Evolution2k5 shoutouts and afterthoughts

lets do some thank u z

id just like to thank the whole fuckin staff wiz cannons everybody cause this year was the shit for sure. very smooth very funny(sf movie) great work again, thanks to all the people doing the smaller clerical jobs yall are important too.
verry nice work
houston:u guys are the shit keep people in check 3rd coast is strong! good shit to marteeeeen and crow especially for putting in work.
nebraska: u fools are always cool as fuck good shit. hella good job in the tourney too
reno:NEKOZ! u guys had me rollin all day. all of yall are crazy as hell totally worth my time :slight_smile:
vegas: u dudes are niice, hella fashion hella chill ruin i see u bawla get off that bawla ball.
DIPs:much love. no homo.
the oldschoolers: valle cole kuni apoc cigBOB everyone that played ST in our room hella nice really cool people.
everyone i met: from cali from EC from…everyone! i met period was nice. good shit on kof and jOjO
pics to come…

k i’m thinking while i write this so i leave something out i’ll edit it
first and foremost shout outs to my roomies FATBEAR,HELLSAP,PHAT TOZZLE,FERNIE,BACARDI,DRAGE we kept that room hella smoked up with the garbage brick weed from the strip ha ha

tosf guys i got to really play was the tyrants man anuyerism we gotta make sure we play next year

cigarbob for having created the best thing known to man

fmj for showing up :open_mouth:

arlieth,gootecks,kofiend,jalbert,anthony,shinshay,greg baker from dc,dsp,korngo,ksk,naysayism, vic dogface, samb,dr.b and superior tek thanks for the album homie, lifetime boy for beasting on me with the quickness, all the random dudes that were in my room on wednesday,sorry if i forgot anyone holla at me and i’ll correct it

and of course i gotta say one more thing


yo true_tech, you and DogFace are the coolest peeps i got to meet at evo. i met alot of people, but you 2 were the coolest, i swear. and remember… GIRL GIMMIE DAT POOOOOOOSAY! haahahahah =]

bacardi is fucking dope, too. come to cali more, asap asap. =]

Everybody that came from the EC…Wig,Liston,Chaz,Shawn,and Yipes, you guys are bomb for real. Dips will be back next ECC lol.

Isaac,Skisonic,Sparatik,N-ken,Pete,Shinshay: Good shit seeing all you guys again. We gotta kick it again

Marneto: Good shit in #r…I knew you would make it far.

Las Vegas: you guys are always chill to hang out with haha. Fuck that Halo 2 manager or whatever…we run the city haha. GO GHANDI!!!

Shadow Charlie: Haha man I thought I recognized you from last evo just didn’t know your name. You’re mad cool

Dr.B: We went to sleep listening to your cd every night at evo. Nice seeing you again and keep them cvs2 skills up.

NKI: Nice meeting you, you’re chun li is a beast! I’m gonna have to steal all your strats haha.

Dips: all the dips you already know.

Randy and Ron Lew: It was cool meeting/talking with you guys. See you sometime soon in the future.

San Diego: Always cool seeing you guys…sorry Tong LOL.

Hmm…sup Japan3gro…u’re one cool dude…except u forgot about Rob Lew…unless u’re mistaken me for Ron. =P

don’t worry, i get that all the time…especially when it clearly said on the bracket my name for Mitsu vs. Me…and ShinJin still said ronald.

Man this year Evo was unbeliaveable my shoutouts go to AFRO!!! and Illshill!!! im glad we fianlly met Afro cant believe you made it that far man congratulations :pray:.

Illshill even though we didnt meet congrats on making that far man you freakin ripped man keep up the good work guys even though i was taken out in loser semi’s i still had fun and gain alot of experience.

Thanks to the Evo Staff for thorowing an awsome tournment and thanks Yipes for ripping it in Marvel!!!

Blumary aka Ling

I have to thank Fatbear for the best conversation ever:

“Emphy’s from NorCal? I thought Team Whales was from Europe.”
“Yeah, you know, like, Wales in the UK. I always wondered why they misspelled it with an ‘h’.”

