EX Cancel into Ultra?

This thread’s based off of what I saw on the EVO Stream: John Choi(Ryu) vs. Keno(Balrog).

During one of the rounds, Ryu threw a fireball. What seemed to get me (and the commentators as well) is that you hear an FA-noise and immediately after, Balrog activates his ultra 1 and hits. He didn’t dash back or forward, and during the freeze frame, you can clearly see that the fireball’s in the stages of FA-Absorption… so can someone explain this to me?


It’s that simple. Try it in training mode.

It’s cancelling the absorb properties of an EX Dash Punch into Ultra. This doesn’t use EX Meter.
There’s some really godly places to use it too.

In simple talk. Ex dash absord the fireball, then immediately b, f ppp/kkk

It’s easier then it seems.

Bah. Can anyone provide me with a video on how-to?

I’m in training mode and all that’s coming out is ex-dash upper > super
I programmed Ryu to chuck nothing but fireballs and my balrog’s at point-blank range, imitating the EVO situation i was talking about.

I personally press [charge]b, f, b+PPP, f+PPP. Time it like a parry, wait till Balrog is nearly eating the fireball, then do the ex ~cancel. Its very, very, very easy once you learn the timing on the final PPP. It’s gotta be pretty quick, but not insane.

You can of course do this to any move in the game that isn’t armor breaking. Pretty bad ass when you do it on Bison’s scissors kicks.

Just go ahead and map the KKK macro to a button, do the rush upper just as it’s coming to you, like if you were going to ultra past it, and double tap the button. It’s almost quick like how you’d cancel a normal into a super. using HCF (charge back, forward, back, half circle forward) may help. It’s fast, and you double tap the button. If you’re close to doing it right, you should be getting ultra activated with kicks.

Just concentrate on doing it at the last minute. There’s a sticky (Armor cancel\Kara cancel) that has some vids/how to’s questions, places where to use them. It also might help to do the slow fireball.

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the help. (: I did it. (Well, with LT as my crutch… that’s tournament legal, right? =P ) I’ll try practicing it the regular 6-button way.

It’s a pretty well known option select for Balrog. The way I do it is:

:l: or :db: (charge) :r: + :3p: (press) :l: :r: + :3p: (release)

As you can see I use negative edge to set mine up. If you don’t absorb an attack then the ex dash punch will come out, if you do absorb an attack then the ultra will come out (note that if you do absorb an attack and the ultra comes out then no ex meter will be used). The most obvious use for it is when trying to get around fireballs. If your opponent is throwing fireballs in an irregular pattern and you don’t want to risk guessing when you should ultra then you can just use this option select. Personally I prefer using it in footsies or during wake up.

Thanks for the in-depth information. I guess there’s a few different ways people can set it up input-wise. My preferred one being:

:l: or :db: (charge) :r: :l: + :3p: (tap) :r: + :3p: (press)

I don’t use negative edge and I tap all three punch buttons as soon as I move my stick away from my opponent, then quickly move the stick toward and press all three punches again. Would the negative edge way be safer though?

there has been a thread on this for months and months…

ive always wondered, why not just ultra if u know you are gonna hit the dude throwing the fireball. what situations would this be viable…?

I havent seen too many good uses for it. it seems to add to the startup time. Fireballs that I can go through normally with the ultra soemtimes dont connect if I use the ex cancel.

I don’t really see a point for it, U1 has ACTUAL invincibility start-up

if your reactions are that good to 100% see the fireball and ultra react then ok. but a lot of times people will do something like non deep c.MK into fireball which can be punished with ultra but if they don’t fireball you could just do the ex cancel. If he fireballs you get ultra and if he doesn’t you attack in with an ex dash punch. Also If you do it this way you have a split second more time to execute since you’re basically getting hit with the fireball.

yah, it’s a much better option-select to punish buffered specials since you only wager a single ex bar on a guessed buffered special than an entire revenge meter.

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To option select. Ryu does empty max range cr.MK, you EX dash punch.
Ryu does max range cr.MK xx Fireball, you absorb the fireball and Ultra him.
Same as when a character tries to ground meaty you on your wakeup.
One example of it’s uses. It isn’t a requirement to play a solid Balrog but it’s good to have in your repertoire.