Ex Board PCB


Hello every one. I’m here to find some information regarding a an arcade board machine. The EXboard.

a display and spec information can be found here.


I have intentions of getting this machine but the problem is that I’m an pad user (preferably Dual Shock PS2 controller)

Ive been using usb pad converter to compensate using the PS2 controller. I see that the Exboard is design in a windows pc format but I’m afraid that the system may not allow drivers to be installed and that’s what I need to operate my pad converters. This situation is what kept me from purchasing it.

Does any body have any suggestion?
(I’m not migrating to arcade sticks and I cant wait on ports because examu seems to be notorious for bad ports. Also the possibility of an international ports of examu game is very low)


What about a driver-less PS2 -> USB converter then?


i need to look into those.


I know the VSHG works extremely well with the board but it has the drawback of mapping the buttons really weird. I’m pretty sure that if the VSHG works well that the HRAP3 should work without any issues.


I could of sworn I said I was pad user.


Either get one of the Saturn usb pads, or look into having a PS2 controller modded to usb.

Are the PS3 dualshocks usb? I don’t have a PS3 but if they are that may be an option as well.


i have two of those things, never used them after first play through, though theirs speculation i may have a boot leg one. either way some people seem to pairs the boot legs as well. I’m not satisfy with them but if its only way to play pad, i may consider them. Ideally i like to use SONY dualshock controller when i get this PCB unit


If the machine is win-xp based, and not heavily modded, it should support some measure of plug-and-play. The ds3 as a usb controller should work. Try plugging a ds3 into a winxp machine and see what it gets detected as.


You can just use the Laugh converter interface for PS2 control -> arcade and wire it up directly to your JAMMA Harness. With some modding, you could literally get PS2 controller ports mounted inside the EX Board. You could also map the buttons however you want since you’d be wiring directly to the JAMMA Harness.