Gosh, a missed flight and I STILL make it to my layover flight in Denver. Now that is some hot shit. Alright, here I go… damn, this might be my first long post in a while…

Duc Do - Good shit on taking us back a few years before I even THOUGHT of marvel. You do realize, though, you still owe me that 2/3 for $1. I still don’t understand for you being scared of me? Just remember, Old Rockys vs New Rockys.

Duc Jr. - Cool seeing you again. Didn’t get to play you much but you did play team barbie against me… though it was mad fun raping it :-P.

Soo - Took us forever to get our money match. Nice combofiend mirror match.

Issac - AsianDaisy - "Can I use your bathroom"
Me - "Hell no, I don’t ask… I just get up and use it"
Gets up and uses the bathroom and proceeds to relieve myself
Comes out "You snooze, you lose"
The moral - Too many memories in that fucking room. Nice 2/3 we had, was actually quite shocked, despite how tired I was, I took a game off of ya. Best of luck with your new bank job… though it sux you have to fire someone right away, LOL.

Deus - I’ll go ahead and state it for the world, NO ONE CHIPS LIKE ORLANDO BITCHES!!!

Ruin - read above

Magneto_X - I swear, Eder has your copy… he’s just being a dick about it. On to the positive note, good shit this year for making top 15. I made top 64 for my first EVO. WHERES EDER AND ROBERT NOW!!! LOL

Joe aka The Whopper - Cool seeing you again. Are you sure no one wanted a small tourney on the projector? lol.

The Chunkster - It was hella-cool meeting ya. Your MSS scares the shit out of me.

Josh Wigfall - Who threw that bottle?! Was made cool hanging out with you. You never cease to keep a dead moment dead.

Cableguy - NO MORE DRINKS FOR YOU. 1/2 beer is all you get. Still, your scrub is really tight in means of execution. I still don’t know why you didn’t enter the tourney. And don’t say “I don’t like console” bitch!

Asian Daisy - Cool meeting you. We’re 1 and 1, so we have to play once more to break the tie, hehe. Still, you were kind of amazed at the porno on the labtop… oops.

NKI - Did the team tourney ever finish? Also, for a whiteguy, you know your japanese. That’s hella-cool. Also, great job on running the tourney even though peopl were all over the place.

Preppy - That guy who cut in front of everyone just to play Mitsu and then to beat him, I made that guy wished he didn’t play marvel. That’s what happens when I get pissed… rape-age. It was, however, sweet seeing you and your comic side remarks during the filming. You never cease to amaze me.

IFCYipes - “IN FUCKING CONTROL” Yipes. I give you so much credit on taking out the Wong, you can buy a house with the amount of credit I’m giving you. Your MSP is the truth. Don’t ever let anyone show you up, you hear me boy? Take that shit to NY son and give everyone STDs with the amount of rapeage you can give.

Skisonic - I found my hat, was under the rollaway bed, lol. BTW, you were my first match since I got there, so feel special. Hope to see you again sometime, I’m thinking about flying up to Maryland sometime in the near future, but don’t hold my word to it.

KillerKai - Fragdolls baby!!! You’re Strider/Doom is for real… though, I did take you to the full 3 games. I’ll see you around sometime. I want a rematch bro.

If I think of anybody else, I’ll update this… but I think I covered everybody. Made props to all who placed and those who came out of no where to take some jigs out. PEACE!

Chea, chea, it was great meeting everyone too. It wouldn’t have been so great without everyone… keep playing.

That shit with Cableguy that happened in our room… that was mad dope. Keep it rill, fo sheezy.

this is kofiend.

  1. true_tech is pretty tolerable in real life, his buddies were pretty chill too, total surprise from what i ve seen, heard and experienced

  2. i don t know wtf quotes was drinking/high off, but the BEST casuals moment had to be him vs fatbear, fatbear knocks quotes down, quotes wakes up, backs up and whiffs throw, that shit was funny…

  3. valle got heat

  4. MOV does sa2, looks at me before it contacts and says something about “justin”, i fail at life…

  5. arlieth is still vicious drunk, sleep deprived and exhausted, next time i m gonna make sure he gets too ripped to play. show off!!
    i was on the phone when fatbear started parrying chun’s sa2, you know i had to drop that shit to push his ass, bwahahahahahaha. no but really, sam was beasting at the rooms, he ll cause some kind of upset next year watch

more FUNNY ass shit happened, i should sleep, i ll remember later

<3 dip dip dips

<3 vegas: esp ruelz, Wes, allen, maudz

<3 Sex i

<3 nki

<3 ny cats, fuckin yipes! nice ass glasses josh, sick ass msp, liston you’re dope as hell, and mr. wongtinel.

