance beats mopreme, then Hsien beats Vic Vance and then loses to PyroLee.

Set two, Gee-O beats fubar, Tuan, David, mopreme, loses to Hsien, then Hsien loses to Frankie3S.

Shoulda been a 5 on 5 RR. Ah well.



if you get any updates on ryan hart korea or tekken in general, could you kindly post it here or irc? i don’t see a thread on zaibatsu for updates. thank you.

This is Punish3r aka DSP.

As many of you know, I’ve been BANNED from SRK for posting updates (despite the fact that I broke the stories of Sanford not coming and GGXX results), and calling whoever deleted my threads “gay.” Anyway, as you can see I can get on whenever I want to, but I don’t see the point of signing on against the will of the people that own the website.

Therefore, if you want the latest updates, I suggest you ditch SRK and go to #capcom on EFNET of MIRC, OR you can go to Top-Haters.com where I will be updating along with #capcom the newest info available, as it happens.

straight from Som fucking D:

cali bud is killing fools…

ricky ortiz is taking sanford’s spot for team EC…

isaac from maryland is beasting on certain players in mvc2 but kuan is too good…

ratio1beatdown beat dr.d for 20$ then lost it back to him…

Wait…so does that mean he paid off his shit?! :eek:


Ryan Hart beat the Korean TTT champion (Kim Bon Min?) in their money match 26-21.

hung beat BAS in 3s (go oro!!!)

david lee beats potter in mvc2

arturo, sin, oliver, trinh ngyuen, crowinhtown, justin wong qualify for cvs2


brackets apparently up at http://www.mistfiner.us

3s #10 looks tough, otherwise pretty evenly seeded in other games


thanks for the updates