EX Air Hurricane Kick is controllable

I just found out in training mode that Gouken’s EX Air Hurricane Kick is controllable, you can press forward or backwards depending of the direction you use (if you press forward you’re like a rocket, awesome speed!), you can even change the direction whenever you want.

Maybe the vast majority of people knows about this feature, anyway I’m posting it here for those who didn’t knew about it, just like me.

The first possible use of this which comes to my mind is to get the heck off of a corner pressure, just jump and quickly EX Air Hurricane Kick + Forward, that’s it!

PS: I tested this in Vanilla Street Fighter IV (I’m a PC user), I hope this feature still exists in Super…

Welcome to vanilla sf4, but props on finding out on your own. The feature is still on super.

Continue your marvelous journey , post anything you feel is important…don’t let too many folks tell you…its already posted blah blah blah…do your thing!