Evolution's biggest problem

Christ, is everyone so lazy as to not bother reading the details of his proposal?

He’s not saying ban the Japanese, he’s saying in addition to having the standard tournament, hold money matches of a buck or so to play against them.

I kinda regect that idea in particular, giving them money to waste you, but I get what he’s saying and I more or less agree with what Reno’s saying.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but games like 3S was not even that popular or heavily competeted in the US until after 2k4 so I’m not surprised that the japanese players overall are better, I don’t know much about CvS2 since I haven’t really seen any scenes for that game as of late, GGX wasnt that popular here in the states until just recently as well. For ST, if our best players from the Golden Era “actually” came to play, in my opinion I feel that they are better players then even the best ST japanese players. MvC2 is hands down our turf, in Tekken5 the us players came out as the better group against the japanese players in 2k5, so from what I’ve seen, overall I feel it isn’t that bad actually, unless I am missing something here or that I’m just completely off my mind.


Reno: Evolution is an international tourney. People come from USA, Canada, heck even Australia just to play. Banning the Japanese from Evolution is like the Olympics banning the USA from playing basketball.

Let’s ban Canada too!! And those damn Aussies … don’t forget England.

While we’re about it, let’s ban those Black people and those Asians too…

What would be better would be having side American only tournaments where the winners play at SBO.

Let’s ban everyone!

Evolution is a world tournament, if you want a us tournament, go to ECC/TX Showdown/MWC.

The question we have to ask is whether Evolution is a national championship or an international invitational.

I think we can pretty much consider the top american at EVO in each game to be the national champion, but I would like to see that player getting a 1st place finish also attached to that.

I would like Evo to remain an internation tournament, but I think we should have definitive National Championship as well, akin to ECC and MWC but bigger.

We always have 3d fighters to fall back on!

I can’t speak for ECC, but last year MWC was sadly pretty small. If it were to become a national championship, then it and others like it will have to get a lot bigger.

Also last year for TX showdown, didn’t the japanese come to that as well?

First off… I NEVER SAID BAN THE JAPANESE… omg please read my post and read my solutions before saying something I never said.

Mr. Wizard if you read my post I explained why going to TS MWC ECC is not a good enough option.

As far as an interntional event… I agree… it should be an international affair and I think I’ve explained how it can be a better international event… but it has become so excessive that only the very best american players can expect to compete vs. the Japanese. Many good or great american players are left losing in the pool brackets and not really having a chance.

While I agree with Tom’s blog: in order to say you’re the best you must want to achieve be the best and anything less than the best you should not look at it a real accomplishment. It seems that many have argued on the contrary and yet somehow allowing top players around the world to compete in a tournament where scrubs, average, above average, and great players are all lumped into one… this will only result in heartbreak when decent players who expect to at least make it the next day get seriously disappointed when they realize that Daigo and Combofiend are in their pool.

What I’ve suggested would allow players whose goal isnt to be the very best a chance to actaully gauge themselves with those they actually want to gauge themselves with… which are other american players and not foreign player that they only see once a year.

Thing is, most of those players that get combofiend or Diago in their pool never really had a chance at winning anyway. Cause if it weren’t Diago or whomever, it’d be Watson, Valle, JustinW, Eddie Lee or whomever. Or someone else that isn’t a top player but is still better than them anyway.

The only way for them to make it, is to do what the old BAMA tournaments did and create different tournaments for different levels of players. But for that to work, Evo would need to get at least 2-3 times more set ups for each level of players. So that all of them can get done at a decent time. But how would they know which level to enter in? Surely not “Masters” but who’se gonna want to go into the “scrub” tournament level? Even so, at the end of the tournament someone that was in the lesser level that won might be thinking that they belong in the masters level and start talking shit about it.

So is this pretty much what your saying:


Quit your bitching and practice hard.

I do agree with the pool thing thing though. Some pools are just really unfair some times, with 2 good players leaving everyone else in the pool with no shot. Evo should really considering asking players for help when making pools. These players should know alot about the community and the best players from their particular game. If evo gave these players free entry alot of players would be cool with that.

Seriously lets not have, Justin Wong, Ricky, and JOP in the same tekken pool next year, that is just retarded.

You proved my point exactly in the second half of your statement…

And if you knew anything about me… you would know I not a quitter nor care about losing to the Japanese and have elimitated Japanese players at Evo before… My point is that we havent had a real national tournament in a long time maybe since A3. I just thought it would be nice to have OUR OWN NATIONAL TOURNAMENT like Japan does with their games and Euro does with their games. We dont have a national tournament where ALL the top players are in one spot, thats usually reserved for Evolution and yet Evolution isnt a national tournament, thats my point.

I think many people would like to know who our best players are… not speculate or say hey these 10 players are our best. Whats the point for the top american players to strive for if they are just top players… back in A2 we knew Alex Valle was the BEST player… back in old school days we know that Tomo Ohira was the BEST old school player… tell me who is the BEST cvs2 player not a group of player… but the BEST…

In Japan we know who the best GGXX #r player is … its Ogawa… no doubt about it… he won their national tournament (GIGS)… where is our BEST player…

so no I’m not whining for myself but a point to prove that we dont have a tournment in place to give a shot for average players to gauge their ability and also a place to rank our very best players.

Part of the evo2k is to raise money for the DVD, if the Japanese don’t come, the DVD wouldn’t be sold as much. Also, you wouldn’t feel like the greatest if you beat Justin Wong at the evo2k finals, instead of Nuki.

Maybe this is just me being a scrub, but if I beat anyone at Evo, let alone won the whole shindig, I really wouldn’t care who it was I had to beat in the final. Just winning it would be pretty ZOMG in and of itself.

Aso to whether or not the Japanese should be banned:


Sure, it may be cool to say “I’m the official US 3s champion!” but who cares? We, the non-God-tier players, want to view high level comp from around the world. If we want to see top US players, then hey, they should show up at Evo, or just throw down. It’s not every day players come from all over the globe to battle.

Yeah I guess I know what you’re saying, besides, I could never enter the semifinal to begin with :sweat: .

I didn’t read anything about banning anyone. Rob’s point is trying to say, since we don’t have a National tourney, and since Evo is practically considered the “National tournament”, why not have a tournament for all the games exclusively for us?? That’s what he’s trying to say. All the procedes that’s taken from the entry fees or whatever, will pay for the JPN’s fares and hotel accomidations and what not. But hey, it’s just an idea.


P.S. And no, you’re not recognized to being a no.8 player, but you’re recognized as being no.1.

:rofl: Wins thread :lol: