EX and Street Fighter

Well I’ve never really played any of the EX games but I’m thinking about getting started.
However I was raised on RPGs when it came to videogames so I always look to the storyline for my game before anything else.
And…I can’t find anything on Ex’s storyline. >> I saw the excellent SF Canon Guide which tells you about its plot but it seems EX doesn’t have such a thing. Does EX have no plot at all or something?

IIRC the FAQs on GameFAQs should have a basic story listing. As for overall plot it doen’t really exist in English.

Besides the backstories to the characters, there is not much of any plot at all to the EX games.

Hokuto is the main character, Kairi her brother, and Nanase her sister.
Kairi kills Akuma in a duel and becomes possessed by the Satsui no Hadou similar to Evil Ryu. Hokuto tries to save him, but gradually becomes corrupted by the Satsui no Hadou herself, so it’s up to Nanase to save them both by EX3. Garuda is kind of like an incarnation or avatar of the Satsui no Hadou itself, which I think is really derived from Ashura.

The EX series story is also definitely NOT canon.

Well that much was obvious even before I read the canon guide to SF.

As for all that info you gave, where would I find it? In the booklets/manuals that come with the games?

character bios in the console manuals, as well as translating the japanese endings (the japanese endings had a paragraph or two of text explaining their ending while the USA typically gave a “thanks for playing”). EX3 did have text endings though ala japanese version but some people wanna think that it was translated wrong even though they don’t have access to the japanese version much less someone to translate it.

I do have all of the characters endings on my website so if you can find someone that can translate it correctly, they’d be about as much information that you can get.

Outside of the SFEX manga, but that might even be less canon than the games themselves lol.

Woah hold up, SG mind hooking me up with that SFEX manga plz?

Start with EX + Alpha and stay there.

In my opinion, it’s by far the best in the series.

Shinji will probably say EX3 though.

Thanks all.
And I’d also like to see the SFEX Manga! Even if it’s only in Japanese I think i can find a translator.

Quick note: Doctrine Dark’s real name is Holger. HOLGER. :rofl: To a Swede - well, to me at least - that is as hilarious as Bison/Vega (Dictator) being christened “Bertram” or the like…

the manga I don’t have, though you may occassionally find it on ebay, or on the japanese yahoo auctions.

depends on which game you like. EX1 is like ST but with supercancels and guardbreaks.

EX2 and EX2+ are like the SFA series (A-groove in CvS2 with supers and guardbreaks)

EX3 is like a supped up version of EX1 minus the crazy damage.

But plus the crazy tag combos which lead to pretty much the same damage anyway :razz:

SF II had big damage, didn’t stop millions from playing and enjoying it.

It still annoys me the amount of Street Fighter “fans” who dismiss the EX series (specifically EX + Alpha) based on similar normals for most characters and the (not really) slowness.

I still think EX + Alpha is better than any of the SF Alpha games and easily as good as ST and 3S.

that is only if the tag bar is filled, and you have health regen for the tagged out character anyway.

SF2 had big damage, but it wasn’t a combo heavy game. high-end play revolved almost entirely on pokes and zoning. high level EX revolves around combos (zoning, spacing and pokes are important, just not enough to completely revolve around it), and if 1 simple BnB combo using 1 super does 60-70% of life then its too much.

Sorry, just realised some of my post comes across as argumentative when I didn’t mean it that way.

It is quite hard to build a full meter in EX + Alpha by attacking as your opponent is KO’d before that can happen in most cases.

ST in particular though has really high damage off some very easy to connect with Supers.

Arika also did a superb job with character design for the most part.

Have to break out a bit of EX soon again.