Ex air slasher > ex dread

i’ve been experimenting with this and its fun and i think its worth landing in a fight especially if you want your opponent away from you.

I did learn that its weird every time.

cl. jab , cr. jab, cr. strong
cr. short
st. short
cl. forward, cr. strong

standing jab > crouching jab > crouching mp x ex AS > ex dread doesn’t work on every character although its my go to link

for example:
on ryu you have to land a jump in first, then use one of the setups.

more info will be added as i fool around with this throughout the week.

did you try cr. jab x2 > cr. short xx ex slasher > ex dread?

i’m pretty sure that works and i’ve done it, could have been my imagination though :stuck_out_tongue:

back to the lab again lol

Seen Mod1nsid3 do it on one of his videos.


i saw the vid but didn’t remember. the only thing i haven’t done with deejay is ex as > U1

you can do this pretty decently with cr.jab x2 - st.short as a starter.
I like the cr.jab, cl.short, cr.strong setup myself though.

I’m able to do jump in x, c lp lp c mp air slasher into ex dreads on most of the cast. I was close to doing ex slasher into u1. I was able to get the start up from ultra but i guess i did it too late

I’ve gotta try this later , looks really usefull!

why would i want to use this instead of cr.jab, cr.jab,ex mgu, ex dreads… besides it looking cool? is the damage output better?

To be honest, there is no real point. Ex mgu into dreads is by far easier. I will check in a few to see the damage difference, but I’d assume that ex slash into dreads may due a lil more due to the scaling caused by mgu.

If anything, learn it so that ex slash into u1 will become easier…

is ex slash into U1 actually a realistic prospect? it’s not like dash U2 is easy to begin with…

The only thing i’ve seen someone else do with deejay that i haven’t done yet is ex AS , U1

i feel its so range specific its crazy. i haven’t tried in a while tho. Too busy landing EX MGU > Dash > U2

Well don’t some people have it good. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol if i want to take deejay far i need that. ex as > U1 isn’t as useful.

Still havent been able to pull it off… but i got ex slash into dreads like 50%

So I’ve been trying this and I’ve gotten it to work a few times, and flubbed it a lot of times and I’m trying to figure out why.

While trying to execute it there have been times where I was positive I had enough charge for the Sobats, but I got nothing.

I think I know what’s going on but I’m not sure.

Can Deejay not do the EX Sobat Kick until both parts of the EX Air Slashers hit?

Yea the ex air slashes need to be gone

Ah, ok thanks man. That makes sense.

I’m going to keep working on this, and hopefully work my way up to EX Air Slashers > U1

EX AS has great hit stun… so you don’t have to rush

K, EX AS into EX DK hits everyone… The only use is that its more reliable than EX MGU into DK.