EVO's wiki entry

Bored at work, clicking around, come across this…


Figured maybe, just maybe someone might care to update that or something. Lol.

you’re more than welcome to.

Everytime somebody puts up an article on wikipedia about Evolution, some wikipedia elitist douche comes along and nominates it for deletion because it’s not notable enough

I can see that happening. Lol. That’s why I figure I post here, someone has to care enough/be bored enough to have some knowledge about EVO and wanna firmly place that shit into the encyclopedia of inarguable truth that is wikipedia.

Or some shit like that.

o.O ?

This is sad, because Dasrik would have actually been the perfect guy for this. He was a huge wiki contributor, and knew the guidelines and layouts.

wow…someone is mad salty lmao

Heres a version of the page I found archived in somebodies user profile on wikipedia:

They require you to show it’s notable using major publications referencing it, and since nobody can really find any that fit, it won’t last