good shit san diego including clock =]

Good shit to tres amigos

everyone else i forgot good shit footjobs

good shit to michael J. Ross

lmao :lol:

mad fun times w/ arlieth and fatbear
and a big thanks to cole and his crew for lettin us crash at his room, ours was ungodly far away.

i like how arlieth can do the stun combo on a japanese stick, but a regular dash punch is just too much to ask lol

me vs fatbear was pretty damn funny for some reason

fb: you airteched?
me: um… yea
fb: why?
me: i just felt like it
fb: why would u press two butons in the air like that?
me: … i dont know
:uncontrollable laughter:

oh random shoutouts to koFIEND and streak for beasting on me with the quickness. streak looks like a made guy XD good shit.
oh shout out to the people that dubbed the sf movie, shit was pure fyyyiah

aww that sucks…i didn’t kno you were there, ling. i would’ve liked to meet you. was your friend that uses blanka there too? it was cool to finally see the people on xbl…cigarbob, dgv, kuroppi, langrisser, and other names i can’t think of right now. it sucks how i was known has peter hinh there instead of my illshill handle…i guess i filled out the registration thing wrong =\

KoFiend your Yang is not to be fucked with. I’ll take your advice and learn to play on stick for next year.

Anuryism thanks for eliminating me from my pool goddamn that Dudley of yours is crazy.

SamsonK and Nate thanks for the room, and thanks for getting my Ego up only to have it come crashing down day of the tourney :xeye: .

Nuki thanks for paralyzing my Q. Actually landing 2 capture and deadly blows on you was the greatest moment I had at Vegas. Well that and the Mandalay Bay blackjack tables. DAMN I MISS VEGAS!


first I would like to shout out to me for choking in tourney! :clap:

Canada Crew: Good games Mon. morning at like 6am or some shit! :karate:

Japanese crew: ggs! we’ll have to post the video of Mester(Yun) vs. MikeLai(Gill) :lol: I beat Nuki/MOV/Mester/Kindevu/Knitt in casuals quite a bit. It was good time! Nuki’s chun is scary!

Fubar: glad to have you down man, sorry no one was there when you left but we were all getting owned up by the saphire

Saphire strip club: You guys suck. Definantly Fucking ruined my night w/ that shit you guys tried to pull!!!

oh yeah, LOL@mike lai for eliminating 5star from 3s singles, then losing to nebraska ken or something. :clap: UR THE BEST MIKE!!!

um, i’m really tired, i’ll post more later.

gg’s to everyone i played, and props to those who beat me in tourney! maybe next year!

i think hsien had the best attitude out of all the players, go hsien!!

btw- eric lee(shinshay) peaced out mike

i don t think EVO should be in vegas anymore, couple reasons

  1. TOO many distractions, everyone is either hung over, having problems with the sticks, sleep deprived or too messed up…
    in other words, i believe less than 50% of the second tier players(peeps that get top 16 every year) was even in their prime conditions to play.
    not ragging on what happened, but check it, nitto got 3rd, mike lai over yi? ok…
    don t misunderstand me though, what i m saying is look at the other players in the tourny.
    say what you will

  2. if its gonna stay in vegas, FUCKIN PLEASE have a BYOC thats almost ALWAYS open, theres no arcades and casuals just ended, thats basically asking the players to go sleep, gamble or get wrecked.

  3. have a cut off area for the game stations, and a projector for each of the games(like 2k4), what they were doing for 3s was dope on saturday, if ST had a projector, maybe those 2 extra 3s set ups could of been used for playing, not privately owned tripods

  4. bring it back to cali…got the arcades, the comp, more peeps with places, more peeps with cars, less money spent, night life, fishing, bud, hot women, etc. etc., that “vegas girls are hot” shit was a joke, i saw more old asian ladies than hot booty so whatever, the hot girls there have like double D cups, BIG ass thighs with shiny skin, look like porn stars and shit, too much cheese when they were young, yuk…

  5. which reminds me, make some “wheres the cheese?” shirts for evo next year