Evolution's biggest problem

I know I might get some heat on this but please hear me out:

I think one of the major downfalls for the fighting game scene in the US is, and I hate to say it, the Japanese coming and participating at our Evolution Tournament.


Well let me explain. Evolution is the biggest fighting game event in the US and people spend hundreds of dollars trying to prove themselves on the largest staged of the year. And since the Japanese have been invited to Evolution, they have won nearly every game each year. While its fun to compete vs. the Japanese it never really showcase top American player pitted among other top American players. Who really was the best US CvS2 player last year, Combofiend? Ricky? Choi? Should we accept the one that placed the highest? Why allow the Japanese to compete in a tournament we know they are most likely going to win and in the process eliminate many top American players. Why not have Evolution to be the main spot to find out who the BEST Americans players are and then have the top 5 placers compete in an exhibition with the Japanese to see if the US can beat Japan or not.

What will this accomplish? First of all, players are probably more willing to spend hundreds of dollars going to Evo believing they might have a shot in winning. People may argue that hey if you want to see how good you are go to MWC or ECC or TS, well not all the top players will be at one spot like Evo and since it is largest event of the year, many players save up each year so they can attend Evo and only Evo. (Going to tourney isnt cheap!) When players start to realize that going to Evo is like giving the Japanese money while not really showcasing who the best US players are, I believe the increase in percentage of players going to Evo will start to slow down. Unless the scene is so watered down that we dont care who the best US players are and would rather just watch the Japanese trounce us down each year.

Second, it would give an above average player a chance to qualify to play the next day rather than be in a pool that not only has Japanese but also a top American. (Two years ago GGXX Daigo and CB were in the same bracket) Above average players who spend hundreds of dollars going to Evo should be given a change to next day rather than get eliminated because a Japanese is in your pool, oh and guess what so is second best US player too.

So should we just exclude the Japanese from coming? No obviously not I think thats one of the major draw is to be able to play against the Japanese. What should happen is that a portion of our entry fee should go to cover the Japanese airfare cost. But I’m sure a lot will say that isn’t enough. Maybe so, but if you see the results only the top player really has a chance to make money third place may get $200, by giving a portion of our entry fee to the Japanese it will alleviate a lot of their cost as a whole and while the tournament is going on we should have consoles setup for the Japanese to play money matches to whomever wants to challenge them whether for a dollar or five dollars for a best out of 3. This would give other Japanese player besides the top 3 a chance to make money and give players who might not have the fortune to play a Japanese in a tournament a chance face them in a money match. Ok maybe the details isn’t perfectly in place I’m sure by Evo we can come up with better setup.

In my opinion Evolution should be the US Nationals and if everyone wants Evo to be this international affair then SRK or whomever should setup a real national for just US player to attend so that we will know who our best players are. As of right now all we know are top players but not the very best.

I hope I’m not the only one that feels this way.



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I agree with you on seeing who the best American player is, but honestly, the biggest reason I came to Evo2k5 was to see the japanese players.

Maybe there should be some sort of mini tournament at Evo for the top american players. Basically, an American Invitational.

I’m not reading all that cause I’m lazy but I agree ;D I was talking to russell and peter about this russell has always thought this is kinda bullshit. I still want the japanese to come down it makes it that much better but at the same time, it’s kinda ass ;D!

Umm…i didnt feel like reading that whole thing either. But if the japanese werent allowed to join, how can you really take satisfaction in winning knowing that you were the best of the worst? If you are really that good then it wont matter if the japanese were to join, just my opinion…

*i’m not saying that the US players are bad or anything. It just like if you living in a small town and were the best there, but out of towners came in and kicked the shit out of you. Then you complained and had them banned from joining just cause you cant beat them…

haha sorry for the long post…

ComboMasher - It’s not that I don’t want to see the Japanese come to Evo at all… but I want the tournment section to be for the US players.

If you want to see if you are as good as the japanese, then like I posted have a section where players can money match the japanese for a dollar a game or $5 for two out of three. Since money is involved I’m sure the Japanese won’t want to lose either. And if you happen to place in the top 5 then you will be asked to play as team US 5 on 5 vs the Japanese and have everyone see how good the US is against the Japanese.

This makes the event even better IMO… 5 on 5 in cvs2, 3s, t5, and ggxx. If we beat japan we have pride and makes for a better DVD I think



Ok first off you’re still putting up the generalization that everyone goes to EVO to win first place. Obviously everyone wants to win, and everyone PLAYS to win, but many of us go purely for the environment, to finally meet up with the folks we’ve been talking to online for so long, to test ourselves out in the waters, and in reality it’s more about the actual environment and atmosphere then it is about being the absolute best in the world. Really if that were the case for everyone who was going to EVO, well EVO would have bombed long ago buddy. It was more of a rush to be there at the very moment Daigo parried Justin, then to have played their matches in the tournament previously, what’s wrong with that?

If anyone on here is even remotely into the CvS2 scene (especially this late in the game) you know who the top American players are. We’ve known for years. Honestly it’s just as much of a rush to see our best players against some of their best because the rivalry here in the states (as we know it) is pretty much dead. Noone quite gives a damn. We also learn in the process, and really I think the Japanese at EVO have done more to bring in people to games many didn’t want to get into before hand then much anything else, 3S is a good testament to that, #R is slowly following, and so on.

It’s also a good way to check out our level of progress. We’ve given the Japanese plenty of crazy close and upset matches in CvS2 over the years. Let them come over and kick our ass, we’ve done enough to slap ourselves around as it it is.

I kind of don’t agree with your logic, but…the way i see it, Japanese players are part of the competition. They are no different than US players, and just because there are quite a number of exceptional players doesn’t mean that every Japanese player is so exceptionally good that we must bar them from legal competition. :rofl:

Sounds kind of silly, don’t you think?

well just have valle do magic uppercuts and beat everyone

because if you don’t get top 3 who the fuck are you :frowning:

The Japanese cannot join because they’re better than the US, that is just stupid.

Why not have the US to GET better at games instead? If I go to evo I go there primarly just to meet the Japanese players, or yeah have that all US player tourny to figure out the best of the worst as mentioned, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to watch that tourny.

The Japanese only come to Evo cause they were invited. Lets just un-invite them. Do Americans even goto Japan for tournaments???

Nope, we really should.

Yes we do, SBO, and Co-op Cup.

However, Billy Kane hit it on the head posting the Ponder article. I just read over those for like the 3487358th time today.

Can someone jack s-kill’s account and have him re-post all of those articles? As it is now, 90% of SRK thinks Ponder wrote them.

so instead of the japanese coming here and kicking our asses, we’ll go there and they’ll kick our asses?

dont know about you, but id rather get my ass kicked in the comfort of my own home

What’s funny is that i edited it, because at first i thought it was SK, but then i looked and it said ponder.


what about the rest of the world that shows up at evo? should they ban them as well from competting or do you allow them to compete because they don’t kick the crap out of the US players like the japanese do?

as someone already said, it’s not all about winning!!!

believe it or not, one of evo’s big draw is that it’s not ALL AMERICAN.