Ex-Air fireball into Ultra?

I’ve tried this several times, jump towards the opponent (He’s backed up against a wall) do ex-air fireball, into raging demon as soon as I land, while he’s still blocking the fireballs, yet the raging demon doesn’t hit, weither the opponent takes the hit from the fireball, or not, I can’t get it to hit, Akuma just glides towards the opponent, opponent doesn’t move, but nothing happens.

Any pointers?

You can’t grab someone out of hit or block stun. [media=youtube]_VcsEtt7Q9s&fmt=22"[/media]

^^ like lord said
you cant do that i have already tried it in the training room
the demon will whiff

you can do the ex air fireball as a bait and let them jump and then do the demon !

You can do ex air fb, lvl2 FA crumple, ultra in the corner. However it is really hard to pull off during a real fight, plus damage scaling will really set you back.

My advice is to just learn how to land defensive demons that your opponent can’t escape from at first, a.k.a. well-timed anti-air demon or reversal demon, then move onto the crumple demon and THEN worry about the demon shenanigans.

Well the combo altogether is still a sizable chunk of health (around 500 I believe) so if you can land it then it isn’t a bad idea.

but a fa level 2 is blockable
that mean if your ex fireballs get blocked the whole strategie wont work

Yeh but a blocked lvl 2 FA still gives you a frame adv and the animation itself gives you enough time to hit confirim.

Actually a blocked FA works just fine because you can dash cancel and go for something like a tick throw or back off and try to establish control over the corner.

It isn’t going to be easy to combo into the demon just because it is a grab, but if you can it still isn’t too bad of a deal so long as it isn’t a long combo.

yes i know that it gives you more opportunitys
when you hit the the enemy with the fa lvl.2 but the post was about to do the demon after the fa lvl.2 so to go for a combo or a thick throw is in my opinion the way to go or like i said before ex air fireball to let them jump and then do the demon afterwords but its only a alternative

No matter how hard you try, You will never catch anyone with the Super/Ultra while they’re in block stun. Check out NeoRussell and lordofultima on Youtube. Those vids explain and show a lot about when you can catch someone with a SGS.

I’ve won a few matches recently by using this exact tactic out of desperation. It was oh so satisfying.

Yea i wouldnt try to concentrate on that takes to much time to learn the timing. i suggest that you learn how to demon on jump ins or mixups to your opponent

Note that his Super has less animation than his Ultra. I can perform his Super in combo but the Ultra is very hard to do same.

Super never combos unless FADC crumple, same as ultra.

If you’re talking about simply cancelling, that’s because Ultra cannot be cancelled too from specials, only super. It’s not related to animation.