EX aegis options

I read in a 3S strategy guide that EX aegis can be used after neutral throw on some chars, after UOH or after 2x cr.LP…does anyone use these at all?
Are they effective?

I know the UOH EX aegis thing can create an unblockable but i can never get it to work. I’ve seen RX just dash up and do it, then does like LP, MP, tackle or what not. Is there a trick to getting the unblockable to work?

EX aegis after a neutral throw is like… near impossible for the average person to time. You can’t perfectly predict the number of hits if your opponent mashes to get out of it.

After UOH it’s not an unblockable, it’s just a way to combo off the overhead. Urien has a pretty serious lack of versatile combo starters, so it can be useful in moderation. Someone made a thread with a few of those here:


Been meaning to ask him what the Makoto one is, because I don’t know it myself.

Yea, i don’t really go for the neutral throw into EX Aegis ever. But SiMan, if u did want to go for it, u should know that it works on Yun, Yang, and Chun Li. The damage is scaled HEAVILY due to all of the hits from the neutral throw.

Also, there’s a gimmicky trick to increase your success rate of landing it. Do not mash to speed up the throw. Then do EX Aegis after the 4th hit. People usually mash like crazy w/o thinking. And from what i’ve seen, they always mash out on the 4th or 5th hit. This lets you go for a free roll. If u super after the 4th hit and they do mash out, u got em. If they mash out on the 5th hit, you don’t loose any meter. Haha, like i said…it’s very gimmicky. :rofl: