EvoSouth Results


1st Hsien
2nd Fubar
3rd Mopreme
4th Lang

John Choi losses to Mopreme in 2nd round.

Finals comes down to final match, final round. Both characters have ZERO life (any chip will kill) and Hsien connects with low forward to end it.
—Ken beats Chun


1st John Choi
2nd Buk
3rd Ashley
4th Rudy

John Choi RAPES Buk in finals. Buk bleeds from the butt.


1st W1red
2nd THB
3rd Crow
4th AznHitler

good job to placers. especially choi campbell and hsien. … poor campbell.

wow crow didn’t win tekken

good shit choi and buk

1st: KJunk, poon, fubarduck
2nd: asianhitler and Marn
3rd: shadow_light_7, crimson disaster, pozerwolf

when are the matches going to be up

Depends on the game and if anybody was taping!

Hopefully there will be some vids up for ST. Wanna see what i missed out on. Props to John Choi in CVS2 heard he was one of the best.


shut up faggot, I hate you.

It’s not tekken 5.0 this time around. no steve bullshit.

GS marn placing top 2 in ggxxr teams :tup:

See i told that foo flashmetroid Choi can play 3s… nikka didnt believe me! lmao@ flashmetroid

ur just mad cause you got owned lol


Final standings to be determined using double elimination because tourney is running ahead of schedule.

Final 4 people:

Gene Flowers
Golden Nismor


1st John Choi
2nd Buk
3rd AznHitler
4th Laaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnngggggg

Lang is the EvoSouth MVP.


Good shit to all!

Daniel/Vinny/Joe… go back to GW…


1st Gene Flowers
2nd Buk
3rd Fubar
4th Tony Huynh